Wednesday, September 21, 2005

picz from bentong

jz thot id post a few picz from word about the trip,...AWESOME!!another word for the project...SUXX!!!im quite surprised i haven`t experience any nervous breakdown rite least can get mc..haha

the butt show

grinning session despite the various 'smells'

hot and sweaty after we arrived at kaed from bentong

Saturday, September 10, 2005


i have about 3 assignments still untouched.the autocad assignment needs to be submitted this monday and i havent finish it...good good..syaza akan menjadi pelajar terbaik uia

im so lazy to do my work because im sick of sick of my course which consist of 90% projects and the rest 10 % site visit.sick sick sick...i want my life back..

so went to watch an old skoolmate`s gig at planet.had a marvellous thanx to mat dan and the gang though..(sorry lif!haha)they were the most unresponsive crowd ive ever met.just sitting around at the table and look like kayu..aiyo so bosan the end i went to the front and boogie by myself..sad..

im ignoring the huge workloads waiting for ..sheeze..last thursday i went to the islamic arts museum with my family(the place was gorgeous!)and i refused to go back to the s2dio like they told me too.some irresponsible idiot didnt finish her/his work and expect us to cover it for her..puh-lease.

okay..ill stop ranting now because im tired.and im at keron`s i think i shud at least spend some time with her instead of talking shit on the in a bad yeah...later

Thursday, September 01, 2005


on the eve of merdeka, i didnt know why i was being overly patriotic, that i actually brought the lyrics to `Jalur Gemilang` along. i persuaded my dad to go to the Dataran, to get the taste of the REAL merdeka celebration.. the time my dad picked me up it was already 10 something, and man!!kl was flooded with took us 1 hour to get into the city was already 11.30 when we found a parking space...walked towards the dataran,when suddenly my dad made a detour to a gerai to get 3 burgers for him and my sisters..i was nagging them to hurry up as it was already 11.40.

we continued walking again,quite far la jugak from the parking dad and my sisters eat the food..WHAT??my mum burst(not actually burst lah...but quite pissed)we were few metres away from the dataran crowd.."hurry up lah!"(thats my mum)."we`ll celebrate merdeka here je lah"(my dad)."TANAK!!!!"(me)

my dad finished his food less than 5 minutes, (no surprise there)..but syafinaz was procrastinating with her burger..i gave her the evil look and suddenly she said to my dad she lost her appetite..HAHA

we waded into the was soo lively!2 minutes before merdeka we heard fireworks from klcc..E`ELEH..poyo..awal2 plak...

1 minute, and nobody counted the countdown, we realized that we were too far from the dataran,so,..yeah..sort of put off by this small fact..anyway, when OUR fireworks punye turn plak, my god, amazing...much better than klcc`s.HEH!it went on for 15 minutes..and i just couldnt tear myself from looking at dropping stars..and sang jalur gemilang softly.

when we got back to the car, my dad said,"yeah, all this for a 15 minutes fureworks show".and i plunged him into an argument about how unpatriotic he is.and later he admitted his defeat and treated all of us for a roti canai and teh tarik at 2 in the morning.we laughed at how the mamaks are so kecoh and i guess thats where they got the malay phrase,"bile keling nak karam".go look it up in the dict.happy merdeka people.


tomorrow will be the last we`ll be having classes..

that`s gonna be a HOLIDAY the next day!!!WOOHOO!!!(cheers all around the kaed building)

even though it`s a 3 days holiday,but..WHO CARES??!!I SAID..WHO CARES??ITS STILL A FREAKING 3 DAYS HOLIDAY!!!now i regret writing my previous entry about how boring,and meaningless my holidays were..I`m so SORRY GOD!

holidays are a gift from God that ALL of us should cherish..therefore,as the conclusion, i apologise for the misled entry i posted.(chewah,menggunakan ayat essay plak).ENJOY YOUR HOLS PEOPLE!!!