Monday, May 16, 2011

an emotional affair that ended with a fairy tale ending :)

my cousin got married last friday. from thursday until saturday; i dont know where the hell did we all (our whole family) got the enery from to keep on going. i think if there was an indication bar to state the current condition of our energy reserve, ours would be bright red with a warning we'd collapse anytime soon.

yes. it was that f* exhausting, but it was worth every single sweat. 

right after the akad (wedding solemnization); i couldnt help shedding a few tears; thinking how my dearest cousin, hazrina, who was close to being a big sister i never had, is now finally married and ready to leave our rahman clan nest. words couldnt describe how emotional that moment felt for me, as i reminisce the memories we had, especially our childhood years (we grew up together as i used to live with her family, because both my parents were working) within that split minutes bob (her husband) recited the vow. and im pretty sure manja felt even more sad than i was; given that they were both sisters :)

the wedding was a HUGE affair, when i meant huge, it really was. 4 big canopies should proof that i was right. and we were all decked in the same baju kurung (malay weddings usually see family members wearing same outifits;i.e the same fabric, or the same colour). i was given the task to distribute the bunga telur (doorgifts) to all guests; which sees me being on my feet the whole day. even faliq was thrown onto the bandwagon. he became the family's photographer while at the same time while taking the opportunity to mingle with my cousins. * an opportunist never lets a golden opportunity goes to waste!!muahaha*

butttt......when you've got everyone in this whole affair, there's bound to be some dramas, but yeah, we handled it pretty well. wouldnt want to let some small drama ruin the beautiful event now do we? :)

all in all, i loved the event. it was a testament that your family is there no matter what. even when you're ugly, or at your worst; your family will never abandon you and let you go through the shit alone. :) 

photos will be uploaded as soon as i get a copy from manja :) now. i need my sleep. because my eyes are beginning to resemble two ping pong balls and my eyebags are so visible, they might as well become my new set of cheeks -_-" get itttttt

p/s:going to weddings seem like an emotional affair to me now. maybe im at that age where i seriously want to settle down. :( but what can i do, no jodoh yet. insya allah my time will come soon.