Friday, February 17, 2012

Saying goodbye

marmalade. our dearest ginger boy, passed away yesterday afternoon.

earlier that day my mum called to say she had dropped him off to the vet, and he was in a very dire condition. "will he be put to sleep?", i almost choked when i asked my mum. "Heavens no!i dont think we would want that either". i sighed a heavy relief. she told me he would be warded for 3 days at the vet. i was looking forward to picking him up on Saturday, and perhaps spend the remaining days of his life at home, commuting from Bangi to KL for work, instead of staying at my rented apartment in Subang.

10 minutes later my mum texted that he has passed away. before the vet could draw some blood for a blood test, our dearest boy has died. it took me a whole 10 seconds to digest fully what the text stated before i lock myself in an empty meeting room to cry.

and cry i did. throughout the day. after work, i sat at the KLCC park, staring at the fountain works, silently weeping on the demise of my family member. i went through all the photos i had of him (which were quite a lot) in my phone. and played a video i had of him over and over again. i was glad i took the video. im glad that whenever i miss how marmalade is, i can still see how he purrs and enjoy a good scrub. that night was even worse, i couldnt stop crying, and even cried myself to sleep. the aching and emptiness still wouldnt go away after all that crying (and made my eyes so swollen it looked as if i had ping pong balls for eyes the next morning)

so here are the things i will miss about my dear boy:

1. the one who would greet me at the front gate. without fail. when i come home. he has taken into identifying the sound of my car. after i had parked at the front porch, he would climb on the bonnet, paused at the front screen as if to say "GET OUT OF THE CAR AND GIVE ME A HUG QUICK!", before proceeding to the roof so he could stick his paws out for my head when i disembark from the car.

2. the one who would never grow tired of too many hugs and cuddles. the only cat that had never grown restless when we smother him with hugs and cuddles. even enjoyed snuggling.

3. the one who would mischeaviously steal food from the dining table. and all wounded and guilt-ridden when we got pissed. but who could get pissed for long when it comes to him!

4. the one who would often come home with a dirty face (after going to one of his many adventures with his cat friends) prompting me to give him a bubble bath as he pleaded for my sympathy to spare him the bath altogether. and we were done, he would roll on the sand just to spite me.

5. the one who would always come home when we called him. who would always reply, as if he understood us.

6. the one who would always stalk me like a shadow whenever i come home, when im showering, he would wait outside the room, and race me to the living room.

7. the one that would never ever be replaced with another cat, because there will only be one marmalade. and that is you, ginger boy.

i know he is in a better place now. God loves him more. and it comforted me to know that he is not in pain anymore. i hope he knows that we all love him. and will miss him a lot.

love you. hugs and cuddles.

this is one of his favourite spot. my mum's potted plants!

the only cat that never grow restless when we're cuddling him.

p/s: thank you to my friends and cousin for the kind wishes and comforting words. i love all of you!!