Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the ultimate test

this whole has been a test for us..im not sure if we passed it..but im glad u didnt give up..because i didnt to.

btw..i think ive fallen for you even more :)

fast forward

i remember when i was in the bullet train.peering through the thick glass window, amazed by the speed of the vehicle. the scenery blurred, like life been fast fowarded.

i think thats what im going through now. only im not in a bullet train.ive been idle most of the time.

the tale of taking pictures

A picture can tell a tale of a thousand words. The pictures I took, most of with him, told a story of young adult aspiring to be reputable, note that, not a professional photographer, armed with her old canon powershot A430. She prided herself for being able to snap beautiful pictures without having to do it with an SLR or even an 8 megapixel camera, because her camera was only of 4 MP. And she needn’t to modify of beautify the pictures using any software because it is beautiful just the way it was taken.

She would trudge the streets of KL with him, looking for the best shot. He would be there, supporting her, as always, sharing the moment of when she’d stumble upon tangible moments that ought to be snapped and recorded. He would praise her for her sharp eyes that could always get the best angle, and encourage her passion with promises to buy the best camera and plodded her with photography magazines.

Now that he’s gone, so has the fiery passion of taking the best pictures in the world with the tatty, old camera. The pictures she took were too painful to even look at now, because they told stories of when he was there, smiling and nudging her to go forward. Stories that covered the million times he’d make her cry, times he’d hurt her with his coldness, times when she held on in desperation because she believed that he loved her despite the pain.

Maybe in a couple of years on, she will find the courage to trudge down the streets of KL again. With her powershot in hand and the eye for the best shot, but now her heart needs healing, and faith to believe in herself again, that she will be able to achieve greatness someday, just as he told he before.

Looking back at the pictures, it traced back at the moments of when the best shots would be taken, of kite-flying experiences, of KL streets packed with people, and two lovers bounded by a mutual passion.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

emotional b***h

emotions are quite an interesting subject to talk about.people and their emotions go hand in hand that it never strikes me that without these emotions, we'd become somebody we are not today.

why do i have to be jealous of my boyfriend hanging out with his close female pals?why does he have to be jealous when i hang out with my guy friends?when we both are well assured that we love each other, and would never dream of cheating, let alone being with someone else.

why do i still feel something when i come across things that reminds me of my ex-boyfriend?when i know that i am now happier than i was before, he was not meant for me (which was visible in many ways), and the fact that he has already moved on months ago added to the appeal of not wanting to remember your ex.

i could just zip all these in a canvas bag and store it at the back of my head..but noo....i just HAVE to feel all these emotional s**t..aih...im only human i guess

stooopid word challenge

im still waiting for the freaking word challenge to load..pfftt.......anyway...the lab is filled with people trying to whisk away time while waiting for zohor..

i am addicted to facebook games....


i was an hour late for my research method class.thank god its the fasting month.che din had no other option but to be "understanding" with my tardiness and gave me the attendance sheet.well, i did have a valid reason....(the bus at the terminal putra broke down..actually.. all of the buses going to uia broke down, leaving only one available bus...)

which makes me even more pressured to not be angry because this is the fasting month, and of all the time i wanted to use the public transport, today would be the fated day, where 1) im fasting (as of all the whole muslim community worldwide), 2) today is research method class, and 3) we all are well-aware of how "efficient" public transportation is... and i HAD to take the whole 3 mode of transportation, i.e. komuter, lrt, and bus

they should hand it to me to be the most frequent pub.transport user, as compared to my friends. radhi should take note of this.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

the search for the perfect one

i have no idea that searching for the perfect baju kurung can be sooooo STRESSFUL...........

you want something that will make you look fab, that no other human being within the radius of your raya visit will wear on the first raya, that will not make you hot and sweaty when you go on your raya rounds (which only leaves us to cotton, if you want to put it that way), and finally, will look extra-expensive even though its not that expensive-o...(because of course, who'd want to wear anything that looks cheap even though you've paid big bux for it?)

i dont even know if im looking forward to Raya...and this is only the first WEEK!!!

cheong gye cheon river

few days back, while whisking time away at mama's house i was surfing through the channel, when i came across Nat Geo, featuring the cheog gye cheon river in their Man Made Marvel program.

now, what caught my interest, aside from the fact that my class will be going to Korea this coming November, was how committed everyone in Seoul was in ensuring that the project came t0 live. you see, cheong gye cheon didn't just went through a water treatment phase to become what it is now, but it was actually buried beneath the earth in the heart of Seoul, with massive elevated highways all over it.

when the seoul community was sick of all the dusts and pollution, they missed the river that was the heart of the city, thus, begin a reclamation period in whereby the elevated highways were actually torn down to make way for the river to be re-surfaced again.

and of course, the usual treatment process in ensuring the water in the river was pathogen-free, and other measures in ensuring that the water level stays that way. and how the whole community came together (even the nenek and makciks) helping to plant trees alongside the river was an amazing display on how the community-participation could help in building the city.

im hoping that malaysians could actually see how important this is in order to make Kuala Lumpur a livable city as what Seoul is right now. can we do this?turning the Klang River into a "recreational area with fresh river water". BAHH

Friday, September 05, 2008

free of assignments for a WEEK!!!

a week full of social obligations, replaced by two heavy assignments by the end of it it one hell of a thing to go through, especially when you're "supposed" to be on a holiday.

now that both assignments are safely in the respective lecturer's room, the biggest worry now is finding the right baju kurung for raya.

owh sheesh..how i wish i can experience this FOREVER.

what were you thinking?

why did you do that??am i just some disposable friend to you?all these while you were someone special to me..and you just had to do that..why??

at least now ive been able to see you in te real light.thanks a lot.