Sunday, June 24, 2007

my current life

i have been very attached with the sims 2.and to make matters worse, my sims is somewhat rosak that i cant do anything during build mode.i created my characters based on me and ayam and now we have two kids. a boy and a girl.both are bright a+ kids, and i am proud to be the parents of prodigies.but soemhow i am so taksub with my game that i realized that my life, in reality is a mess.i cant cheat any simoleans here, and my social life is not in a full mode either.OH MY GOD!!

what have i done??im so immersed with the game that i dont really care about my REAL life.i should wake up right?for god's sake, im not real!i have blonde hair and i am a leggy beauty!!GOD i love this!*if any of you are concern about my mental health, rest assured that the real me is still a sane person and the contents might have been slightly diperbesarkan to create suspense and excitement*

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


after several visits to the petronas mesra, and a variety of hypermarkets.FINALLY!!IVE FOUND MY OGRE-SIZED M&MS!!!

1.they are twice the size if a normal m&ms candy
2.they taste twice as better
3.tak mahal sangat, lebih 10 sen je.m&ms biase 2.20, ni 2.30
4.they have cutesy ogre symbols on the candy
5.they come in shrek colour
6.they're just cool.alright?