Friday, April 30, 2010


another embarassing moment strikes again!

and this time it involves the incident of spilling coffee on ur dress. and whole lot of coffee.

well, there i was, happily chatting with kak miza n kak yan (both who were kind enough to buy me mcd bfast on their way to the office) at the pantry when i was going to sip my coffee only that the cover was not properly tightened to the cup and a gush of coffee fell on to my lap and my baju kurung.

i had to walk barefooted to the toilet, clutching my baju for fear of it spilling on the floor (bende tu dah bertakung macam air hujan weh). while in the toilet (ok, this is a bit graphic, so please do not be grossed out); i had to take off the kain (but leave the baju on laaaa) and washed the whole damn coffee which is stocked with anti-oxidants as proclaimed by Maya Karin the ambassador of nescafe from my outfit, and later realized it was soaking wet.

so i did the unthinkable, and attempted to dry it under the dryer ala mr.bean, and it went well for some time, until.

until a lady (a visitor of Puteri Harbour) walks in and saw this girl with her kain off, drying the thing under the dryer. MALU WEH.

all i could do was smile and say hi as she awkwardly enters the loo.

This is taken post-embarassing moment.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

bagi aku excited lepas tu tak jadi. haha

yesterday my boss told me i had to go to kl tomorrow to settle a few things with this consultant who never seemed to get our instructions right, well, i was pretty excited because i get to go back for free, until today, at the very last hour of working time, that particular consultant showed an amazing zest of effeciency and trip to kl was cancelled. haha. i was so sure i was coming back siap suruh faliq book ticket ironman.

well, at least i have a back up plan which is to spend the weekends with ika. ok la tu. HAHAHA

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

stereophonics..i kecewa betul dgn u.

kenape everytime aku baru nak rasa happy duduk jb, bende macam ni jadi. BALA BETUL LA.

well, this time it's because of a certain band which i really like, sampai buat jadi ringtone phone. ape lagi. STEREOPHONICS laaaa

kenape kene datang on weekdays? ape masalahnye kalau buat concert hari weekend?senang sikit orang yg bukan duduk kl nak pegi. ini yang dinamakan DISKRIMINASI TERBUKA.

STRESS. STRESS. have fun kl-lites. i hope u'll have a 'good time'. ceh :(

Monday, April 26, 2010

saya suka pulang ke rumah

i went home last weekend and missed the sukaneka of UEM Land, which is only held once every 2 years.

as i sat on the bench at the bus station waiting for my bus, i came across this, which provided solace for me, and reassured me that my decision to go home was the correct one.

i met the three rascals that has gone on a rampage on my mum's beloved potted plants.

that's marmalade and kangoo. tigger was pretty much the nicest kitten.

and i met dearest friends on two occasions, the bbq (which in the end i totally lost my head) and a bday party; in which both occasions have provided me with so much food that i lost control and went on an eating frenzy, be damn high cholestrol.

kak saidah's cupcakes which i greedily ate.A LOT.

i came back with the whole office still abuzz with the sukaneka, which i gather turned out to be a hit, and im sorry i missed it. but im not sorry about going back :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


called the clinic today. they say my test is out, but the doctor wont be available until next week, so, i can only get the full result next week.

but one thing the clinic attendant could tell me was my cholestrol level was high. owh shit.

minutes later after informing my mum, i got an sms from her telling me to "START EATING VEGGIES WHETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT"


UGH. my worst nightmare is starting to become real.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

keje tak semestinya tak baik

being new in the working arena consist mostly of hardships and pain. and embarassment. because sometimes you're faced with superiors who expects you to swallow a mouthful of experience in one day, and talks to you like you're an idiot.

then there's also the part of socialising with your colleagues. you might come to terms with bitchy ones, the nasty ones, the mean ones, and absolutely difficult to work with. then there's also some colleagues who later became good friends with you, and even ended up being your life partner.

but anyways, back to being a new worker, with zero knowledge of working in the real world and zilch experience, you really have to keep your horses down, and be HUMBLE! *which i sometimes find hard to do,especially when the boss talks to you like you're a complete idiot, and there you are trying to reign your temper and muster a smile*

then, there's also some bosses who expects you to read her/his mind, and when you fumble the job, they stare at you like they're about to eat you up alive.

tapi working ade yg best. kadang2 bosses ni baik2 jugak. main bola same2, main net ball same2, bagi can la bile nak pegi klinik, nak pegi melawat orang la, nak gune kete company pegi klinik la, dan macam2 lagi.

dan colleagues pun not all are bitches. so. fikir2 la dahulu sebelum nak buat ape2 rash decision, biaselah tu adat bekerja, we cant have it all, in order to get the measly wage ur earning, you have to put in 101% of effort to make it worth money ur getting :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

kenapa saya sering negatif disini

haih. i dont know why im being so difficult lately. i should just quit it and start putting in some effort in making my life a bit easier.

therefore, i've drafted a plan, and it all depends on 15th May.

then, we'll see where we go from there. hoo boy. 15th May is not that far.

SO in the meantime, get ur ass back to work!! haha


at the famous durian

getting a bit excited seeing a malaysian company at the heart of the cbd

at orchard central, one of the newest malls to be opened this year. amazing how they can build such a mall with a very small Floor Area, so, the only way to maximize space is to go up!

THANKS JOE FOR THE AWESOME PIX! more pictures will be uploaded on facebook :)

second time, best jugak

went to singapore for the second time yesterday, and it was great. :)

finally saw the tanjung pagar station; which is still tanah hak milik malaysia. i find it funny that a country has a chunk of land in another country; what more with makam diraja sultan johor which is still existant there. we made a joke when amir left his passport at Keppel bay; that if the polis singapore tahan die, he can run to the tanjung pagar station because that is still tanah malaysia.

anyways, this time, my tour guide is mr joe, so amir, kak miza and i had a taste of what it's like to shop in singapore, only, we didnt buy anything because no money. HAHA. so we just went window shopping, and breaking a few rules here and there. like crossing the road not using the zebra crossing "*because selagi dapat break rules kecik2, break kan je, sebab nanti menyesal, polis singapore cekap sangat".

went to the al-falah mosque which is actually incorporated with another building, so i was a bit in awe over the fact that this is the first masjid which is not a stand alone structure like we usually see in malaysia.and its great to see that the muslims there are sort of reviving awareness on islam to everyone by having basic infos on islam on the sliding doors of the mosque *shouldve taken a photo so u guys would know what the hell im babbling about*

i will definitely come again. make sure to kumpul duit banyak2. menyesal betul tak beli baju kat cotton on tu. siot betul. *pixxies will be uploaded later

Friday, April 16, 2010

mati aku.

im going nuts because i cant access twitter anymore. shit.

tension episode 2

hari ni aku tension. esok aku nak tido sampai lebam. kalu ade masalah, itu ko punye pasal. aku tak kacau sape2 pun.

mentang2 family aku jauh.ko ingat ko boleh buli aku la?

please dont hurt me anymore

this week has been a trying period for me.

im not a strong person. i can only take so much blow at a time.

i am seriously at the lowest point of my life and i think i need to get out of this soon.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

life ni tak sempurna

sometimes we cant help but be envious of others around us. flipping through an old friend's album of hers, while she's studying overseas makes me green with envy.

while im here. in my office. bekerja macam pencacai with a measly wage. that sucks.

minggu ni sgt sucky

ive missed my lunch thrice in a row. and i sure hope tomorrow i will be able to go out and get myself a decent meal.

went to the clinic for the 2nd pengambilan darah, now my left arm is hurting. now i hate needles and i hate the fact that nanti my arm lebam after amik darah *kak miza said its not normal. maybe i am abnormal. fuck.

i will know the result by monday. all i know is today is not such a good day, and this whole week has been somewhat a trial for me.

ya allah.berikan la aku kekuatan.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

majulah singapura tu anthem die.

maybe going to singapore this sunday with my officemates. SINGAPURA. saya tak habis bertemu dgn kamu lagi.

i hope this time its a bit better. my dad calls me and faliq the crazies for going to singapore with only 70 sing dollars to spend. HAHA.


yesterday i woke up to a swelling feet, not that it hurts or anything, but it grew to become an enormous foot *the left part* that i call it kaki gajah. so off i went to the clinic with my dear friend amir who was kind enough to drive me there.

the doctor was bit clueless on what happened so she poked and pricked every inch of the body and made me go for a urine and blood test. when such a small stupid thing like a swollen feet becomes into such a huge HOO-HAA sampai nak test kencing and darah, mesti la risau gile ingat diri nak mati tak lame lagi kan?

but anyway, i think it's just because of an insect bite. HAHA. bet the doctor didnt think of that one. :P the clinic called just now, told me to go there again tomorrow morning sebab blood diorang amik semalam tak mencukupi, nak amik lagi sikit, kelaka la.

Doctor kat gelang patah cracks me up.


yesterday, UEM Land HR department invited the Toastmasters club over for some introduction. oh whaddaya know, they're going to set up UEM LAND'S very own TOASTMASTER'S CLUB! *pure-pure happy.

For those of you who might have never heard what this toasty club is all about, well, its basically public speaking. you were given a topic, and then go up there in front of everyone and make a fool out of urself chattering about god-knows-what.

ingatkan intro je, rupe-rupenye ade demonstration, and hoo boy, how was i to know the piece of paper they handed out to everyone was actually a "lucky" number for you to speak publicly. nak pulak all of my friends got a blank paper each, and i was the only one who got the paper with a number on it. WTFISHHH.

owh, amir got number 2, so i was a bit relieved ade kawan la jugak. haha. mine was 4. the topic given was the experience of my first date, and i couldnt remember what the hell i did on my first ever date, it was a decade ago! (fuck, i sound so old) so i told them about my experience going out with an ex named Naim; who was extremely shy and quiet that we didnt talk to each other at all during the date (it was hard for me to keep quiet, but he didnt say anything at all!). just walking around KLCC killing time.

but this toast thingy is actually quite good if you want to improve your presentation and communication skills, therefore, i was being a complete doofus and volunteered to be the member of UEM'S toastmasters club. *ye, disebalik itu, saya juga ingin mengambil hati boss2 yang hadir. HAHA*

A toast to a new club!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


When there's this itching feeling that life has gone ahead with gear5 while u'r still trying to comprehend the mechanics of switching to gear 3, u'd know that there's something wrong with you. IM 24 this year for GOD'S SAKE.

i know what i want, but life's uncertainties has become some sort of an exhaustive factor in my life right now. im tired of waiting around. i need something concrete. at least SOMETHING that i can hold on to and look forward to.

i guess this is one of the downsides of being an ADULT; you get tired easily. 


needless to say, aku serah segalanya kat takdir la sekarang. tawakal je la *im talking about my SPA exam*

antara soalan2 yang i came across during the general knowledge exam is; who was the creator of google, apakah laman web sosial yang boleh diakses di angkasa lepas, negara mana paling lambat masuk ASEAN.

tapi yang paling men-tension-kan, time soalan maths, there was 40 questions needed to be solved within 45 minutes. WTFISHHHH. dah la maths dah lama karat. the last 10 questions memang i pasrah-ly menandakan secara rawak di kertas OMR tersebut.

Essay questions tak payah cakap. i finished all 30 minutes earlier and spent the entire day sleeping on the desk.

SPA EXAM. u suck big time.

Friday, April 09, 2010

masak nasik goreng susah SIOTTTTT

yesterday was my first attempt making fried rice. needless to say, i need to instill more skills in being a woman at the kitchen than prancing around in netball/futsal courts.

nasi kurang air, sambal hangit. hahaha.macam2. dari dah mandi jadi berpeluh balik. the outcome was okaaayyyyyy la.. *cube menyedapkan hati* but it was quite pedas. my housemates were full of comments as all of them are good cooks *malu gile mase serve kat diorang*. Emy plak kate, "eh sedap la u masak". HARAM JADAH, nak jaga hati aku la tu. hahaha. either that or he's bloody hungry. hahaha..

i need more practice. thank god ibu was only a call away and saved my nasik-tak-cukup-air; menjadikan ia nasik yang best.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

all about your love love love love ~ Love-As Tall As Lions

It's easy falling in love with a person. but staying in love is the harder part. hardest would probably be the acceptance of that person you love, bad, ugly, and however he/she is.

who am i to judge love? i've only known love for a short while, as compared to others who have become great friends with love over the years.

it amazes me how much a person can be so in love even after staying married for decades. Hats off to our parents; or whoever we know that have grown old together and still be happy. :)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


ive got my spa exam coming up this weekend, and ive only finished reading 20 pages out of HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF PAGES OF "malaysia kita". WTFISHHHHHH

okay. vacation mode off, study mode on, it's getting quite rusty :P but thank god now im at the history page, which i totally dig.


words cant describe

it feels like we've only started dating, but it's been almost two years now. :) i love you.

DAH PEGI DAH. oookkkaaayyy laaa...

finally. i went to singapore. at long last, i fulfilled my innermost desire to visit the infamous neighbour of my country.

came back with a sense of aweness on their infrastructure, but that's about it. i will still choose malaysia within a heartbeat. :)
the URA center, where they housed the scale model of singapore. not that it's thaat big pun. haha

went to the malay heritage centre. somehow it's sad to know that this is the only malay legacy left here.

lost in kampung glam.

singapore, i shall come again when i have the moolahs.

Friday, April 02, 2010


went out at 8 am. not to work, but to Tebrau to get my full license. YES!!!! FINALLY!!!

well, for those who are not familiar with Johor. the road here is shitty as hell. especially the one towards Pasir Gudang. Sape transport planner die rase nak bunuh je. Bottle neck traffic, with lorries using this road on a frequent basis, and there's only TWO FUCKING LANES. bile accident *which is often* mesti jam. BODOH.

stuck dalam jam nak dekat 1 jam, buat lesen tak sampai 5 minit. HOOOO. HAPPY GILER.

and then accompanied amir to get his BB. hahah..muke mamat tu berenti senyum.

will be going to singapore with faliq on sunday, insya allah. :) cant wait. hahaha

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Counting my blessings..

this week sounds too good to be true. :)