Friday, October 23, 2009

my boyfriend the yakuza

this is faliq and i when we first started dating. notice how he looks clean and nice

this is faliq's look right now. mizi said he looks like a yakuza, seconded by sue.

public speaking is scary

yesterday was the preliminary round for public speaking. so..if you all must know, GEMS will be having their talent day competition this saturday. and guess what? i got to be one of three finalists for public speaking!!!!!!

omg, when i think of speaking in public, it gives me quivers that can cause me countless trips to the toilet. no need to elaborate on that, i think everyone knows what happened. it'd be an awful lie if i say that i was not happy. out of 11 very good speakers, i managed to become one the three enlisted to the finals :)

so thank you gems for boosting my self-confidence and improving my skill in speaking in the speaking in the public :) (macam promo ad je kan?)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

this is really good

khairun got me this when she went to australia last laughing at the irony of it

sad of leaving

after being here for 3 weeks, im starting to get attached to this place. GEMS i mean. i think its the people. its quite refreshing to meet new people, and finally doing something after being cooped up for so long watching nothing but spongebob.

during my first few weeks, my roomate, tika, and i played bowling almost everyday (yes, we have a bowling area here), and i got a spare and a strike! tak percaya?tgk la score board nanti..(we bowled in our baju kurungs)

and my groupmates are a hell of a bunch. they're loud and its not hard to get attached to them. :)

ill be sad when the time comes for me to leave this place. :'(

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


im scared. im shitless scared. of moving to johor. what if i had a late night craving of roti canai? whose going to teman me to the mamak restaurant? and ika told me the mamak over there are bloody expensive. how am i supposed to counter this???how how how?

im scared because im uncertain. but at the same time, im excited. to proof myself. to proof that i am capable of anything. i am excited because this is one step to a dream ive always had.

but i there are a lot of things i'll miss. persons. and routines. and the familiarity. its scary how easily people are able to move on and get on with their lives.

last saturday, the night before my graduation, i spent the day with faliq. i cried as i think of the uncertainties ahead of me, it scares me that finally, i will be on my own.

last sunday was my graduation day. it signalled the end of my relationship with IIUM. the past few days was filled with a whirlwind of events that i didnt have time to reflect upon my life, especially on one of the biggest days of my life.

as i returned the robe yesterday, i couldnt help being overwhelmed with emotions, and held back my tears as i drove out of the university. it was somehow my sanctuary for 4 years, through thick and thin, it was one of the only unchanged force in my life. and here i was, feeling as if i was forced to evict this comfort zone of mine.

i saw how proud my parents were, their eldest daughter, finally finishing a phase of her life and about to embark on a new journey elsewhere. they went through the trouble to get me the perfect bouquet and bear. they made sure they had saved enough so that the whole family could take pictures together at the studio.

it wasnt just an ordinary day for me. it was a day i could finally put an end note to a chapter of my life, a day i made my dear parents proud, a day i became stronger.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

dah jadi graduan betul2!!

I have officially graduated from IIUM!!! pictures will be uploaded later :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

tak payah cover2- cakap je la

when i was a kid, i used to think that jalan mati was a road where ada orang pernah mati. i remember being overly spooked when my two adult cousins took a wrong turning,and faced with a dead end. "eh, jalan mati", they said as they took a minute to reverse the car. the headlight was pointing towards a playground, and it was at night. i kept imagining someone getting shot at the very end of the road, and how did my cousins knew it was this particular road was completely amazing.

kids, they are so blunt, straighforward, and naive that even when you were being sarcastic, or probably have a different meaning than whatever you just said, ill give you a 100 bucks that they wont notice it.

maybe these are one of things we should learn from kids.

hendak pergi

the prospect of moving to johor is quite BESAR at the moment. suddenly i panicked, saddened and a whole lot of different feelings, mixed together that makes your stomach hurl and causes you to cry.

my mum was against the idea of me relocating, even though deep in her heart she knows that she cannot win this one, if so my rezeki is in johor, then so be it. but i will miss the life i will leave behind, but i will definitely look forward to a new one :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

the interview with UEM

well, what can i say? PUTERI HARBOUR WAS GORGEOUS! despite the almost non-exitent human presence in Nusajaya (alah, tempat tak habis develop lagi kan..) i have a feeling that it will turn out to be a beautiful place :)

singapore is only 400m away from puteri harbour, and it is their military exercise zone. okay..hopefully there will be no stray bombs coming our way..

i had to apply for a 3days leave from GEMS..(pumps fist in the air) seronok betul dapat cuti ni..hahahaha...

anyhoo, this interview will provide me with the biggest opportunity working with UEM.. >.< *sigh..

im 23!!!!!!

the day the registration for the GEMS programme, was my birthday. it felt like any other day, only this time it has a little bit of zest and cheer to it because you feel special.

i wished my camera didnt conked out, or i would've taken the picture of the cake my mum baked for me, complete a "happy birthday" icing. recieved calls and smses from friends and cousins, and not to mention the facebook wishes, that i could only access to 2 days after my birthday.

the day was completely filled with activities and by the end of the day, i couldnt even enjoy the limitless calls to other maxis number. :( but nevertheless, it was a great birthday, because people remembered :)thank you guys :D