Thursday, October 27, 2011

of love and life

we always feel like life is treating us unfairly.whatever we have is never enough to satisfy our thirst of absolute happiness.

but have we ever stop and reflect how lucky we are?

even though my family has been hit with the most awful financial breakdown..i realized that our family ties/bond are stronger than ever. one is still have that annoying,self-righteous,snobby friend.but they're not THAT bad.they are still there when you needed them the most.and will not think twice about gvng u the support u need.

your house is not a huge ass mansion in a sprawling estate.fuck it.u still have a roof above ur head.

u dont have enough money.well...make do with what u have!

u hate ur job?quit!or..look at the bright side of things.what doesnt kill you will only make u stronger.

there.i said life may not be perfect.but i have a lot of things to be grateful about.

p/s:kangoo's kittens are simply adorable.this one is spotty
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Sunday, October 09, 2011


Ive been hving problems with the next door neighbour for years.we dont greet each other let alone talk.they made fun of my sisters (which i thoroughly despise) and litter into my parents prefer to keep quiet than confront them over what they call petty matters.

But the one thing that burnede up was their liking for open burning.they've been doing this for years and sometimes burn rubber tyres and plastics!the pungent toxic smell would linger in our house the whole day and i was thinking to myself,what kind of a moron would burn plastic and rubber?well..them obviously.

Today was the day i have had enough because it ruined my weeknd.i told my dad to have a word with them but he said nothing.then i took matters upon my own hands and reported them to the dept of env.though it is still a long way to go from here..they should know that their selfishness will eventually bring them down.padan muka
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Saturday, October 08, 2011


Omg..i was so sure i had to cull m blog..but now i can retract my decision now that android has a mobile blogger :)

Yeahh..about using samsung..i lost my bb.i still miss it.but when i saw just how many free apps i could get by using android..hel-lo new phone!
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