Tuesday, March 15, 2011

hiatus comeback

ive been on a very long hiatus havent i? before this i'd have one post daily; and now i only get to do this once a month.

well let's see. A LOT has happened. new work place; private life; friends; families. where do i start? and my english is so abhorrent i feel like slapping myself.

i think i need a breather. i dont even have time for myself. working in kl is so physically and mentally exhausting. i'd come home feeling bloody tired. of work. of having to go through the bloody congestion. and i dont even have time to finish a book! (well, two books now :) im reading a doctor in the house and paulo coelho's veronika decides to die; i guess im setting too high of a target for myself )

the only solace i get is now i am in the company of my family 24/7 and my friends :) thats all that matters right? home is where the people you love and care are. its still too early to tell about how i will be tackling my issues at the new workplace. first things first; i need to find a way to start blogging regularly. ive strayed quite far from the routine i was used to when i was in johor. just need some time to get into the rhythm of living in kl!!

p/s:and the fact that my new company blocked blogspot's website doesnt help either :p