Sunday, April 24, 2011

toddlers and babies

today is the day spent with friends, family, toddlers and babies :) aside from seeing samir si mejam; stands for merah jambu BTW kerana die punya kulit macam omputih (HAHAHA) and the girls at wondermilk; abg adik and his troops came over to mama's house for lunch. hence; me playing with si adrian kerana budak-budak lain dah besar and would rather play amongst themselves than with an aunt who would smother them with hugs and kisses :(

i know i never really had the motherly instinct. i'm not like my cousins who had the experiences of taking care of a baby. i was more like the fun aunt who would amuse you while you still find me amusing. (usually the average age of this would be from 1-3 years old). and after that you'd just find me boring and play with your peers of the same age :/

but today. im just basking in the attention of my dear nephew adrian who finds me the coolest aunt in the world; imitating spongebob and what nots, just making him laugh brings me joy.sigh. dont you just wish they would just stay this way? and never grow up to become the angsty pimply teenager... :I

p/s:i love kids, the simplest things can make them happy. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


i am so not used to this. i mean, blogging from a cyber cafe rather than the comfort of my office cubicle (haha. kantoi dulu kat PH bukan buat keje pun, sebok blogging).

so yeah. currently im at the cc, blogging, while faliq is beside me, googling for lyrics for his next gig. *which will be this SATURDAY!! COME PEOPLE!!!IT WILL BE AT SJYC (please dont ask me what this stands for because i dont even know myself)* sempat plak buat promo di situ.

i had a post about species lelaki pelik; this time i guess, this is about species perempuan pelik numero uno! wanna know who makes the list? crazy ex gf from the past. jeng jeng jeng! *mintak mintak la korang bukan dari golongan ini*

ok. never really had an experience with crazy ex-gf from the past maybe because all the guys i dated before; well, their exes memang nak BUANG diorang jauh-jauh kot. HAHAH *ok, not so funny joke. -_-"

so i guess, it's just my luck that now I have a great bf (his name is faliq btw) even though yeah, we broke up for awhile, as you can see from my previous posts. but now we're about to celebrate our Thirdd anniversary, and hopefully, our jodoh akan dipanjangkan and..HURRAH!

so it's also just my luck that he comes with extra baggage that won't or should i say, refuse to shake him off from their lives even though their story has ended YEARS ago. my first year of relationship was rocked by his ex-gf whom i will call Z in this post. she was constantly calling him, and texting him; asking him about his whereabouts, and etc. This happens when she found out her precious ex bf suddenly has a new gf. the sudden interest in his whereabouts and his "keadaan sekarang" was amusing. after many repeated hints that Mr. F was in no way interested in attending her calls and messages, she kept quiet, and thankfully; left us in peace. Now, i ask you, why must you do this woman?? threatened that your ex-bf will no longer be your fall back plan, should your current bf, whom you left your ex for, was not the man you dreamed about eh?pfft.

i thought i've finally heard enough of this ex thing when suddenly, two years later, ANOTHER ex came into the picture. and guess what, apparently she has always been a bit psychotic. when it concerns Mr. F. and the funnier part was, they were only together in HIGH SCHOOL. oh-em-gee. i dont even know where to begin. before this she has left messages, and posts on fb under the pretense they were just keeping in touch for old times sakes (high school mates la konon); but things got really hot and heavy when she found out about our brief breakup.

leaving posts on fb walls, inviting him out for coffee, and another post stating "have i ever thanked you for your time last weekend?". wtf. the second post was when Mr. F and i was already on the verge of getting back together, and i can vouch that he didnt even spend time with her last weekend, as she has stated. so on what basis was this post made of??NOTHING!! only the satisfaction of knowing your ex's gf will boil in anger reading this post, because it is of course a very provocative post.

when i got REALLY UPSET about it, she had the audacity to be MAD at me for being MAD at her! anda nampak tak mindfuck games she's trying to play here?and she went as far as claiming that i am no good for him because i caused him to put me above his friends (her i presumed); and ALL of his friends hated me. what gives?whats wrong with you woman?you're already happy with your own sweet life. WHY must you give a shit about what your ex-bf is doing and with whom he's dating?

thank god i have Mr. F, whom patiently solved all these issues with sheer loyalty to the relationship and with a touch of coolness.

as for me, i'm just bidding my time, once she crosses my fucking line, im going all out b****. A note to all girls out there, let it go, if he's happy with someone new, be happy for him, he was never meant to be yours, and this might be the chance for you to meet your prince charming who might be better than him too :) so stop playing mind fuck games with his current beau; the poor girl is just trying to have a chance to have a happy life like you wanted.

p/s:thanks farhat for your tweet about my blog. appreciate it a lot :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

how do you deal with toxic family members?

ive been having problems with a few family members. its bad enough if you have issues with your friends, and when situation has surpassed the limit and is beyond repair; the ultimate solution would be breaking up with the friend. correct? but how do you deal with the few bad apples in the family? you cant simply just throw them away. but its also something very toxic to have to put up with their attitude.

what's worse, i think is our eastern culture whereby we cannot say anything against the elders or we're deemed as disrespectful and just simply "kurang hajar". but hello, lady, you've been bullying your family members for decades, and being insensitive towards other people's misfortunes. who is being kurang hajar here? 

i am not an angel, i dont mean to preach. but i hate it when people just simply cross the line and think no one is brave enough to tell them off. i was this close to make my opinions be heard actually. but my "eastern roots" caught the better of me, and ive decided to just keep my distance; and avoid contact. lagi banyak mengata lagi banyak dosa kita dapat kan? so its better if i just keep my distance from you and your FAMILY, and i'd live peacefully with the rest of the family members. 

do not have time to entertain idiots like you.

city slickers sucks like hell

faliq's away at the moment. for 5 days frolicking in the sun down under (in perth specifically) living the life of a backpacker. entah mandi ke tak aku pun tak tau. the first time he's the one who's away instead of me. and i must be feeling what he had been feeling when i went to Korea and Australia. :/ i woke up this morning and almost about to dial his number when i suddenly recall that he's in australia. so i told myself he'll be back in no time and i'd see him again this tuesday :)

work has been great. orrrr....not. :/ i absolutely love my job. it fits me well. seriously. who wouldn't like the fact that you get to work flexi hours, waking up at 9 when others are already sloughing their way to work. hahaha. my immediate superior is awesome. the thing about working with a guy is that...well. you have to be like a guy. they dont care about the nitty gritty details, all they want is the results. ho hum. 

the office? sure as hell not as gorgeous as puteri harbour. but the first few weeks i started working, ive been going to klcc and wangsa walk EVERY FREAKING SINGLE DAY after work. because im that PERAK about working in the city. (you must know that I've been working by the sea surrounded by umm....empty lands ready for development).

the working environment is sooo different! there are a lot of moments that made me miss the warm people of puteri harbour, but this is the life i have to lead now. no wonder people get stressed out working in the city. the congestion is enough to give you a heart attack, and the attitude. oh-my-god! where the hell did all these people come from? its like they came straight out of a "im born to be rude" class. had a few encounters with these people including the ones in my office which made me almost burst out in rage. i am just proud i stopped my urge to slap this particular person.

but aside from this, thankful that im back. :)