Tuesday, August 30, 2005

that urp nite


yesterday nite there was a urp graduation dinner..and the whole urp batch had to attend this dinner..and i was wondering why in the hell would i want to attend someone`s graduation dinner??and then, i realized that there was only 12 graduating students..12!!!no wonder they wanted us to come..

the theme was ethnic, and i was living it up to theme..my jacket was very ethnic indeed..quite ott actually..almost froze in the middle of the hall before entering the gallery because everyone looked so SIMPLE!jeez!!!

i felt like shrinking in the chair and wait for the earth to swallow me..my studiomates were wearing normal clothes, some were quite glam actually..but not as `mencapap` as my jacket..then the guys arrived,mostly clad in baju melayu..they looked HOT.but sort of like a rombongan for someone`s akad nikah..haha..then mizi and shakir came..

i thought i`d just die in my seat..they look HOT HOT HOT.they were wearing punjab suits and man...i cant believe mizi could be a possible hot stuff..MIZI??!!and when i saw this senior wearing a bajau suit along with his tengkolok..i finally rest peacefully in my seat...


the guys performed an awful rendition of pop yeh-yeh and suddenly they were singing selamat pengantin baru for god-knows-what reason.

after the dinner we stayed back to take photos, and it was blissful to enjoy being in the company of my stoodiomates, all dressed up, jurock looking like a lost turkish, and areque looking JAPANESE..haha..baju AAD punye concert, kantoi...muti looked like lelaki melayu terakhir.mat shah looked heavenly, while zul..yeah..he looked like he was forced to wear those baju melayu..

the seniors were a bit irritating..they just couldnt wipe those awful expression off their face when they sat with us.its like they just ate lemons or something.but what the heck..we were there for the free food and to enjoy the awful performances..and we had both.dont blame those guys from your batch avoiding a closer relationship with YOU.HAHA

Monday, August 22, 2005

my mundane life

last saturday nite,my outing with keron was cut short due to a message recieved from radhi saying that zul,our project manager wants ALL of us to be at the studio by 9 AM..i was yelling BLOODY HELL..and a few other curse words knowing that it was quite impossible for me to find a transport to go back to gombak pagi-pagi..called up zul and we had a yelling session with keron making the background noise of cursing at zul too for ruining our weekend get-together.

the whole way back after sending zharif i had a headache and slept in the car thinking about the unfinished workload lying in the orange bag..right after i reached keron`s house, the computer is my baby and we worked till 7 am.

on sunday,mat dan agreed to send me back.i had a breakdown thinking he was tido mati due to unanswered phone calls i shot at him.luckily at 9.30 he called and told me to get ready..LOVE YOU ALIF!!!THANKS!!!!

so..on the way to gombak...i was anxious and nervous because i could`nt find a printing shop to print my review..shit..im so gonna get it from zul..called up nina and asked if i could borrow her printer..then she told me that the 9am perhimpunan was cancelled..WHAT THE F***???!!!i was suddenly being thrown into the fountain of guilt because i woke up alif..he said it`s okay and we went to have breakfast at tapah.

while at tapah,met my ustazah from fkm btq..jeez..with her whole siblings..including sis in-laws..uhh....and she thought alif was my boyfriend which i had to repeat 100 of times that he is NOT.

went to uia and gave alif a tour around my faculty and campus..stopped by the studio and everyone thought he was my bf..jeezz...NO..HE`S NOT..i told everyone..zul thought i brought him to bash him up..haha...zul and i are okay now.

so..today...went to mppj to get the layout of section 17..and the guidelines..just got back..nothing interesting happened..but im completely drained..jeez..gotta go..at 5 the aad students are having this concert..later

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


so..yeah..in a few days i`ll be off to ulu bendol, to climb the mountain called gunung angsi..god knows where the hell is that..

yesterday went grocery shopping with my fellow camping members, created a havoc in the middle of the small giant supermarket, debating about which sardine cans are more nicer, with nina wanting ayam brand because it tastes nicer and muthi(who eventually managed to persuade us to take 4 cans of the yellow packaged cans) saying it costs 99 cents per can...money does have an effect on you...hehe..

did i tell you we won the debate competition against architecture students?yeah...we won..haha..and my crush came, even though he was half an hour late...he came..saying that he would...memang bersemangat giler la...only got to hold the pewter trophy for like...15 minutes before we had to return it back to the committee members..cheh..sungguh x ikhlas..

after that we had to go to the gala night for the award giving ceremony..expected to get back the pewter,,but in the end got a piece of plastic plague..cheh..haha..but the dinner didnt turn out to be a bore like i expected, thanks to the landscape arch debate team..and also to the fact that the senior i had a crush on is sitting directly opposite my seat..hehe...cantik pemandangan...

right after the gala nite we rushed to the studio to complete our project which we had to present the next morning...finished at 8 in the morning..and had ample time to get ready and return to the studio again for the presentation at nine...while presenting i could see my other classmates jetting off to london in their dreams due to x cukup tido...

yeah...hectic huh?anti ana commented on how cekung my face was, and i was struggling to shove some food into my mouth when all i really wanted was to sleep till the next week...actually..i did..haha..sort of..after studio went back to the room and bantai tido till 1 am..jeez...hutang tido terbayar la jugak...

so, tomorrow is my mother`s bday..happy bday ibu!!i`ve already bought u a prezzie!!!hope u`ll like it!!!love u!!muaxx!!!