Monday, October 22, 2007

relationships are fuckers

im quite confused with the current state of my relationship right now. i dont know if i want to be in it anymore.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


im in a freezing lab.and my bladder is about to burst.but before i drown the whole lab with my pee, i have to wait for the update download to finnish.aiyoh.why must be so bloody slow!

and the fact that this lab is so cold is not helping me much in restraining myself.shit.

Monday, October 08, 2007


i think i need a break.thank god raya is just around the corner

things you get when you turn 21

life has been quite exhausting these days.time is always is your this some sort of a hint that you ARE getting old? :D

i have come to realize a few things, when i turn 21.

1)i do not care what people think about me now a fully confident with myself, and i dont give a *toot* what they say about me. i know im gorgeous ;) *heehooo*
2)my dressing style has more attracted to baju orang tua.*i dont even know why, they're just appealing to me* (which was pointed out by ayam and joe when we went to Jalan TAR last week)
3)im more patient and diplomatic (not really a hot - headed yuppy nemore...not all the time anyways)

so it is different when you turn 21..haha..radhi..youve got to wait a little longer.. :)

my birthday

i had a great birthday.though the celebration part has toned down for a bit, but it is still memorable and fab as always :)

sue,ku and sarah came to the room with mismatched slices of cakes put together to make it into half a cake.but hey, call me corny or jiwang, but at that precise moment, i thought that was the most beautiful cake ive ever had. knowing that they had to go the xtra mile to get me a cake was great enough already.

friends i thought wont remember wished me many happy returns. and people (my close buds, family and the bf) i love have constantly reminded me that im never alone.

thank you :)