Monday, March 29, 2010

short but long weekend :)

best betul balik weekend walaupun sekejap sahaja. dapat berjumpa sahabat dan taulan, keluarga dan buah hati, ECECEH. AYAT TAK LEH BLAH.

Finally i met the new member of the family, well, memberss, Amoi and her brood. *i dont even know why my sisters call her amoi, but she's damn manja with my parents, aku die tak layan lansung. siot betul kucing ni. and gave the names to all her kittens, we have Ollie, Marmalade and Tigger. until i realized that all are female. well, its too late to turn back now. HAHA.

had a lunch date with Nina, Radhi, Munshi and Tee at this really nice, but stuffy place called Fullhouse just a 10 minutes walk from KLCC. they really should turn the air-cond on, but the settings are really pretty and feels like you're someplace else. :) the price is quite okay too. and it was Munshi's birthday so radhi and nina got him cupcakes which was really SEDAP.

later that evening faliq and i took my sisters to the movies to watch How To Train Your Dragon. as the only available show was at midnight, we lepak at Mama's house for awhile. the movie was really cute. and i wished i had a dragon i could ride instead of a sombong cat. HMPH

the next day, on sunday, went for a drink with Oche, whom i havent met in awhile and later that day made a volcano from plaster of paris using this kit Kak Aya got for the twins. i only get to do the moulding because the twins insisted on painting it *the fun part* ceh, bengang kejap lepas tu ingat balik diri dah tua and tak perlu nak mengade2 cat bende macam ni. i remembered when i was a kid, almost every weekend my mum would take me to this place called plaster funhouse, and i'd sit there for hours painting my plaster figurines. BEST WEH. LAYAN GILER. dengan glitters and all *tempat tu dah takde dah :(

went back to johor dengan hati yang puas sebab dah at least spend it with the tersayangs. tapi lain kali nak kene lepak dengan kawan2 yang lain juga.
munshi's cupcakes :)

tgk wayang bersama boipren and adik2

the volcano thingy *as u can see, the middle is hollow for u to put baking soda and vinegar and it'd be like lava pouring out

this is amoi. she likes to stuck out her toungue like that.its not like she's panas ke ape. die memang suke jelir lidah.

Friday, March 26, 2010

hari ni tak baik

today is a fucked up day.

swimming in the sea

we went swimming again yesterday. only this time i was the only girl, and had the privilege to have the buoy all to myself. HOHO.5.30 on the dot i went to change my apparel into a swimming suit and..APE LAGI, LOMPAT LA DALAM LAGOON TU. dgn contacts still intact. HOHO. HEBAT TAK..

being in seawater is a totally different feeling than what u get when swimming in a pool. the uknown depth of the water, with a totally dark surface could put this fear upon yourself that u can drown anytime. Thank God i didn't. but really need to do this more often because i asyik pancit je. Emy swam like an otter. i was amazed with the stamina he has, given the size of his body. HA-HA.

me and amir

bobo yg malu nak tunjuk body yg HAWT

forgive my large arse.

sometimes the marina provides solace for me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


sometimes i'd wonder how my life would be like if i work in kl. whenever sharif comes over (he does every friday because the company he's working for is handling a project in Puteri Harbour which i coincidentally is involved in) we'd talk about what we'd do after work. his plans consists of going out for movies with his colleagues, going karaoke, or any other activities an urbanite would do.

well, my plans would be..hmmm...after work, it'd be either futsal night, or swimming at the marina, or kayakking at the marina, or cycling along the promenade at Puteri Harbour. god. that sounds a bit loser-ish innit? it's as if my life revolves around puteri harbour and the people in it. and somehow it sounds like im health freak but actually these are just activities to pass my time here.

maybe if i work in kl, i could meet up with nina and radhi and mizi and faliq after work, then go to the family gathering during weekends *which i always somehow missed :(

but now that im here, i dont actually feel so bad now, i've got a steady set of friends such as bobo, amir and ima. and people here always find ways to spend the weekend with a blast. *such as the kluang trip :)

so maybe life here isn't so bad anymore :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

please just go.

i dont wish to have you. i dont wish to see you anymore. but i am not made of steel.

i dont want this anymore. i wish you would just go away. leave me to where i was before.

Monday, March 22, 2010

weekend yg sgt mengharukan

god. a weekend almost totally changed my life here in JB. but im glad i acquired two new friends :) Emy and Eryn.

went to watch UemLand team play futsal against other companies that are here in JB with Emy. we lost in the finals 4-2 to some company which i forgot the name. right after the match, emy got a phone call from his mum that his tok sedara was nazak, so we dashed to the hospital, with me tagging along. hoo-boy. it was a looong day spent with emy and his family. because right after that, sadly, his tok sedara passed away. so i stayed with the family the whole day, and even went to the family's tahlil, and met all his sepupu sepapat. my god, baru first day kelua sama and i've already met his WHOLE FAMILY. hahaha. talk about being forced into an awkward situation, and had to brush off allegations that we were dating because the family members kept asking. *aiyoh

but within the chaotic moment, i managed to seal my friendship with emy's twin's gf, Eryn, and now we're friends. Eryn and Emy are going to take me to get a new haircut. hahah..thank god i've met a gf here in JB that can take me to places guys wouldnt know about :p

Friday, March 19, 2010

stupid big files

i hate stupid big files. they take the longest to download, and i really want to go back home right now. its friday, and i dont want to spend any more extra time at the office.. its a fucked up day today, and i wish i was back in kl so i could at least have an idea how to unwind and let go off all these anger.

anak manja

call me a softie for all i care. i want to go back home. i miss my family :(

dont overdo urself-she says

yesterday my colleagues and i went kayakking at the marina. i was paired with amir, and it was quite fun because amir can row pretty fast, and we reached the breakwater in no time. hahaha..unlike the last time i went kayakking with kak yan :s

soon after kayakking, kak zu, another officemate was idling by marina, watching emy (one of the marina staffs) swimming happily and shouted to me to come join her swimming. hoh. ape lagi. terjun terus la dari kayak. hahaha..noo..we are not that adventerous; i actually stood at the pontoon thinking if i should actually go in or not; which i later did when emy said he had extra towel to spare. HOH. sgt memenatkan betul, cepat giler pancit. emy and amir dah swim nak sampai revetment dah, aku masih tergedik2 kat marina tu.

later i messaged my mum to tell her about my day; and later got a message from her telling me not to overdo myself; when i asked her why, she said she didnt want me to fall sick. and then it hit me that i miss my mum A LOT, same goes to MY FAMILY.

:( i want to go back home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


when i listen to music, it makes me feel like im someplace else. when i listened to alanis morisette's ironic, it made me feel like i was in the car in her music video at some snow covered canadian location.

how nice would it be to actually be someplace else right now. *sigh*

Monday, March 15, 2010

singapura kah atau pun tioman?

looking at the calendar and wondering when i can get a leave so i could go bercuti with faliq when he comes over to johor.

i haven't the slightest clue what to do here, except maybe go to singapore. fine. call me a fucking traitor, but i really want to go to singapore, ive been to all parts of asia, and i have yet to go the infamous neighbour of my country.

amir kept telling me to go to tioman, the plan really sounds intriguing, but i am marred by the thoughts of going to only 500m away from this bloody clubhouse, and i have yet to step foot on it. amir thinks im obsessed with singapore. i think so too.

everytime i start talking about singapore, joe would go like" you haven't been to singapore??" even though he fully knows that i haven't and probably does that to rub it in my face because he works there, and he kept inviting me over to singapore and i always turned down his offer because i'd like to go with faliq. hmmmm

i know that if i create an option to faliq, he will choose tioman in a heartbeat. so i think ill just keep it quiet. but i know ill be in a deep shit if amir or bobo even blurts out to faliq, or casually ask if he'd like to go to tioman, so i will have to eventually tell him of the option.


crazy weekend for the pessimist

the weekend was a little bit crazy. and now i am down with a flu, and i wished im back at home :(

started off with the kelong trip. it was quite interesting being stuck in the middle of the sea with abundant of food and endless karaoke, only that, i dont really like karaoke, and i wasnt in much of a good mood to start with. the food was okay~ but in the end left early for bed, only to get the "ko tau lepas ko blah, jadi lagi happening sebab bebudak marina yg havoc dah datang". great. i missed the show.

then on saturday went to tebrau with bobo after his drum class to watch alice in wonderland, only to get the "full" shit for two straight shows. however, we went back to the counter after 45 minutes, hoping that there are some uncollected booked tickets, and it paid off! yay! but alice was a major letdown. the only solace i could find was johnny depp was fucking cute despite his weird make up. later that night, went to meet bobo's friend, and we ended up watching the midnight show of green zone. wished i watched it sooner, because it was damn good as compared to alice. *stupid tim burton

sunday, hoping to go swimming but was cancelled at the last minute becuase of heavy downpour, and later that night went out with bobo and amir, and bobo's friend and his gf to play pool. only i didnt play, and watch from the sidelines, and felt totally miserable and loser-ish because i didnt play, but i was really not in the mood.

god. i feel so crappy. faliq kept telling me im taking people for granted, and i think i really do. i really have to put my pessimistic thoughts far far away from me so that i can enjoy life, and be who i was before. not this dark, moody girl who is hating the world. not good.
taken before the kelong trip

Friday, March 12, 2010

dah tak reti nak letak kat blog, testing je la

Tutorial for kuhaz

testing testing

puteri harbour punye orang sekarang active semacam

had a tiring kayakking session yesterday and vow not to come near it again for maybe 6 months or so, in order to recuperate from tangan yg sakit and lenguh teramat sangat. kayuh bagai nak rak pun canoe tu tak kemana. tension betul.

today im going on a kelong trip, please dont ask me what kelong means because i dont know it either. all i know the boys will go out fishing and later we will all have bbq and a sing-a-long session.

next week the activity is swimming because that's when the marina will be have a better water quality and we wont get any lumut stuck to our clothes.

p/s: ayam came to the office yesterday, felt weird meeting him after a long time, but somehow felt glad we went on our seperate ways

Thursday, March 11, 2010

saya ade kucing-kucing baru

my mum told me we have 5 new kittens. okay, in the first place, we didnt even  have a cat, how the hell did we end up with 5 new kittens? so my mum told me about them taking in a pregnant stray cat, and now, we are blessed with a smart cat and 5 new kittens. she named one of them marmalade.

we've never had a formal pet before, like those pedigree cats like my friends and faliq has. we've taken in a few strays and they always leave. haha. i should think that the fact my sisters have tortured them enough was the reason they left. the stories of them trying to snip off the cat's ears and putting another one in the washing machine was a classic funny tale among my friends.

sometimes i'd envy my friends who have cats. cats are cool and cuddly, and smart. i'd look at faliq's cat in envy, and love it when his mum retold stories of their deceased cat, charming, who became part of the family. but due to my family's financial constraints, i think that was the reason why we never have one. my dad would say, "nak bagi makan anak-anak ayah pun tak cukup duit, ni nak bagi makan kucing".

now that we have a cat, wait, cats, i really want to go back home. :(

taken from

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dearest kuhaz


i dont know how to upload the stupid video that i promised you on my blog. aiyoh. forgive me for being a daft when it comes to technology.

so i put it on facebook. haha.

Monday, March 08, 2010

kedatangan yang dialu-alukan

thank you. for coming over. you made my monday :)


this morning i couldnt stop grinning. i cant wait till the clock sets to lunch time. AHAHAHAHA

Friday, March 05, 2010

just a thing you want to rid off :)

i dont know what i was trying to do.bobo took the picture even before i could get ready. *siot betul*

i learnt a lot from my past, failed relationships. the most important thing was to love myself. love who i am. and not to waiver and compromise what i believe in just for a guy. because it is not worth it at all.

although i've been through heartaches and pain, i was sure they loved me during the relationship. but it just didnt work out. sure, i can be a really cool girl, tapi maybe ade yg kekurangan and tak kene. see, that was what i used to think before. but now, i just take it as it is. but then again, do i want to be with someone that makes me doubt myself everyday?

here you are, a degree holder with so much potential in you, lowering your guard because a guy does not like you, say, because ur wearing tudung? or because he thinks you're not sexy enough? come on. we don't live in the ice age anymore. you be with that person because of his/her personality. that engages you. that makes you feel like you're the luckiest person on earth because he thinks you're smart, beautiful even when u tak mandi and pegi old town makan bfast dgn die, and loves your crooked teeth.

i am lucky. and im glad a lot of my friends are lucky too. for the first time ever, i've stopped doubting myself.

sesi berbasikal bersama kawan sepejabat

yesterday went cycling with my officemates. i think all this healthy shit was triggered by the incident of this marketing guy who got stroke; he's only in his 20's. so my boss was like, we really have to emulate this healthy living thing you know. i was thinking, balik office pun pukul 9~10 pm healthy apekebendenye.

so..thank god puteri harbour has all these healthy activities lined up for visitors, and staffs as well *please note the sarcasm here*, we have cycling, water kayakking, swimming (that means just go and jump into the marina, we dont have any swimming pools). and yesterday they opted for cycling. i was not really keen on cycling because i had a terrible accident involing cycling which ended up my toot getting chipped (dah la jongang, chipped in the front plak tu).

i chose this bike at first. but abg halim (a senior exec who is an experienced cyclist, he worked with shimano before) said i better choose a bike that has gears, because they're going for the long trail. *basikal ini hanyalah untuk santai purposes sahaja*

so i grudgingly choose a bike that oozes macho-ness, with gears and all, and forget about the cute bicycle with a small basket in the front.

the cycling was fun, even our Deputy General Manager joined in (he's a nutcase) and we all managed to make it back to the office safely (no casualties or orang jatuh patah ape2). and next week we're probably going kayakking. must remember to put on loads of sunblock.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

kesian kat aku ke..

sometimes orang akan cakap bende yg membuatkan orang lain terasa. sometimes they would probably think that it's just a joke, but then turns out to be a really mean one. i dont know why im always the target of these jokes. macam ade tampal kat dahi aku ke yg aku ni gullible sgt pun aku tak tau.

the butt of the joke. that's me. yup.

maybe im being a little too emotional because im about to get my period. but that's not the point. just that, i didnt just suddenly have this reaction. there was something that stirred it. im sorry la im not as cool as you. kesian kan ade loser friend macam i?

i pity you. but i pity me more.

thanks for the memory.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

you. i miss.

i am missing this guy MUCHO TEMPO. *that means very much in Spanish right??*

i didnt think i was up for a long distance relationship; but hey; when ur into deep already, i dont think you'd want to turn around and head for the shores again.

well, it's been almost 4 months now. *being in a LOOONNGGG distance relationship that is*; and we're about to hit the 2nd anniversary soon.

Best of luck to us!

stupid lesson

i am having problems understanding the malay folkstories that involves Hang Tuah.

to me, he is a stupid idiot who abandoned friendship for some spineless sultan.

i think Hang Jebat oozes macho-ness in a way Hang Tuah never will be.

why do we have to take hang tuah as a hero when hang jebat was the one we should look up to? i mean, he defied the sultan for the sake of his murdered bestfriend who was falsely accused of adultery by the sultan.

are we trying to promote the practice of following someone's order blindly without questions?ikut membuta tuli walaupun bende tu salah. that is even wrong in Islam! we're humans gifted with brains for god's sake. dogma is out of the question!

whenever i think about how hang tuah is proclaimed as the malay hero, i feel somewhat angry for the fact that hang jebat was labelled as the traitor instead, when all the while he was trying to honour his "slain" bestfriend who in the end killed him instead because the sultan said so. that. is. pathetic.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

i want to be happy

there is no possible way you will be satisfied with life.

right now im in a MAJOR DILEMMA. to leave or not to leave. what is more important? career advancement or having the best life with the ones you love, but with not as much prosepect * i wouldnt call it prospect-less because you have yet to know what the future holds for you*

i came across a blog of this girl saying she's quitting even though she doesnt have a back-up plan because life is too short to be miserable. i find it exhilarating and a bit stupid at the same time; but all in all, i envy her for making such a bold move.

i've missed a lot of get-togethers; my best friends have already left for aussie and i only met them once; i've missed family get-togethers; and i miss having faliq around. please note that this decision i will make is not entirely because of him, i made it because i want to have the most in life, and not waste it by being miserable and having stupid consultants spoiling my day.

i want to be happy. but im scared.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Orang macam ni tak patut wujud

i've read too many news on kids being abused and molested that i feel like going to the places the suspects are detained and give them several tight slaps.

we are turning into horrible monsters. binatang pun sayang anak tau tak. taknak anak, jangan buat anak.pakai condom!

bodoh giler. children are gifts from God. nanti dah tua baru menyesal, baru nak pegi TV3 cakap anak tinggal kan kat rumah orang tua la ape la. padahal perangai macam setan time muda.

the recent one about that Syafia Humaira who died after receiving severe kicking and beating. the family of the suspect was saying, "he was such an angel, he couldn't have done it"..PURE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. depan2 memang la nampak baik, macam sayang anak tu, beli baju la ape la. tapi dah jadi macam ni, nak cakap ape?do u still want to defend the fact that you THOUGHT he was an angel? even when he has killed an innocent 3-year old??

orang macam ni tak patut wujud kat muka bumi.


i am referring to the statement made by the Terengganu MB, on the Ho Ann Kiong temple destroyed in the fire last month.

"there is no need for the state government to make any monetary contribution because they could get fundings from businessmen alike" - quoted and rephrased from The Star, 1st March 2010.

that is a 209-year-old temple, a national heritage for crying out loud. what is wrong with handing over a small sum of contribution for the preservation works? this has nothing to do with which religious side ur on or racial differences. this is about the importance of historical conservation that we Malaysians are seriously lacking.

its not even definite yet that they will get funding from businessmen, i mean, places of worship are supposed to be the responsibility of the government, since when do we have to get fundings from the community to build it?nak renovate ke ape ke, boleh la terima. i mean, why do we even pay taxes if we're getting this sort of service from the government?

you are just giving other races a reason to hate this country. the so-called 1 malaysia. pft.

Confucious kate..

my plans to  treat my family dinner at ikea went completely awry. first it was the appointment my dad made with his friends, sampai kene marah dgn my mum, " itulah ayah ni, dah tau nak keluar time ni la nak buat appointment".

then when we finally leave the house at about 7, it was raining cats and dogs. the moment we reached subang, it became worse as the storm drain was flooded, and spilled its nasty contents on the road. there were a couple of cars that got jammed up because of the increasing water level, i think it was more than ankle length, almost a quarter up to the knees, *my knees mind you, i know im short*

a lorry who thought he could evade the traffic light mistook the drain as a small local road because of the same water level

that was already 7.45 to 8; so we had to ditch the ikea dinner plan, because the cafe closes at 9, so we headed to subang parade. ooh boy, whaddaya know, pizza hut penuh, kenny rogers ayam problem *ntah ape ayam problem pun tak tau*; and then nandos pun ade problem ayam. manhattan was definitely out of the question because my sisters don't really favour seafood, so we decided to go to domino's pizza at carrefour instead, which was just across parade.

my mum said," according to chinese beliefs, if you want to belanja orang, and all these obstacles happened, that means that person is kedekut". kene sebijik.