Thursday, November 24, 2005


i went rollerblading with keron today..weird huh?i mean..who rollerblades anymore?we did..haha..

huffed and puffed up the treacherous hills and rolling down with maximum speed..with me fearing id fall flat on my face if i trip over a pebble or sumthing..

while i was pretty sure i was burning calories, a satria pulled over and a guy said hi. at first glance he looked okay..but the second time he came..the wished i could just blade straight down to the drain if i have to get rid of this annoying freaky guys..keron was already spooked out by the freaky bunch.

nevertheless...aside from the kekacauan...the feeling of being able to reach out to some of your growing up moments was seemed like it was only yesterday adli puts on his old blades held together by strings of tali rafia..god knows he is bloody rich..but i dont even know why he insisted wearing the dilapitated object.keron and i made a pact to go professional blading after we finished pmr.we never did.if we did..i wouldnt be shaking and throbbing during the tortured periods of blading this evening.

well..adli is in russia now.and kerons blades are now full of rat`s still shaky when blading and the ramp adli and baz built are long gone.

but the memories of me carrying my blades to meatpackers(where we used to blade), the guys trying to jump over the rubbish bin, and keron and i blading every evening will always be fresh in my head.

girls nite out

had a what u call a GIRL`S NITE OUT...

went to hartamas..sab picked us up driving her rav 4.RAAAAAAAAAAAAV 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i thot id die on the spot.

the whole time was spent smoking shisha and gossiping..*thts wat we do best anyway*..haha.and hartamas is SUPPOSED to be THE place to hang out. i dont get it...u see these people dressing up like theyre on the way to the hottest club or sumthing, but all they actually do is just lazing around sipping teh ais.well, can say its a bit like a much more classier version of a mamak atmosphere..haha definitely a place to be SEEN..if u know what i mean..haha..guess who i ran into?
khairul!!sara`s GOD..he came with this girl who was wearing the skimpiest outfit i`ve ever seen...and when i was talking to him, she was dangling at his arm as if i`d snatch him right under her eyes..AS IF!!AS if i`d want to go out with a guy who wears sleeveless shirts and has this weird pelat thing...haha*im mean..i know*

but..above all glad i went out tonite..its been a long time since i had the time to just enjoy the company of my closest friends.thanks guys.although i know u probably wont read this..but..thanks..

Saturday, November 19, 2005

before the horrifying period of my life

watched emily rose last monday, on sara`s bday..there was a couple of those cinema workers checking the ids..before radi freaked out as usual..(haha..dnt hate me,..but thats what you always do..)she remembered that she has already turned 18, and boasted about showing her mykad which also have those touch`n go thingy to prve she is 18.ahaha..

i cant get those disturbing scenes out of my head. ive been sleeping with the lights on for almost a week now, and im still scared.shit.especially when it was this part.."one.two.three.four.five.six" get it???that psychotic emily was counting with her voice all weird and rough.*bulu roma meremang*....get it??6 demons in there.."we are the ones who dwell within". aiyoh..MENAKUTKAN.

maybe i shouldn`t have watched it. i know im a scaredy i cant sleep peacefully for about what?2 weex?one thing i have to say to meself. padan muka.

Friday, November 18, 2005

to mama


you`ll be going to the blessed place for a while..maybe you`ll find what you`ve always looked for in life. maybe you`re absence will make him appreciate you more. maybe everybody will.i know i will.

i`ll miss you.and your cengkodok. ;)



ookkkaayy...the summary of raye..

one word...BLISSFUL

maybe its because i havent been on vacation for god knows how, a bit jakun when suddenly you were going shopping for raye clothes(dah lame tak shop,pathetic eyh?) and you were suddenly hauled to the north of malaysia..and you got butt cramps for being in the car too long.

its great to see all my family members in a celebrative mode for a sec. and there i was, wearing my jubah with my sneakers, while my couz standing beside me looking totally vogue and all with her platforms when it suddenly struck me that she is 6 years younger!AAGHH!!!syaza just realized she`s getting old and she is still wearing SNEAKERS!!my god..i need to get some air please....