Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When friends convene

Its not so easy to meet up with your friends now that most of them are working. Plans have to be made a week earlier, and theres always an issue of choosing the best place that is most convenient for everyone. But that didn't stop me from seeing great friends over the ramadhan :) And did i tell you that nina is leaving for san francisco a week after raya? She's taking a business course all the way in the states for one and half year :( i'm going to miss you nina!! But i'm happy that you're pursuing your dreams. And im glad i had the chance to see you for iftar :) And just yesterday had a really nice iftar with jaja and the rest of the gang.walaupun hanya sekejap :) My ipad was put to good use yesterday night :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ramdhan is the time for family

This ramadhan is probably the last time I get spend with my family,because by next year, they will be in Penang, whilst I will be in KL alone :(

Making the most counts, I'm glad I get the chance to experience ramadhan this year :)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

An advice to future rempits out there

Melayu selalu dikaitkan dgn rempit. Not something we should be proud of. They're becoming a bane to community, and I think it's time we put a stop to this. To salvage whatever Malay identity we have, we do not want to represented by daredevils on a modified motorbikes who find pleasure terrorizing our roads.

I once knew a schoolmate who later became a mat rempit. Right after school he worked odd-jobs just so he can fund his hobby which is to go for illegal racing, and modify his bike. (at least he's doing an honest job instead of snatching people's purses!)

While most of us decide to further our studies to tertiary education, he stayed behind and became an office errand-boy. That was the last I heard of him. I hope he's found a better,more stable job to support him and his fmily, because we have to be realistic here, it's hard enough for someone with a diploma to get a decent job,let alone someone who only has his spm to fall back on. (unless you become a celebrity..then u spm educated oso never mind!haha.pun inteded)

If you notice,most rempits are youths fresh out of school. They think the world is within their grip and motorbike racing is all that.well boy, things won't stay the same 10 years later down the road man. You decide that youve had enough of studying because school sucked and you just think that it'll hinder your passion for rempit-ing. Well boy, later on You'll want to get married, and only then you realize life is not a bunch of roses like you thought it was. You and your wife will want to have kids, and kids are definitely not cheap to raise.

You had all the chances in the world to make your life work, but chose a fool's dream that could only make you happy for probably 3 years,and suffer the rest.why?

Friday, August 05, 2011

A tribute to the greatest woman alive

Well, she is the greatest woman alive,to me that is :) she's my mum..

Ibu's birthday was today,and ayah wanted to take us someplace nice for buka puasa. I immediately suggested Ben's KLCC. The ambience is nice,and the food was affordable, for a KLCC standard that is :/

We ordered like there was no tomorrow, from main course, to side dishes, and then dessert:) i've always wanted my parents to try the to-die-for chocolate cake ,and today it seemed like the perfect ocassion for it.

But by the time dessert came,we were at the brim if bursting our stomachs and we couldn't stuff anything inside anymore,not even the awesome chocolate cake :(

It was a nice dinner to celebrate the woman who has been keeping the family together, and she deserved a fun night out and it was a great night filled with laughter and many forms of eating (particularly stuffing ourselves until we couldn't take it anymore)

Really wanted to upload some pictures but can't seem to do it from my iPad :/ must go godek some more.

I'll upload it as soon as I know how :p

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

If only I can delete you as easy as in a friend list in facebook

Family members can either be your pillar of support or just a pain in the ass. Right now? I've got a beef with a few people whom I 'have' to call family.

I always seem like I'm complaining about my external family members don't I? But here's the truth. When you're in a deep shit,even your family members will suddenly pretend they're too busy to see you or just stopped calling you.

I've got a case, my dad bailed a relative out of his financial rut almost a decade ago. And then right after that,we faced a huge financial crisis, that left us basically struggling just to make ends meet. While this 'uncle' of mine has started over new leaf,made tonnes of money,and conveniently forget what my father did for him.

I'm not being vengeful, but it did make me wary of trusting people so easily. Even your own family can suddenly develop amnesia and forget about you the minute it became inconvenient for them to have connection with you.

Alhamdulillah, my family's condition has turned around for the better, and now we're just trying to move on from whatever that has happened. Allah knows best. And I have every faith that we will become stronger.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Sorry for the long hiatus

Oh god,I've been on such a long hiatus I doNt even know where to start.but guess how I'm blogging right now?via my new white iPad which I won from a lucky draw at the annual dinner for OSKP and that night happened to be my last day with osk!! Talk about getting an awesome going away gift huh?

so, just a quick update on what's happening:

1-my best friend,khairun,got married last June,and now she's PREGGERS!!!
2-I quit my job.I find myself to be the unsuitable candidate doing a job that requires you to do PR 24/7..I mean,I'm a cranky person,I don't even enjoy meeting new before I sabotage my career path,it's better that I find something I'm happy about,I.e. Project management.
3-my parents are probably moving to Penang, :( ayah got a new job there so he's taking the whole brood along minus me.even my two cats,marmalade and kangoo will be moving as well! :( noffair!!!but anyway,despite my magic self,I hope this will be the best for our family.

Umm..that's all I can think about right now.aside from that,there's not much happening.I find myself becoming even more boring each day,must be something to do with getting older :/

Now that it's easier for me to blog..I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging frequently as I did before back when I was in Johor :)