Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year is inching near, and i feel old already. god. im going to be 24 :(

joe bought me a box of kurma from oman, and the minute i saw i the box, aww..its bateel la..that's so nice of him.

tonight puteri harbour is having a new year's eve party, which i think is kinda lame since we all have to got to work the next day (yes, johor tak cuti new year); but then, since u get to eat free food, why not right?

ive somehow ditched any plans of making resolutions because i believe it is a total crap. i 've never managed to fulfill all, and along the way, even forgot the list of the many resolutions. *yelah, tulis nak sampai berbelas2, lepas tu bodoh2 plak, lepas tu bende same je every year, since last year tak dapat accomplish, carry forward to the next year.

resolutions are for suckers. u dont need resolutions to change your life. you need YOU to change it.

happy new year people. dont party too hard, sebab nanti i jealous. boo johor.

Monday, December 28, 2009

a piece of advise from me to you.

do not let tv rule your life.

"malas la nak keluar, malam ni ade csi"; "i bole keluar lepas pukul 1.30 je, sebab melodi pukul 1"; oh god, please, get me an ubat sakit kepala pronto man.

sekarang ni penyakit dah berjangkit dkt aku plak; joe and kak yan invited me out for dinner, and im actually contemplating because at 8.30 tonight ade citer korea boys over flowers. wtf la syaza.

i mean seriously guys, we have let our lives to revolve around the television a wee bit too much. yeah i get it that if you miss the show you'll miss it forever, but oi, ade re-runs kan? maybe not as soon as you might want it to be, maybe 3 months later or something, but hey, the point is here, we really should not hinder our social lives to be what it is now, when we actually had the opportunity to have fun, meet new people and interact just because we're afraid to leave that one episode. so please do not give me that crap that you're single lah, takde bf lah, gelabah nak kawen tapi takde calon-lah because you're not doing anything about it! the damn tv is not going to introduce you to a new set of friends! you have to do it yourself man.

life is just too short to wait for the tv show to end. get out there and enjoy life while you're still at it! and dont give us the sad excuse there's no one out there. that is just plain lazy and lame.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

induction program

yesterday we had an induction program for trainees, and for the first time, no, actually, the second time, i get to meet the other trainees in UEM Land. this is not an easy feat you see, because Puteri Harbour is located at the very tip of Nusajaya, therefore all contacts with others staffs of UEML is minimal. which results to me, and zarina, having little contacts with the other trainees. and by the time we went for the induction course, which was 2 months after our appointment, the others have already formed their own cliques and circles. *sad case betul la. somehow it felt like going back to school all over again, like you're sitting in a class, while a lecturer talks in the front, but i never managed to kick off the habit of sleeping in the class, because i slept during the induction too! hahahaha.. which resulted to my arms being bruised due to ima's pinching in an attempt to wake me up :p

but nevertheless, the induction program was somehow an eye opening experience for me. now im beginning to take things seriously, because i realize that i am blessed to be given the opportunity to work here. even though the gaji is shitty la kan~ its the experience that counts right?rightttttt

so came to the office and found this on my table, given by my boss, li ann, who is on leave today because of christmas eve.

im going back today, somehow the excitement has worn off a bit. *sigh* merry christmas everyone

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dah ready ke belum

an old schoolmate just got married. pondering on how life has been lately, cant help feeling a bit old. hahaha..god, im only 23 for god's sake. well, 24 this coming new year. :)

im thinking of whether im ready to get married, therefore i've devised a checklist to see if im ready to get married:

1. cooking - so far i've only done fryings, does that count? i can fry onion rings, nuggets, eggs, etc. owh, and i once cooked a veggie dish (although i dont eat them, nina taught me how, in case my future husband wants to eat veggies, which i assume he would because any normal people except for myself eats veggies) > check

2. taking care of kids - i've been an okay aunt to my nephews and nieces, only that i get really disgusted by their poo > check

3. having a stable job - okay, im only a trainee right now, so..i'll have to pass off this one

4. able to shop, even after you've bought things for your kids (which is very expensive because a maclaren buggy costs RM 1k)- DEFINITELY NO! i cant even afford to shop that much for myself! with this ounce of money im making right now!

5. savings of 30k and above for the wedding reception - unfortunately for us, malays, we like to have a very lavish wedding reception and invite thousands of guests we didnt even know; because, that is just the custom. (okay, im exaggerating, our parents like to invite ALL OF OUR RELATIVES, and people we've never met before, but they have) > *sigh, savings sendiri pun tak cukup lagi

only 2 out of far..ill include more later so that ill have the majority win.hahaha..

Monday, December 21, 2009

avatar. great movie. no doubt about it.

i watched avatar twice in a span of two days. it's a great movie, though with a very cliched storyline, it kept you glued to the screen for 3 hours straight. at the end of the movie, i left the theater totally smitten by the guy called jake sully, wheelchairs,blue skinned, naked body and all.

the storyline though, posed a lot of questions to me, particularly how it publicly mocks consumers today, which it depicts how we couldn't care less for the environment as long as we get that damn unobtanium at any cost. unobtanium = our needs, a.k.a petrol, or energy, or anything that is detrimental to the environment.

another thing is the 'white man's guilt' storyline, like this one viewer said. the typical white man oppresion over indigenous group of people and how they destroy everything in their way in order to gain wealth, and alas, one of their own people (the white man) betrayed his own race and became the hero of this group of the oppressed. it shows how much they wish to rule and conquer from the inside as opposed to conquering the group as an outsider. the resemblance of the music and culture of the na'vis to indeginous africans is also just 'purely' a coincidence right?

sometimes a movie isnt just a movie. it is the mirror of what the world is. sometimes it is so true that you wished you wouldnt have thought so hard about the damn meaning and just enjoy the movie.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


ive been here for 3 days now. UTM. the first thing that comes into the picture was the size of this place. its twice as big as IIUM. it seems like the sort-of-university you've always dreamed about, they've got greens, a park, and even a stable of horses for their equestrian club.

students here are basically fitness freaks who jogs every evening, and plays sports. they dont have curfews and they can wear whatever the hell they want. hahaha..i sound like a jealous bitch. but then when you were a student of IIUM, it makes you envious of the liberal rules of other universities. IIUM kannn..naik motor dengan lelaki pun kene saman. islamic la katakan. tapi bile orang ofis tak efisien, tak buat keje betul2, tak de kene ape2 plak. tu bukan tak islamic ke tu?buat keje sambil lewa?..dah la..malas nak bukak balik pekung di dada (cewahhh..ah pandai gune bm punye proverbs)


anyways, my utm vacations was a fun one :)

the picture was taken when ika took me to the observatory tower in utm (they've an observatory tower for god's sakes!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

a slow number today

a slow day after a tiring day yesterday. missing the student's life i once had. reminiscing the past could sometimes make me feel sad, friends, and love, both lost and found, and the ones that remains, will always have their place in my heart. :)

cuti awal muharram saya buat ape.

yesterday, ika took me to places that i should visit in johor in order to eradicate my depression about being stuck in here, particularly gelang patah.

okay, we didnt go jalan2 in gelang patah, nak tgk ape kat gelang patah. takde ape2 okayyy... we went shoppinggggggg!! and haha..i didnt know that johor is haven for cheap but really cool items :D and i had the chance to see the new ciqp which was linked to the city square mall, it almost looks like kl sentral, only smaller. but hopefully the plan to link malaysia and singapore with the MRT / Komunter / what-have-you will be completed soon, because i WANT TO GO TO SINGAPORE!..kesian kan tak pegi2 lagi?

we wanted to watch avatar, but alas, we found out that the cinema was closed in respect of awal muharram (johor ni islamic jugak, new year pun tak cuti okayy). and it will only be opened at 6.30. so imagine the crowd that was assembling in front of the cinema at 6. it was massive! it almost turned into a stampede when the cinema doors were opened. but luckily, due to ika's quick action of selit2 (i was already sandwiched by giant guys all around), we managed to get the first show of avatar of the day :) and i have to tell you, the movie was worth the sandwiching between sweaty,smelly guys. :)

Later that night we went for dinner at this place they call atas pokok, because of its concept a'la dining in a tree house. and got pick up buy a guy. :D ahahaha. the day ended with a stroll along the fun fair at the danga bay, and we went on the huge carousel taking stupid pictures and laughed till our stomach hurts. the place felt like it needs a bit tweaking here and there, but poses great potential to be a really fun place. shame about the poor maintenance and lack of exuberance though.

thank you ika. it gave me GREAT COMFORT in knowing that johor is not that bad after all.

p/s: all the pictures we took was deleted by a stupid virus on ika's memory stick. f***k

Thursday, December 17, 2009

nak spokang tapi tak terer

suddenly i came to a realization that i am becoming more and more 'bodoh english' by the day. words don't come out naturally as it should before, its getting more difficult to remember the correct words and terms associated with anything i had in mind at the moment, and i am not so conversant in english anymore. what the hell happened?

adoi..kalau nak speaking kat sini karang kene sepak ke ape, orang ingat, "eh, bajet habisss", newspaper pun sekarang susah nak dapat. maybe i shud just stick to reading books, but i really dont have any spare cash for books, and they're effing expensive! (eleh, for baju ade la plak spare cash kannn).

rase sedih pulak bile fikir pasal ni :'(

dulu bukan main lagi kutuk orang yg tak reti cakap english.sekarang, HAH! rasekan!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

berebut lelaki

watched a video of two girls in a brawl over a guy. OVER A GUY. apekah? takde keje lain ke ape? do you know who they should give their flying kicks to instead of to each other? to that particular GUY! gaduh sampai tergolek2 kat lantai mall, tak malu ke ape. lelaki setan tu pegi mane plak? takkan terus lari kot. nampak sgt memang tak boleh pakai.

girls, im not being a miss smarty pants here, all im saying is, its not worth the fight la. i once had a bf who cheated on me with a girl 4 years younger..when i found out, of course i felt like it was a slap in the face? was i showing signs of aging already? we were both 17 FOR GOD'S SAKE! but i did what i had to do. rid him off the system and just walk out. it wasnt easy, but i did it. and he couldnt accept the fact that i left, i think he was expecting a fight to ensue, but sorry..
hahaha..ive got an exam coming up (SPM la mase tu). bile dah ade toxic dalam diri, takkan nak simpan kan?

so, laydieess, please, dont stoop down to their level. you're better than this. there will always be someone out there for you. if it doesnt work out, then let us just leave it that way. is he someone worth fighting for? when he had the cheek to cheat on you, AND expect you to fight for HIM? BANYAK CANTEK DIE.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

empty bird nest tak pernah wujud

no matter how old you are, when you are in the company of your parenst, all your troubles just sort of sort itself out. they have this amazing ability to make you feel safe as soon as you step into the house, ade hutang keliling pinggang ke, sakit sampai tak boleh berjalan ke, kelaparan sebab takde duit ke, balik je rumah, mesti terus elok balik.

i went home unexpectedly due to an emergency case, and as soon as i boarded the bus, i was overcome with a sense of relief that 3 hours later i will meet my parents, and everything will be okay. i didnt feel so alone as i did an hour earlier.

tapi kadang2 diri ni manja sgt pun. sampai semua bende pun nak suruh ayah ibu buat. isi borang bank ayah buat, goreng makanan ibu buat, jahit button ayah buat, tak ke mengade tu? elok jugak i duduk kat gelang patah ni, belajar sikit macamane nak be independent. takdelah macam penyegan sgt (penyegan is a term for pemalas in northern accent).

but then again, i dont really get people who could go on for years without coming home once in awhile. yeah, i get that you're busy and all, but it wouldnt hurt to spare a weekend to go home every 4 months or so. ive got a few friends who could go on for months without coming home. although i find that pretty hebat, its actually quite sad too that you've disengaged yourself from home. *sigh, owh well, i am after all my parent's anak manja.

Monday, December 07, 2009


weekend was an utterly exhausting affair; shopping for groceries and a pair of platforms and a cardigan in between :)AND PEOPLE, PLEASE, AVOID J CARD DAY ANYTIME POSSIBLE, BECAUSE SOMETIMES THEY CAN GET A BIT CRAAAZZZYYY.

i went to an Indian wedding yesterday night. well, i must say, indian weddings are a lavish event brimmed with colours and glitters everywhere. how everyone came and put on their best saris was a scene one wouldnt want to miss. and the music! oh god, it certainly lifts up and make u want to go on the dancefloor and dance some bhangra :D (forgive me of my limited knowledge of indian cultures and dances)

life in johor has finally caught up with me. just a while ago i was whining about missing home so much, and the weekend turned out to be quite likeable.

and this weekend im going for a paintball match with my colleagues.

Have a GREEN Christmas everyone :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

im not going to kid myself anymore

who am i trying to kid? God? putting up pictures of forced smile with a backdrop of a gorgeous waterfront does not mean im a happy girl.

Im not happy. i miss my family, my other half and my friends terribly. at the same time, there are these dark, negative thoughts shrouding my already weak mind like a person given anaesthatic, telling me to go home. sometimes i cursed myself for being too weak. stupid. stupid. stupid.

missing dinners, dates, and get-togethers have somehow become a norm. this is not how i pictured this phase of my life to be. but then again, life always take you by surprise. and a hell-lot of a surprise it was.

the only silver lining i could think of was, the limited time spent became unforgettable moments. breathing in the familiarity, watching your family while they watch the tv, unable to wipe off the grin on your face as you come face to face with your love makes you appreciate the good things in your life more.

i think ive been in this stagnated position far too long. drowning in my own misery and wallowing in self-pity is not going to get me anywhere. it's time i take the wheels and push back all these emotions aside, for awhile as i fight for what i've always dreamed about. im not in high school or university anymore. this is REAL.

gambar di tempat keje dan semasa site visit

them. i miss

i miss my sisters. :(

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Jacob black saya punya

oh my god...i can't believe jacob can be soooo HOTTTTT...and his hot body is to DIE FOR...

did you think it was easy trying to look uninterested when a full-blown adonis is displayed on the large screen because faliq was looking really uncomfortable as i showed signs of swooning due to extreme hotness of jacob black.