Wednesday, June 24, 2009

takpelah..takde hal pun kan?

things don't always go the way you want to. but when it's constantly going the opposite direction of what you're expecting, i think it's fine when you get tired once in awhile.

i can be so broken if i want to, but i chose not to.

i needed you, but you weren't there. maybe you just don't understand. it would be really nice if im actually someone important to you, but i guess i was wrong.

have a nice weekend yah?take care

Saturday, June 20, 2009

benci dan kepenatan

i had the most exhausting week of my life. i dont think i like having my own car anymore >.<

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

hello johor-pt 2

suddenly, the revelation of having to move to the southern part of the peninsular doesnt scare me as much as it did before.

im almost looking forward to it (almost..)

i fell in love with this

im right this freezing small room, overlooking the roof of one utama, and a few guys playing tennis on the rooftop of one hotel

wouldnt it be nice if i get the job

i get to work here, at this nice place, using the nice(super-duper nice) toilet, and oh god.. this place is just so ****ing perfect! it is just like how i pictured working life is supposed to be like!

oh god. now im getting anxiety attacks...what if i dont get in??ill be so ****ing heartbroken and die of depression (i macam tak leh blah dgn drama diri sendiri)

Monday, June 08, 2009

viva la vida ---> OVER


ive finished my viva, and only received minor corrections!

the compliments were quite a rewarding factor after having to deal with this monster/baby for only 8 weeks :D

hooray to me!!

mereka baik sebenarnya, walaupun suka buat lawak bodoh

while i was crying, he held me till i fall asleep

while i was crying, he patted my shoulder as a sign of assurance

while i was crying, he cracked stupid jokes that wouldve made me kill him, but i know he meant well

while i was crying, he told me to let it all out and listened as i cried on the phone

while i was crying, he smiled assuringly at me as he got out of the car

i gained precious friends during trying times like this.thank you guys.

hello johor -pt1

my dad left for johor yesterday. my sisters were really quiet after he left, which was almost weird because they were never as quiet as this.

i cried from evening until midnight. somehow i miss my ayah, even though he'll back this coming weekend, but deep inside, all of us know it wont be the same again. instead of having him around all the time, we only get to see him occasionally.

now whose going to sew my buttons if it fell off?whose going to buy the juiciest fruits and potong it for us? and whose going to nag me if i come back home late?

i am a daddy's little girl after all :')

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

a blessing

6.30 pm: received a call from ibu

ibu:we need a copy of ur ic and ur licence, can u send it to auntie ana's house?

me:what for?

ibu:we're getting a new car

me:*hyperventilating* did ayah get the job?

ibu:yes, and he needs it in johor

me:what car?

ibu:a cayenne

me*this is too fucking good to be true* ibu, please be serious..what kind of car lah?

ibu:*laughing* a kia spectra lah

me:that means ayah will be moving to johor soon. i.e. we are all moving to johor *maksudnya, memang menjadi kenyataan lah yang ura-ura nak pindah johor ni*

ibu:yes, and we need to talk to you about it, because you're going to have to drive adik to school until the end of this year.

me:*apa2 lah, asalkan kita dah okay. even if it means ill get lost in putrajaya hundreds of time* okay..fine (groaning)

alhamdulillah things are starting to turn itself around. i have no one else but to thank God for this. Thank you God. and good bye bangi. ill miss you :')

Monday, June 01, 2009

you should ride it when its empty, which is never

the guy in front of me winced and closed his eyes as his face came into direct contact with a another man's armpit. i decided to hug myself and keep my body as balanced as i could, because i dont think reaching out for the pole is a good idea because that would mean id be touching this lady who is behind me's breast. a nurse smiled at me as she too had nowhere to hold on to.

i was on the train, at the wrong hour. it was 7pm, and the working population of kl is congesting every available public transport there is in the klang valley.

i dont know what the hell are those ktm guys doing, even after the prime minister paid a surprise visit to the serdang station last year (when pak lah was still the pm), but the rakyat obviously rules out boycotting the transport, because hey, how else can you get to kl from bangi with only rm 4.60 right?