Monday, September 17, 2007

block giler

i wanted to write about a lot of things. i had so many things,ideas,stories that i wanted to share, yet i am now facing a writer's block.seriously.this is shit lah

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i am not amused

i have gone to this saloon twice, and i have come out with the same result twice.

i still look like some jinjang - harakuju - alien like hair i mean.

they found pleasure in thinning my hair to an almost nothingness.i dont know why.and this time i clocked an hour or more.terer jugak lah.

but i wont be amused anymore when ive washed my hair, and it loses the straightness and return back to its original position of being extra wavy.

thank god im wearing tudung.

pre -reg is here!

its so lawak to see almost all the kaedians looking tensed, as if waiting for battle.but in reality, we were about to flood the entire internet connection of uia (uia is reknowned for its slow - mo connection).

the pre - reg season has come again!yippe - ya - yay!we have about 11 minutes left.and all these will depend on how fast i can type.*oh tuhan, harap2 saya dapat register dgn cemerlang*

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

cuti nak habis dah!!!

even though this particular semester im not working like a maniac, i still welcomed the holidays as i need a time out from uia.

the day we started our holiday i was slapped with a summon from the college's fellow because my room was deemed as "tongkang pecah". which makes me wonder if we actually have any consumers' rights in this particular incident because since all of us are paying the college's fee, to hell with whatever i want to do with my room!

but holidays are a gifts from god :) after a string of shopping trips with my mum, and an abundance dose of spongebob, i am ready to face my demons in UIA

so people, be brave in facing the loopholes that are commonly occurring in uia.all u need is a dose of good ol' spongebob and you're ready to go for battle :)

Monday, September 03, 2007


ive realized how seldom i reflect back to my past.suddenly the old photgraphs just hurt.they're not a reminiscent of the sweet memories anymore, they're just a trigger that twist your heart in a such an astounding way, you cant even explain it.

i wish of many things, i wish i was back in subang.i wish i was back in my old room with the blue blinds, and the comfy bed.i wish my mum still has her garden and her spacious kithchen that she loved so much.i wish i still had a house.

but if i were to stay in subang, would i be able to hold what i have now?would i be able to get a taste of family values,friendship, and yes, love :)

i am where i am today for a reason.and God may not spell it out so profoundly, but its clear alright, i wouldnt have what i have today.though i might not have a solid structure called a house. im glad i still have a home :)


YIPPEE YA YAY!!kite sudah pun 50 tahun merdeka.. proud.and bersyukur. :)

shopping galore

ooh..i love shoes. i love bags..i love clothes!!!

i am indeed a true blue shopping freak.

i love the sights of new shoes paraded on the shelves of the store.i love the smell of new clothes fresh from the store.i love bags!lots and lots of 'em!

so it shouldnt be a surprise when two freaks are left on the loose with cash bruning in their hands and came back with only 10 bux in hand, together with bundles of bags. regardless of the location, a true blue shopper will always find a great deal wherever die dicampakkan (yes, even warta) *the freak is referring to my mother and me

that reminds me of the time my mother, my aunt and i were left unsupervised wandering in langkawi, with my dad safely in alor setar (my dad must've been nuts at that particualr time), when it was time to get back, we were detained at the custom counter because we only had 30 ringgit left, whilst our purchases have obviously exceed a 30 ringgit tax. thank god the officer let us off, but that memory still tickles and true blue shopping freak never learns from their 'mistakes' ;)

im not a plastic bag..drama

anya hindmarch must have heard the pleas of many women who werent able to afford designer togs when she came up with the bag "saya bukan beg plastik".

at the selling price of rm59, of course the bag was sold out by the second week of its intro in kl.and hey! i thot i must have been a lucky bitch when i stumbled across the "ciplak" version during a shopping stroll in georgetown, thinking "maybe tak ramai lagi yang tau pasal beg ni kot".

so, i wore it with pride to uia, with everyone gasping and loving my bag.then the dreaded day came when i was actually carrying the bag, and WHAM! there it was sold publicily at one of the booths at convest. nina tanye, "you beli beg tu kat sini ke?"...oh malunya aku TUHAN bag still resembles the original version whilst the others totally look like rip offs yang i continued wearing it when i went out with ayam during merdeka.while waiting for the komuter, "eh b!beg you lah!" ayam pointing excitedly to the lady standing opposite.SHIT!MALU LAGI SKALI!

mengapelah dunia ini begitu kejam sekali?sehingga aku dimalukan dua kali???ini semua gara2 beg yang tidak mahu menjadi plastik...