Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the agd

this saturday will be the agd for planning students, with the theme, and must i say it is the most creative and coolest theme ever!, "IM FABULOUS".Oh wow..why didnt i think of that when i was organizing last year's dinner?!

the colour? black, blue and gold.im going in pink.fuck it.
after the futsal, ayam brought me to this tempat jual ikan, where there is this big, no, HUGE! kolam ikan with arapaima fishes. and the ikan..man..i tell you..bloody big man!

i wonder what happens to the fish, whom, according to ayam is as big as me, but (personally, i thought size is only as big as my legs, considering how fat my legs are)

is the owner going to eat them up, or does he have to provide the mega big fishes with the same large pool that the person-who-sells-those-fishes has, or would he eat the fish?beli besar2 pun buat ape..nak bagi makan dah susah..baik makan terus.but then ade ke lauk arapaima masak lemak and shit?