Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what i will miss

i think i will miss uia when i graduate (which i hope will be next month because honestly im pretty much fed-up with all this hulla-balloos).

ten things i will miss:
1. my room in asiah (pray not my current room because the kipas is rosak and the fastest speed is two..macam f***er)

2. the kaed lab (i dont care if faliq said our lab is outdated as compared to HIS, this is where i spent most of my time when im in kaed)

3. kaed cafe (because that is the only place i go to when my tummy needs filling up, and the sambal belacan is BEST HABIS)

4. kaed gallery (i know im quite a loser because ive already listed three places in kaed alone..but i LOVE the gallery..ive always been awed by it ever since i came here)

5. hs cafe (since i like to eat a lot, hs cafe is a nice place to eat with an okay variety of good food and a chance to tgk orang *another fav activity of mine)

6. kyros kebab (uve got to admit that having this in the campus is super cool)

7. the library (i looooveee the libabry because its so preeettyyy and BIIGGGG)

8. The shop next to hs cafe (because it has an applaud able range of chocolates)

9. the nescafe kiosk (because i can get my mocha freeze there, and it almost turned me into a caffeine-addict back when i was in 2nd year)

10. kaed's office (because i can think of anywhere else id ran out of ideas by this time..nasib baik 10 je..kalau 20 mampos tak tau nak isi ape)

having identified that a majority of the places id miss is mostly places that accommodates to food-precessing/consumption or ape2 la yang berkenaan dengan food..the deductive conclusion would be that i like to eat. and maybe when i left uia, ill probably also miss the restaurants and stalls i usually go to such as nz, mali, ayam kukus, mancongkam and many more.

korea episode 1

here i am in the lab.waiting for the rain to stop so i can stop by the hs cafe for my delayed lunch..haish.. anxious of my trip, knowing that ill be welcomed by dry cold winter, and maybe ill have that rash if im not careful enough.

korea has come a long way to become what it is now. never ending wars with japan and china(since the early civilization until the 19th century, as it served as a bridge between these two nations), and a severe civil war that resulted to the seperation of korea into two parts, the republic of korea and north korea.

what interests me was how they managed to build up the nation to become one of the economic tigers in asia (aside from japan, singapore, taiwan and hong kong) after the civil war that severely damaged the capital city, seoul, almost destroying every modern building they have in the 1950s. not to mention the political struggle of the nation itslef, but i wont get into that because i might bore your tights out.

ill write more of korea when i get back.hopefully with pictures too ;)

penat nye

the trip to korea is less than a week away..the CAN PLAN THIS DAMN TRIP is two weeks after the Korea am i supposed to keep up with this?

a sudden burst of happiness

suddenly i realized that not everything revolved around money. i guess im a little slow being at that could be due to me being friends with people of affluent background. (not that im complaining :) i love them to bits)

i like having this feeling.its a nice one :)