Monday, December 31, 2007

freaking out

okay...term paper susah giler siot.whoever said studying is fun?omg.i have yet to report to the chief librarian.and i am supposed to complete my community thingy in 6 wait.5 months time!MANE SEMPAT????


one down.two more to go :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

shit happens

i asked my dad how did he know he was meant for my mum.he said he didnt know.even until mum told me to do sembahyang istikharah if i want to find if ayam is the one for me.and i have yet to do that. think im running out of time.i need to know before he goes off to johor.

ive always wonder if he is the one for me.we are great in so many ways,but he does have his flaws too.which i find it hard to do you know if that person is the one?i think my relationship with ayam has somehow drift apart over the year.the emotional attachment is not as strong as it was before.i find myself hoping for soemone else that is actually my soulmate, to suddenly appear and whisk me off my feet quickly before i become too attached to this man called rahime.

i even questioned his part in the relationship, if he is actually serious about us.about me.and i cant even answer that with confidence.its actually kinda scary that you're not certain about how you're partner feels about you.

sometimes i'd berangan about my perfect guy suddenly appearing in my life.quite entertaining actually,but its also a total bullshit because im about to graduate from uia, and no guys have ever made any attempts to whisk me off my feet.or even be the guy that i want.this is sad.depressing even.

but there are times, *which is quite often* that i am actually grateful to have ayam.and yet i cant really shake off this feeling of hoping to meet someone perfect for me.its quite horrible to tink this way when you've already a boyfriend who loves you warts and all.oh well, shit happens i cant really help it if this is how your guts are feeling at this moment.

i have to study but i hate it

i hate uia.did i tell you that?i bet you've heard it a million times by now.i hate this place.its so one can actually describe how depressing it just is.

i have abundant of work and assignments that has yet to be finished.and yet im still very much stuck where i am.i just wont budge from my dream phase.

i should stop being so whiny.its not good for me.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

last day and cant wait!! disneyland ramai giler orang.rimas nak mampos.i asked my cousin was it this packed when she went 10 years ago,and she said the last time she went was,this was considered quite okay.*serious shit?*

in the end,i only managed to get on 4,wait,5.out of belas belas and puluhan.5!!but i think tu pun dah kire oaky.because for one ride,we had to queue for over an hour!and it was freezing cold.

but nevertheless,my aunt bought me a stitch was superbly kawaii :) oh god,back to my dear tanah aoir tomorrow.cant wait.but im also not really looking forward to it because of all those kerja2 waiting sweetly for me back home.taknak balik!!!haha

but anyway,ive had enough of the cold.*although i love it sometimes ;)*i miss my family,my friends,and my boyfriend.i think i want to get home as fast as i if i can tell the pilot to sprint it up a lil' bit ;)

p/s:did i mention that i get to eat krispy kreme?and yes,it was heavenly. :)

Monday, December 24, 2007


hohoho.merry christmas everyone.

yesterday i almost *note that,almost* went up to mt.fuji, but sadly the road up to the mountain was closed due to heavy snow the night before.*yay!finally i managed to touch snow!*

and yesterday,of all the days,and of all the places,i sprained my ankle when i was coming down the stairs at the Ginza station. *and yay!i got to ride the bullet train!!*

but anyway,today,more shopping was done.and i am now officially broke.haha.but im happy anyway,because i managed to accomplish everything on my "things i want to do in japan" list. except for one thing that's left,tokyo disneyland!which hopefully,if god permits,i will go tomorrow!so ta, i have to eat my maggi now. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

third day,and my feet wished that they were dead

third day...lets see..more shopping.the thing about tokyo is,its so big that no matter where you go,it is still very much urban.anywhere you stop,will be lined up with hing-end shops, but nevertheless,those that sell things that you will never see back home.well, japanese are,either you're loaded.or not,you can still look very much stylish.actually ive yet to see an ill-dressed jap.

asakusa is an amazing shopping district laden with all these jap artsy-fartsy thingy.ueno?just the thing you wouldnt want to miss.a better version of sungei wang.with shops selling limited edition sneakers,and hip-hop sweatshirt,i was quite surprised to see african guys as salesman in these so-called hip-hop kedai.well, hip-hop is pretty big here.

we stopped at shibuya,hoping to find the 100 yen store,but to no avail.anyway,lets just hope better luck on monday.because tomorrow im going to mount fuji!!yatta!

p/s:i ate tempura for lunch,and i never knew it was GOOD.god,why didnt you guys tell me??!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

day one jalan2

okay..not really day one, but anyway,today was the our first day of exploring tokyo.and i have to say, now i know why japanese are healthy lots.they are fucking fit!

our first stop was shibuya, which was the place of origin of the ever-famous harajuku culture.i was kinda expecting weird-looking japanese teens with out-of-this-world outfit,but sadly,they all look normal,and cooler.than me.of course.i look like some bundled up dork.anyway,we didnt really have time to shop (its like our sungei wang,sneakers are freaking cheap and cooler looking than back home) because we went to the meiji temple.*though we're probably coming back the next day :)

okay,meiji temple,they should award these people who actually made to this temple wearing stilletos(did i spell it correctly?) and high-heels that can paralyse your feet.anyway,guess who i met writing a prayer at this tree where they hang all this prayer boards..HORATIO FROM CSI:MIAMI!!!okay,to cut the story short.after much of rude oglings, my cousin bravely asked if we could take pictures with him and he said yes!wahaha!guys..i will show you the pix when i get back.i am so not lying to you.

okay,next stop,akihabara (low-yat version jepun) only, the whole place is infested with electronic shops..there are certain things that are waaayyy cheaper here,but ipod?not much difference.sorry guys.yep,sorry for me too.but the gadgets?out of this world.all kinds of things that can make you pening and wish you never step foot in the shop because you cringe just trying to restrain yourself from buying things that you dont really need.

next,ginza.ah-ha.high-end retails,branded goods.a new york look-alike.people totting lv,coach,hermes, like its nothing.people buying max mara like they're shopping at reject shop.we can only watch and salivate over the juicy,shiny,things that we all know we cant really buy,unless we mortgage ourselves.but anyway..feets starting to ache.tummy rumbling,and we hope we can really make it back alive.

thing about japan,the transportation?they're THAT good.the subway lines are amazing.that is only the sub..not the train atas okay...radhi i'll save a subway map for wonder dr.azeez keeps talking about japan.

anyway,my dinner was malaysian campur japanese,sambal ikan bilis and nasi jepun.haha.*i wasnt really up for japanese food*

p/s:im really hoping that by tomorrow my legs will be okay again.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

yosoko japan!

first day in japan 20th dec,2007

its cold.but its not up to the point that i cant breathe, and suddenly my nose will come off due to frostbite (exaggerating is my biggest gift).

the first impression i get of japan, its a concrete jungle, with its high-rise buildings as trees and trains and monorails like giant caterpillars..okay..i cant think of anything else when i see those trains.

i had my first jap meal tonight,for my dinner.shrimp curry and rice.japanese la sgt.tak rase sgt pun.although the curry is sweet, and not spicy at all (like how a normal curry should taste), and the rice tasted like pulut because of the starch.

tomorrow morning we're shooting off early, to shibuya and,i guess i better get enough rest if im going to be on my feet 100% tomorrow.

p/s:things i like being a foreigner is that i can speak bahasa and no one if we're an exclusive lot.ive been exercising my linguistic skills in japanese that only revolves around saying domo arigato :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

what is going on

i need to break away from reality for a awhile.i dont think i can handle the pressure of existing anymore.its just too much.

i think im a coward in some ways, because of how i always opt for being away instead of facing the problem head-on.but then,im not much of a warrior anyway,i know im capable of so much more and yet ive not expressing my true abilities to take on life as i should be doing.what the hell?

i need to get my self away from becoming the person that i am right now, because i know i'll regret it later somehow.i dont know what i want in life, and i think thats a problem.i just realized that im not prepared to embark in the real world just yet,not that the life im living right now is not real.but anyway,i think i need to do something for myself.

i need so help me god.

Friday, December 07, 2007

kerja kerja kerja

i think im taking more than i can handle.but takpelah.i kan superwoman,i think i can take it.i just need some time to settle things down.heh.

it's almost ten days before i'll be terbang'ing to JAPAN!cant wait!aiyoh!i hope i wont get sick and spend the whole trip engulfed by the comforter and staring at the hotel's wall instead of staring at the bullet train (i cant think of anyhting else relating to japan, all thanks to dr. azeez)

anyways...since my credit hour for this semester will be 21.5(im dead meat), tambah dgn subject from encik din yang giler, and mdm azilah yang psycho, i am not too sure that ill be finishing this sem as a healthy and sane person.i hope i will..hmm..

aite.ive got to go and run a few errands.wouldnt want anyone bugging me later when im about to shoot off.sayonara!

Monday, December 03, 2007

lesen part 1

ive alrady gotten my L, and im hoping by january ill be a legal driver.hoho.

the instructor pointed out that i loved to drive fast, though im still a bit sucky when it comes to bukit.why must there be bukit?why cant it be a bumper or something else? menyusahkan one.anyway....

these are the things i'd like to do when i get my licence,so people, if i do not adhere to this list, please feel free to pukul i:

1.take my sisters out jalan2 my mum's full-time driver during the holidays
3.hantar mama to her many weddings and functions to subang
5.take ayam's car and drive it as if it's mine,given that i still have to send him and pick him up from work ayam's part-time driver the second-in-command when balik kedah and penang the driver for raya
9.take my cousins, wani,salimah and salihah for lepak2 without having to feel guilty because now im legally a driver!!!but i still cant langgar orang because nanti kene demerit.humph!

what did you do?

i soooo need to get used to has started and i am not really up for it.i dont think i have the zest to go to classes anymore.maybe because i had a really great holiday :)

oh god.its been days and i still cant get you out of my freaking head.what the hell did you do? thank you for the wonderful time.and i know weeks and months from now, this will all be forgotten,but hey, at least i get a taste of it :)

you are incredible despite looking like a total kutu.haha.i dont know how you managed to pull that off.and why me?now im being really 'kembang hidung'. haha.i cant help beyond help.

thank you for brightening my mundane holiday.hope you'll feel the same way as i do now :D