Thursday, December 30, 2010


Just created a new account in Tumblr. Hurrah!

i know i know. im slow like that. -_-"



weh.esok cuti weh.bleh balik KL awal weh. WOOT WOOT!! ni la baru best; apabila team malaysia menang bola, dapat cuti. so harap2 la selalu menang so we can get more holidays :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year 2011 resolutions

Each year i'd have list of new year resolutions only to see that not even half of the items are not achieved. call it lack of self-empowerment to respect the list; but i DO IT ALL THE TIME!
so this coming new year, hopefully, will bring a new promise to GET THE LIST DONE!!
my 2011 resolutions:
  1. SPEND WISELY (need to do this since i am known for my impulse spending streak)
  2. START SAVING (no need goals i.e. untuk kawin ke ape yang sewaktu dgnnya, just start saving dammit!) been left with almost nothing by the end of month (THIS HAPPENS EVERYTIME). oooohhh!! i found this website that helps me understand HOW to save wisely, and what i should save up for. Insurance, investment. etc. i even get to download the budget calculator that checks my expenses if i ever do spend on deficit.
  3. Sembahyang ni cube jangan TINGGAL. adoi. dah umur 24 tahun pun rongak lagi,memang tak tau malu. subuh and asar is hot on my 'tertinggal' list. zuhur ok sebab baru lepas balik from lunch, maghrib pn ok sbb baru sampai rumah from Office.Isyak paling kacang gajus; itu DONTKNOWWHATTOSAY.
  4. place more emphasis on my appearance. i have to admit, being in Puteri Harbour, with it's oh-so-relax-lepak-tepi-yatch environment makes me pay less attention to the clothes i wear to work (come on, sometimes aku pakai skinny jeans je pegi keje) and how i put myself out there. :S
  5. Stop being complacent. working in a new environment means there will be no more kakaks looking out for me. (KPI pun depa tolong. manja habissss) MUST BERUSAHA! be an EFFICIENT WORKER!!
itu je la yang larat nak tulis. nanti panjang2 pun, takut tak achieve plak (EH! BUANG PESSIMISTIC THOUGHTS!!)

kenape kene waxxxxx

i dont know who the hell invented wax.BECAUSE IT'S BLOODY PAINFUL!!

now i'd like to see if it will last me up to 4 weeks. /:l

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

apabila KFC menjadi perbualan.

it's great to know that despite the growing paranoia on Islam; there is also a growing concern in providing Halal food for Muslim consumers in Western Country. Engrossed in the article, i was reminded of my trip to Melbourne last month; which surprisingly i had no trouble at all finding halal food to consume. And the best part was, KFC was halal there, so that was already ok. *shame about people calling Halal KFC chicken as 'terror chicken'; please excuse some people who are just plain ignorant.

is it just me or the whole islamic-phobia is being overplayed by certain people, and sad to say, some are from our muslim counterparts themselves, discouraging us to look past the conceptions of the Western on our religion beliefs. one of the the things i remembered was, "are you going to wear your hijab to Australia? Good luck (Smirking). Because they know you're muslim, there'll be dogs sniffing at your crotch, and them asking you to take off your hijab at the airport to check if you smuggle anything inside". or "better not wear hijab, you know how they're all getting racist, and mean when they see a muslim".

i was so damn scared of coming to OZ that i really do pray I don't have dogs sniffing at my crocth! much worse is if i was walking down the street and face with racial or hate slews (tapi what to do, tiket dah book). such was the misconception i had before coming to Melbourne.

you know the funny part was? I came in and out of the airport breezily. The Customs were VERY polite, smiled and even said good day. Waiter/Waitresses or Counter Ladies would go, "good day love, what can i get you?" with the most disarming smile that puts ALL MALAYSIAN CUSTOMER-BASED SERVICE LINE to shame <---- i should really blog about this, shouldn't i?

and i came back with one of the best experience of my life (having the chance to travel, i LOVE travelling); with NO BAD MEMORIES of racial hatred or ISLAMIC-PHOBIA at ALL.

i know i've come across sites that incite hatred amongsts its member and users on Islam, but generally, we're all alright. we don't have extremists prowling the streets out to stab you just because you wear the hijab, well except for this lunatic which i blogged about last year who stabbed his neighbour.

i guess it boils down on what sort of values you have inside of you. if you believe the goodness of mankind; then hopefully these very same people will not see Islam as a SEPERATE ENTITY altogether, we are all HOMO SAPIENS AITE??

Here, me and Kuhaz were greeted by overzealous austrialians who did not seem to mind the COLD at all. I dont even know why the guy was putting his hand on my shoulder.pfft



tragedy has struck. if you must knowwww... i am nowhere near glamorous and fabulous. so yeah, now i am faced with a HUGEEEEE DILEMMA. ivegotadinneronfirstofdecemberwithfaliq and the theme is supposed to be GLAMOROUS. well, actually, there's this event Jaja invited us to go to, it's held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club and the dress code is "Prom-Like" - i am quoting what jaja has sms-ed me.

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEARRRRR. and i dont really like to put it in my head the thought of buying a new outfit for this because it'd be a waste, so just have to settle wearing the exisiting clothes i have. my pick at the moment? my Supre maxi and the beaded bolero i inherited from Ibu. :S nanti tunjuk gambar takut orang sume mencaci, takpe. tunjuk gambar lepas pakai sudahhh

But im a bit excited because this may be the first dinner / prom-like event that faliq and i will attend TOGETHER.

i've hinted at him to get me a corsage. ok. MORE LIKE TOLD HIM TO GET ME A CORSAGE. because you know that GUYS don't really decipher hints that WELL. sape yg setuju angkat kaki!

happy happy :) . promise will take loads of pictures to show my dear friends, esp kuhaz di ostrolia sana, sue di kuantan, nina and radhi di Kuala Lumpur and sesiapa lagi yg sudi baca blog saya ini :)

Salah Clinic

Ima's feet was terribly swollen yesterday so I had to take her to the clinic. after dropping her off, i went to the adjacent sundry shop for some grocery shopping and later went to the clinic we usually go to to wait for her. she was nowhere in sight at the waiting area so i thought she had gone to see the doctor.

and later a middle-aged lady with her daughter left the examination room so i was quite dumbfounded and called ima, "weh, u dah jumpa doctor ke?".

"baru je lepas jumpe doctor, tunggu nak amik ubat ni ha"

"then u kat mane?tak nampak pun!"

"i kat qualitas la, u tunggu kat mane??" Qualitas is the clinic next to the clinic i was at. -_-

"alamak.malu seh tunggu sini" scrambling to take my grocery bag, the umbrells and my handbag.

met ima who was laughing her head off while limping over to my car.

siot punye budak OKU (pun intended) :P

Monday, December 27, 2010


just noticed I've got 20 followers. yahoo. HAHAHA. thank you for following my daily blabbering.

just to fill in the space. i now find myself absolutely lazy to upload pictures i've taken. i dont know. its not even a hassle. i just am plain lazy i guess. :P so here goes. the overdue photos of faliq's visit last weekend, the chocolate fair, and everything in between :)

loving hotcakes.taken when faliq just got to Johor on Saturday Morning, 18th December 2010.see. even got MCD punye stamp on the butter. aint that cute? :) please excuse my jakun-ness. i get excited each time i eat hotcakes for bfast. WHICH IS EVERY WEEKEND!
this is me with bob. at the entrance of the chocolate fair

with the love of my life.not a very good picture of us. :S

a routine when Mr. F is here, STARBUCKS! this was taken after watching Tron. the movie is awesome with the blue lights and all. 0.0

happy happy. faliq wearing the battlestar galactica t-shirt i got him from Universal Studios Singapore. thank god he loved the shirt. Come to think of it, I've been buying him clothes each time i travel abroad. :S

taken after lunch, before he leaves for KL :( jaja and hajar just got back from Singapore, and hitched a ride back to KL with Mr. F.

ok. tu je la some glimpses on my life. Till next time adieu!

orang melayu species pelik #1

haha. i like having this sort of entry. it makes me ponder why the hell people cannot see the logic of just behaving normally. i was out having lunch with a few colleagues today at the usual restaurant in anjung. (working here don't really give you much options on places to eat; since its in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!). the restaurant is also a common haunt amongst other UEM Land staffs since its accessible, has a clean and nice environment and the choices of lauks are quite OK. altho the drinks sucks. i've resorted to ordering plain water each time i eat here.

a few tables from ours were a group of female staffs from another department of UEM Land. one of them was quite popular for her audacity to lash out at others; especially on the looks department. bottom line, she's just a very bitchy makcik.

she had also previously commented that Kak Z (a clerk at my office) is as big as a P.I.G! i dont know about other cultures around the world, but malays? we do NOT comment on other people in such a rude manner, moreover comparing them to a pig! (Pigs are a HUGE taboo in our society).

so this time, i bet she was just looking out to get Kak Z again, when she was on her way back to the table after washing her hands. she was squeezing in between our table and another table, and it so happens that the side she was squeezing was kak z's side. "Owh, sempit la"; smirking at kak Z. WHAT THE FISH!!!

AND the funny thing was that; she's not so SLIM herself!! (NOT SLIM AT ALL MORE LIKE!) for having the guts to comment on how fat others are, when you're a big size person yourself! that's the irony of this whole thing. and Kak Z being a quiet person just faked a smile before feeling horrible about herself. i commented loudly, not sure if her group heard me "dah tau besar lagi nak lalu sini", in the defense of kak z of course, i am not rude unless i encounter horrible people like this PERSON (or should i say COW?). GOD! how can you be so cruel to someone else who's big in size when you dont even realize you're fat yourself? itu barulah namanya tak tahu nak ukur baju sendiri. or better yet, someone who is just ignorant about basic social ethics.

really do not like the negative vibe flowing out right now, but i cant help feeling pissed. moreover with the fact that this person is in our company. i wonder how did she even managed to get friends. OR ARE THEY AS HORRIBLE AS HER?? i hope not.

too much cake

last friday saw me and the marina boys throwing IMA (my dear housemate) a bday celeb. not that we had a BIG party pun, just two frames of bowling which ima won both games(PFFT..who else. i guess when it's ur bday, you suddenly acquire extremely awesome super powers that made you awesome in so many ways); leaving the guys red-faced (me, not so, since im a girl and im allowed to go all "OOPS!!MASUK LONGKANG!!IT'S FINE. I KAN TAK LARAT~")

then dinner cum supper since we only finished our game at midnight, and they had this two guys playing the guitars and we made them sing for ima whilst we sang along quite horribly. (Emy especially, but EVERYONE was out of tune!).

when we (maduk and i)
bought the cake, they've already put a small icing santa there since it was on the eve of christmas. so yeah....i forgot to take out the santa.

we were already bloated by the time the cake was taken out. each of us were going "SHITTT" on the prospect of having to stuff our faces with the cake -_-"

one of the "ok" pictures of me. the rest all HANCUSSS

ima got attacked by the boys, you can see the traces of chocolate cream on her face :P the one behind is emy btw.

got home only to realize emy left his stinking socks in my car. Thank god i still had my febreeze. and when he hitched a ride back home with me, thankfully enough he took his socks, but left HIS SNEAKERS!! pfft!! i've already put a new ambi pur fragrance, and quite an amount of febreeze has been sprayed. it was only a miracle i didnt suffocate in the car. poor kiki.

Friday, December 24, 2010

memory woes

OK. i am having a serious memory deficiency problem. yesterday when i called the CIMB Clicks guys, i cant EVEN remember when i exactly did i made the phone call. ORANG LAIN KAT OFIS PLAK YG INGAT. oh man oh man oh man. baru semalam kot buat the call. not even a year ago!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

benci dgn keadaan takde duit

i was complaining to Faliq about the declination of my financial state. i.e. Hampir hampir takde duit dah niiiii. and its not even JANUARY YET!

yes. UEM Land dengan sangat bijak memberi kami sume gaji awal. ini lah padahnya. actually. I didnt really spend that much. i just sorted out the expenses i had to pay, which was paying my ptptn, the rent, allowance for my parents, and for gas. BUT YEAH. i just HAD to mess up my ptptn transaction. so now im RM 250 short. because i keyed in the wrong IC number. WTFISHHHHHHH.

bile call CIMBCLICKS, die siap cakap "cik sepatutnya dapat balik duit tu semalam". HABISS... kenape aku tak dapat lagi ni....angin betul la. ye la. ptptn ni, amik duit bukan main pantas. nak return balik lembabs tahap gajah.

owh and also given the fact that my gaji was cut about 200++ for my 3 days of unpaid leave. so i really have to economiscize. i hate that word. nasib stock chocolate banyak lagi, i dont have to spend that much just yet.

cume bile balik KL je la nanti. kene mintak budi bicara faliq dan parents untuk sara kepulangan aku di KL. :S

p/s: thank god ill be getting my salary before leaving johor for good. need to service the car, and perhaps visit Singapore the last time. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sekarang ini, aku tgh serabut

my mum told me kangoo has given birth when she was in the care of auntie ana. received a post on my FB wall the same day from my cousin telling me the news. CANT WAIT TO SEE HER AND THE NEW KIDDIES!!! she gave birth to four kittens, one black kitten (my cousin suggested we name it Blackberry, hmm.. BB macam comel jeee), two orange ones (takkan nak namekan marmalade lagii..nanti the senior marmalade konpius kang); and the last one that looks exactly like kangoo. but now she has taken to hiding all four under the side table at the corner of the living room.ho hummmm.

Li ann gave me a christmas prezzie before she leaves for her christmas vacay in Singapore. it was this nice gorjes white belt. HEARTSSS!! felt guitly for not buying her a christmas present. absolutely forgot its this weekend! :(

now having the time of my life cleaning up the mess someone senior has made. but will prolly have the last laugh when i leave at the end of january. MUAHAHAHA (eh,belum lagi la) and having to deal with an emo senior staff, weird co-workers, and a confirmed disinterest in handling my job. I am in 'Paradise'.

thats all for now. adieu!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

currently i'm...

having a headache. i think it's because of my too tight supre maxi dress. i underestimated australian sizes. when i bought a lace dress at valley girl, even the size 6 was too big for me (but i bought it anyway because it was gorjes and it was on sale!). so when i saw the maxi dress at supre; with the size xxs; i thought to myself. alah, ni mesti besar kalau aku amik s; so dengan pantas mengambil size xxs. XXS TAK TAHAN. BUKAN XS YE KAWAN KAWAN, TAPI XXS.

and now the maxi dress is my most loved and hated possession from australia. because its black, just the right length, and IT HAS POCKETS!!!

tapi tu la. the breast area is too freaking tight, i had to struggle to actually breathe. ho hum. can i actually send this to the tailor and have them alter it for me?

p/s: will not wear this dress to work anymore, finding a hard time focusing with the headache and discomfort in wearing this beautiful stupid dress.

Monday, December 20, 2010


being with you is like finally coming home.

weekend yang awesome part 1

the weekend was GREAT. due to the fact that faliq was here. :)

and the chocolate fair was a bore like the last time. only. the good thing is i had more money than the previous fair. so i get to buy more chocolate! (i have no idea how the hell im supposed to finish all the crazy stocks of chocolate i have right now).

review of the chocolates will be posted soon. as well as PICTURESSSS

Friday, December 17, 2010


memulakan hari ini dengan ceria. walaupun tak cukup tido kerana kene amik ida (my classmate from UIA) at Larkin Sentral at 5.30 am because she had an interview at Nusajaya Centre and she was bunking at my place.

couldnt really sleep after i got home from picking ida up; kept thinking about what outfit to wear and terlajak tido sampai 7.30 am. Meaning i have 45 minutes to get (inclusive of ironing my clothes). nevertheless, managed to achieve the required timeline successfully. and even had the time to stop by at this makcik's stall near my house for her awesomely delicious meehoon goreng for breakfast. on the way to work siap main-main lumba dgn bobo as we were racing to Puteri Harbour (Bobo is always late too).

parked my car beautifully and walked pass by en murad's car. and RIIIPPPP. my favourite jubah bore a huge tore within seconds. it got stuck at the edge of En. Murad's license plate and now i am clutching the side of the jubah so as not to display my thigh to the entire universe. went upstairs to tell En. Murad that I'm going back home to change clothes, and to my relief, there werent that many people yet at the office. so kebarangkalian menjadi topik lawak hari ini kurang teramat sangat.

Drove back home like mad, and managed to find the easiest baju kurung to be ironed (it's Friday! i want to look alim and ayu :P ); while ironing got a call from kak miza. "Eh, where are the 9 copies of the management report for En. Azmil to bring to the management meeting today?".

OH SHITTTTT. memang terlupa habis pasal subject tu. WTFISH WTFISH WTFISH. "where are you?". UMM. "at home, ironing my baju". "OK", pap letak phone. shit, mati aku kene maki dgn bos lepas ni.

drove back to the office again, madder than the previous trip. only to meet my boss in the Company's Santa Fe halfway through the road in Puteri Harbour. Didnt even have the guts to go inside and resorted to calling Kak Miza first before i enter. "Should i make the copies now?". "No need, Kak Ikin has photocopied 8 more from the one you've given earlier". A short relief. "where are you? (this is me asking her". "At the centre, kan today we have the townhall meeting with Dato'Wan (our CEO)". dAMMIT. AKU LUPAAAA.

Racing sekali lagi ke centre. greeted by Li Ann, who was with En. Azmil (EEK!) and a few other big shots of the company. "Your kain ok already ah?". Malu nyeeeee...

Selepas itu dimalukan lagi dengan incident MD notice aku nak tepuk tangan tapi orang lain tak tepuk tangan time MD announced UEM Land has acquired 50% of Sunrise (weh, bangga kot!). "OH. TGK, ADE ORANG NAK CLAP!" he exclaimed, and THE WHOLE BLOODY HALL TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME WHO HAD HER HANDS IN MID-AIR ABOUT TO CLAP IT.

SHEESSSHHHHH... apekah nasib malang aku hari ini.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


its another 1.5 months more to go. before i finally leave johor for good.

so it's only common that i write a list about things ill miss.

things I'll miss:
1. The freedom. :) coming back late at 3 am or even 4 am (i don't go out clubbing anymore. HAHA. PLEASE. more of lepaking until the wee hours). will be an issue when I'm staying with my parents later this february.

2. the roads. well. not physically. the road conditions in JB sucks as much as KL's. but ill miss the fact that i know how to get to places. I AM ALWAYS LOST when im in kl. the only direction i know is how to get to Subang, Kelana Jaya, Faliq's house and to UIA. i am that SUCKY. but in JB. i am practically a semi-god in directions (god of directions would be emy tho)

3. the quaint old town of jb. roost juice bar, the bundle shop opposite the juice bar and the uptown bazaar just right next to it. will be sorely missed. its my frequent haunt for COOL headscarves at awesome prices and where I've found cool clothing items at incredibly affordable prices (you should know by now that i don't shop at MNG and all that likes. I LOVE FOS and anything between that)

4. PUTERI HARBOUR. of course i will miss this! this is like the coolest place EVER  to work at. coupled with the BEST TEAM you will ever have. it taught me a lot. and i am very much grateful to be given the opportunity to work with international consultants in mega projects such as this. HEARTS.

puteri harbour in memory :)

5. the friends i have acquired. Ima, emy, bobo, and the rest. not to forget Kak Yan and Joe. its difficult finding a friend that will accept your quirks, and stand by you through thick and thin. i became close to ima after amir left. in a way, it is fated that i meet her, and know her even more closer after one of my dearest friend in moved from johor to KL. and in a way, im grateful to be given the chance to be her friend. :)

6. The food. yes. hate to admit this. but johor has a nice selection of delectable delights. :) i have yet to visit my friend, hilman's restaurant, ZZ sup tulang. they say ITS AWESOME. hmm. should really try that before i leave

this is so far the list i can conjure up. will add more when i can think better. right now brain is jammed. too much chocolate can make your brain go nuts.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


my comfort food at the moment

with tigger gone missing. work being a bitch. and no more paid leave left. i am in pain.

i think the magic of chocolate doesnt work on me anymore, i think its because ive consumed too much of it that endorphines doesnt make me all giddy and happy. it just makes me restless.

stop with the fate bullshit

sometimes i just dont want to accept things the way it is. there are times people would say "bende nak jadi, what to do". well, i was never satisfied when that answer was given.

i feel that when things happened; it did not happen because it was meant to; it happened as a result / consequences of our actions. i get really pissed when people say that it's fate. there are things that can be applied to this reason, and there are things that aren't. like jodoh. it is FATE. but when you mess up. IT IS NOT FATE. so dont give me the fucking "fate" reason due to your own errors.

this is all your fault due to your own doing. get it? NOT FATED to be like this.

tigger is missing :(

i've been missing my cats. for quite some time. because i wont be back in kl until january; which is a long time. given the fact that my family is now in their holiday mood; they've left the kiddos at my aunt's house for two weeks now. i wonder if they're eating right. my cousin who is taking care of them said "diorang kekurangan kasih sayang"; before adding "bad news; one of them is missing".

and the one missing is tigger. the fattest amongst the three. the one that went really skinny when my parents went to johor and asked our neighbour to do the favour of feeding them but she never came because we weren't at home. and now. she's missing. HOW IS SHE SUPPOSED TO FEED HERSELFFFFFFFF

:( i cried myself to sleep yesterday night. there was nothing we could do. with me being here in johor; and my parents in kedah now. my mum tried to console me when in actual fact it was her favourite that went missing "bende nak jadi; what to do; let's just pray she will come home safely".

tigger, please come home. you know you can't survive on your own. dah la suke makan banyak, penakut pulak tu. we all miss you. even kangoo and marmalade misses you. :'(

tigger. please come home :(
taken before the family came down to johor last week. see how fat tigger is. she will be having a hard time finding food on her own :( *yg bawah tu marmalade

kangoo who is heavily pregnant now. all she does is sleep nowadays. cant wait for her to give birth :)

tigger. i miss you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

apabila orang-orang kl datang menjenguk johor

last week i took three days of unpaid leave and became a voluntary tour guide while my family was in JAYBEE. yes. they came for THREE days and frankly i exhausted my mind thinking where to bring the whole lot for leisure and DINE. knowing utara-ians; we really emphasize on the importance of finding good food.

but thank god by the end of the day they were all so tired of their daytime excursions they didnt really mind where i brought them.

a day before they arrived i made emy show me the nooks and corners of jaybee, because yes, i am THAT terrible in finding my own direction. i've been to emy's house a LOT of times and i kept getting lost ALL the time. (that is how bad my navigation skills are).

but anyhoo, emy should be proud he has trained a fast learner and my aunt even commented how good i was in giving directions around jaybee. couldnt stop smiling to myself; somehow felt i was cheating because i had a talking GPS on stand-by (EMY LA. SAPE LAGI)

and let me tell you something. taking care of 14 people is NOT an easy job. each having their own kerenah and what nots. :S ade malas nak join, ade nak pegi sini la situ la. eh. macam2 la.

thank god they enjoyed themselves on the first day they were here. i took them to...PUTERI HARBOUR LA..WHERE ELSE! hahah. bile lagi nak berlagak keje tempat best, bawak boat ride pegi tgk second link pun depa dah syok gila.

taking pictures at the VIP pontoon after the boat ride

and we also went to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!! *which was the main reason why the whole clan was in JAYBEE actually -_-

we had our dose of awesomeness :)

ok. ade lagi beberapa haiwan bercakap we took pictures with, but this is by far the coolest pic because i LOVE KUNG FU PANDA!
the theme park was really fun; but the thing that drove me nuts were they had a HERSHEY'S chocolate store right next to the freaking entrance! i thot i'd die when i saw this GIANT chocolate bar; almost as big as one asbestos tile. *didnt take any photo. takut kene halau*

they also sell 1 litre of chocolate syrup, but ibu made me put it back :( so i decided to mend my broken heart buying CHOCOLATES!!!

haha, jgn tanye kenape duit aku habis kat singapore.

on saturday, decided to follow the clan to melaka for a one night stay there. though we didnt really get to do much, am really loving the hotel we stayed in. Holiday Inn. the service was superb, up to a point that their caucasian manager was the one that washed the glasses for the chinese tea they put outside at the lobby for guests.

the bathroom is much more awesome. but forgot to take the picture -_-"

loving the pool. regretting the fact i forgot to bring my swimsuit -_-"

so there you go folks. my awesome week of unpaid leave. now its time to slave off the remaining days i have here before i leave. :P

Monday, December 06, 2010

make up and me

did you see the "enhancement" i've been trying to pull off??

a few days back after getting my Gaji, i went on a shopping frenzy which mainly involves food, toilettries; and..umm..make up.

i know. i know. i used to be in this anti-lady-like movemnet, but hey! i grew up; and decided to "enhance" my look by wearing make up. my make up bill amounted to almost RM 70. which to me, is a LOT. because i am the girl who is freaking clueless about make up (the favourite target of make up sales person). thank god i spent my money at Elianto and NOT M.A.C or any of that sort. that would probably render me penniless by mid of the month. -_-"

this is also the first time i used a foundation. (ok. you can close your mouth now).

because i dont really fancy the idea of having a 4 inch make up on my skin. that will spell trouble. (hel-lo. breakouts! have u ever heard of them?) so foundation was never really a priority in my list. but then i started using Maybelline's BB cream, that was light enough. my skin actually felt light; and it looked GREAT. only the problem is, i started having small breakouts. (you see. i've never had acne problems in my teenage years, so when i started having all these annoying pimples sprouting all over my skin; OF COURSE I'D FREAK OUT!)

a friend told me it's probably because of skin cleanse negligience. in my part. because i THOUGHT that after wiping all those make up with the make up remover wet tissue, IT WAS OKAY and I COULD STRAIGHT AWAY GO TO SLEEP. please. dont kill me because of my stupidity.

but now i've embraced the full skin care regime, three steps no matter how tired i was that day.

and my skin became better. but faliq still wasnt really digging the fact that i've started putting on foundations. HEY. IT COVERS MY PORES AND I LOOK AWESOME!

still need more make up tips tho. have been reading all these tips on line and i still look BLAH.

Nutella - Always a Favourite in the Zubir Household

last sunday i hitched a ride back to JB with Kak Yan, and she told me how she found the Cadbury Fingers i posted earlier and it was Bloody Good. somehow i felt somewhat glad and overly joyed over the fact that i managed to spread the love on chocolate delights. and it actually drives me to write more about my chocolate findings :D

So, moving on to today's chocolate posting. I'm sure everyone is familiar with NUTELLA. :) the hazelnut chocolate spread that drives the whole world CRAZY. Ok, it is as COOL as Schoko Mac, but that's beside the point! Today, i shall be talking about the goodness of Nutella. :)

Whenever i've finished (ok, that is exaggerating, whenever MY FAMILY) the whole tub of nutella, i always make it a point to spoon out the left overs and eat it as it is. i mean, it is like choki choki; only, WAYYY better right?

so imagine my delight when i stumbled across the Portion Packs edition of Nutella :D


this is how it looks like. i already ate one, HAHA.

it's really convenient, if ever you find a need to have a quick dose of chocolate goodness that HAS SKIMMED MILK, how much healthier do want it to be rightttttt....i like it because i can just pop one in my bag, and bring it to the meeting; the train; or just ANYWHERE! without having to lug the whole tub.

its RM 14.99; so basically its RM 15 and can be found in any hypermarket i presume. and i guess it is on the procey side as compared to just RM 12 for the whole tub of Nutella. but if you're on a fast-track lifestyle like im currently in; this is super-duper convenient and highly recommended. it can be made into a bread spread, or just eat it as it is. if you're going on a picnic, please just bring the tub. 12 PACKS OF THIS LOVELIES WILL NOT BE ENOUGH.

p/s:next mission, new discovery of awesome chocolate :) owh! chocolate fair is right around the corner. CANT WAIT!

Friday, December 03, 2010


yesterday, i woke up late. VERY LATE. when i saw my watch it was already 7.30. i was like WTFFFFFFF. in order for me to get to work on time, the latest time i'd leave the house is 8.15; because yeah, my house is only 10 minutes away from work. HAHA. (so going to miss this when i move back to KL -_-")

THEREFORE. i only have 45 minutes to get ready, and given the fact that my small travelling iron is now almost at the end of it's life, each baju will cost me 30-40 minutes.

so that leaves me about 5 minutes to mandi AND get ready.

which i successfully acheived.

and then disaster struck.

my housemate has been feeding a string of cats outside our house; its the closest thing we actually have to a pet; so each time any of us opens the door, the kitten and the cat will zoom inside the house.

NOT A THING YOU WANT TO TOLERATE IF YOU'RE FREAKING LATE FOR WORK. and that's exactly what they did when i opened the door. before i could actually say get out, one cat has already made it's way upstairs. AND I HAVE TO GO UP THERE AND CHASE IT BACK DOWNSTAIRS!

you could guess what time did i manage to leave the house. come on. guess. 15 FREAKING MINUTES LATER.

sigh. if only i have a wand and could say "accio cat and kitten". i'd so be early for work.
one of the source of my misery yesterday morning -_-" nasib ko comel

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Yesterday i didn't text my mum on my daily report of the day. after a year of doing that, each time i texted her about my day, i'd receive replies like "OK, good nite" or some unknown messages such as " mane ade rase u eid sakit or tak jst tkg abt it", which is a whole lot of level higher in SHOTFORMING messages making it impossible to even decipher in my brain.

and each time i receive messages that were too ADVANCED for me to understand, i'd say "what are you trying to say ibu?" and she'd reply " oh nvm, good nite". -_-"

sometimes i think she just does not have any interest in my daily undertaking that i just feel so malas messaging her last night. AND, it wasnt a good day for me, so i'd rather just shut myself out from the world. at 11 pm, received a message from her "where's your daily report for today?".

replied with " didnt think you'd be interested since i kept getting ok goodnite as a reply (followed by 'working was a bore, bla bla')".

and she replied me this "mane ade rase u eid sakit or tak jst tkg abt it".

and i said "whatt??i tak faham la ibu"

and she said "it's ok, good nite".

-_-" someone, please buy her a phone that has video calls so she can do that with me. owh, i might need that sort of phone as well la.


i just found out how to link my post to the labels. -_-" sorry, i know im a bit slow when it comes to all these IT shiz.  got 600 more previous posts to label. ho hum.


kalau nak tunjuk betapa excitingnya bulan december ni, rase macam nak letak calendar dalam blog je. anyways, aside from the whole rahman clan coming down to johor next week, another exciting news is there will be another CHOCOLATE FAIR IN JOHOR!!!!

remember the awesome chocolate bars i bought at the last chocolate fair? hoho, i am soo looking forward to buying it again. SAVE KAN DUIT supaya i can go on a chocolate binge for the following week :)

tak sabar nak makin menggemukkan diri. HOHO.

p/s: two people commented on my weight gain :( not cool.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


frequenting islamic fashion sites has triggered the shopaholic demon ive managed to wrestle down for so long. but i've actually found a way to appease this inner demon in me :)

UPTOWN BAZAARS! (johor apparently has A LOT of these). to my greatest delight :)

it's great that i've always managed to find great stuff here without bursting my wallet, and still look hawt (in my opinion).

i guess its not the brand that matters, its how you carry yourself. someone told me, you can NEVER buy style. you've got to ACQUIRE it. hence, even if you're wearing a RM20 cardie or a RM 15 platforms, and still managed to look great, say no more. you've got style girl! ok. i also need two platinum credit cards if i were ever to continue with this hedonistic lifestyle of mine. :p whatever it is, people. keep the budget in check!

trawling the bazaar with bobo and ima deffo made my day yesterday. oh god. it was such an AWFUL AWFUL day yesterday. :( (full of angst at the moment, thank god for the soft RM 20 cardigan and RM 25 platforms)
bobo buat muke tak leh blah

photos taken after our shopping excursion at the Pasar Borong Pandan, and prior to our visit to Pasar Karat along Segget River, we headed to Roost Juice Bar ;which is a stone throw's away from Segget Market; the one i mentioned during faliq's visit to JB a couple of weeks ago. Am always comforted by the ganja music and not so nice drinks (a bit too tawar, ALWAYS tawar), but AWESOME interior deco.


i am completely.....dumbfounded. about where my life is heading basically.

at 24. you are supposed to know where you're going. be it career-wise or love.

i am clueless in both.

Monday, November 29, 2010

movie snob

from the lack of movies in the cinema now, ive been contented on watching harry potter and rapunzel TWICE. thanks to ika's bf who works at the cinema, we were able to watch one movie for free :)

ika even asked if i want to watch ngankung. If other people were to ask me that, i would have blurted out a flat no, but this is ika, my friend who have always made me see the funny side of EVERYTHING, and at times like this, or for a movie like this, might just be ok for me. YES. me and malay movies dont really sync that well.

and given the fact that ill probably watch this for free, im up for this. NO WAY am i going to spend RM 11 on a movie like ngankung. have had bad experiences watching malay movies, (what you did last raya? HORRIBLE! evolusi KL drift? AGONY!) see..bukan tak pernah cuba, dah pernah tgk okkkk...

call me a snob for all i care; but i really want my eleven bucks to be well spent on a movie that i ENJOY.

Friday, November 26, 2010

weh, u think u so hebat ah?

ok. im pissed.

just because you're a high ranking staff in the company, doesnt mean i dont DESERVE to send out an email to you. the Standarad Operations Procedure does not state that staffs whom are BELOW your grade, i.e. me, a junior executive, CANNOT send out an email to a DIRECTOR like you.

WORK IS WORK man. im just trying to do what is in my tasklist, get the whole shit done, get paid for it, and have an awesome thing to put in my CV.

seriously, i dont even want to BE HERE anymore. pompous bastards like this totally spoils all the fun in work.I LOVE WORK ok!!!you just ruined my day. THANKS.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


i officially tendered my resignation yesterday. OMG.

i cant believe it. a bit nervous. on the prospect of starting over at a new working place.

all the best for me! *When i start work in Feb 2011 laaaa*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

24 means ur an adult. WAKE UP.

i should really focus. on work. life. and the future. instead of idling and daydreaming. hoping something better will fall onto my lap. PHEESH. like that will EVER happen.

i really should stop mooning over thoughts of becoming an actress. i really should stop thinking what if i can just enroll myself into an acting course and pursue my dream of becoming an actress. because in real life, people work their ass off to become a professional corporate worker. RIGHTTTT... like i will EVER become a part of that world.

i really should stop thinking im ALL that. because looks dont last forever. and i will not look like i am now, ten years later.

i really should stop being so pessimistic; because life is NEVER bed and roses for everyone. even when you think it is, it's not. NO ONE has a perfect life. NO ONE.

i really should stop complaining about myself, and oh-the-drama on how much im suffering when there are millions of people out there who do not even have access to clean water and food.

i really should start making a difference. for starters. i'll start with myself. i want to change. really. i do, FOR THE BETTER of course. take a masters in heritage conservation. i think this is the time where i slap myself and bark "GROW UP SYAZA!". ACTING? nono. masters. TWO THUMBS UP.

cadbury memang terbaik

yes. i have somehow managed to downsize my frequent cravings for chocolate. but havent managed to spit it out of my system as whole just yet. LAME LAGI KOT.

but i do need a dosage of it every once in a while, especially when work becomes a bitch, or yeah, usually its because of work, HA HA.

takpe. berbalik kepada isi utama entry ini. i'd like to applaud Cadbury for making the chocolates more affordable for us malaysian consumers. apa yg saya maksudkan?? ini dia!


cadbury fingers used to be available overseas sahaja. that was when i was a kid, ibu went on a trip to singapore and bought me a box of this. i remembered it being so good that i was craving for it even until i grew up! sebab tak jumpa in malaysia at that time, so i harboured a wish to buy it when i do get a chance to go overseas.

alas, when i did get to go overseas; this was already available in malaysia; *sigh, potong satu purpose kenape nak travel ke luar negara*. tapi harganya agak mahal. RM 19.90 sekotak (kotaknya adalah dibuat dari kertas keras yang ala-ala best). and it was only available at cold storage. at that moment of time. i knew better than to ask ayah if i could have it, because he would deffo say "RM 20 for chocolate biscuits?? TAK PAYAH!". hmmph :(

but yesterday, while waiting for my 7pm bus to JAYBEE, my parents went grocery shopping at the carrefour opposite the bukit jalil station; and i found the fingers! but it was not packed in a box, but in a plastic wrapper as shown in the diagram above. and the price? RM 3 something weh. tak sempat nak amik 2 kotak sebab time tu mungkin terlambat untuk bus. well, i wanted to try it first, see if it's the same taste as the one i tasted before. SEJIBIK WEHHHHH

SO. terima kasih cadbury! you made my day :) thanks for making the chocolate affordable for people like me to enjoy. NOW. caramello nibbles plak. tolong buat perkara sama. TIMA KASIH!

p/s: mintak maaf plastik tak cantik hence, making the picture un-photogenic. due to the frequent stashing-in-handbag-taking-it-out-of-handbag act, the wrapper jadi tak best dah. :P

makan dan moviess

watched quite a number of movies over the past few days. let's just say it's my payback time after not being able to watch it with faliq after some time, due to the distance, and bla bla. the only movie i think that was worth my RM14 was harry potter (of course, actually, i think, this is the best HP movie so far, hopefully the second installment will be better). skyline? SUCK BIG TIME! crayon? adoi, lagi la. quite embarassing too actually. trying to be yasmin ahmad-ish, but fell flat on the face. the only notable performances was of course, adibah noor, and the two villains. the rest. i dunnowhattosay. the script sucked too. sape yg buat script ni? adoiii....acting kayu, bersama main character yg cakap pun macam baca dari buku berserta hidung yg kembang kempis besar sgt.

saturday was my dad's bday, so we had lunch as pizza hut, after much coaxing from moi. HAHAHA. because i seriously hadnt had enough of the 6 cheese pizza. SEDAP la. tapi tak amik gambar pun, kerana masing2 sibuk makan, especially ayah who was multitasking, between eating and doing sudoku from the handouts given by pizza hut.

sunday was spent with nina and sarah, along with tee of course, after such a long while tak jumpa. was supposed to surprise sarah with the cake, but she was waiting for us outside the restaurant so dah kantoi.
-_-" faliq lepas kantoi pun nak sorok kek belakang lagi.LOL.

had lunch at paddington house of pancake, but i kept comparing it to pancake parlour in melbourne, that i just cant seem to enjoy the food that much. :( missing pancake parlour. but at least PHOP's pancakes are quite nice.

i bought sarah a pair of pacman earings, which she squealed when she saw it. the irony was, she saw a pacman limited edition moleskin earlier that day, and was contemplating on buying it. HAHA. takpelah. the earings will go nicely with the moleskin eh?

Muke pura-pura surprise when we brought out the cake. :P

spot the glitch. clue : sebelah 23. ape amoi secret recipe tu tulissssss

p/s: after series of bad movies, and kerugian duit yg agak banyak, can't wait to watch tangled, premiering this Thursday. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


they had a bday celebration for my dad during the eid adha :( just one of those things i hate about staying in JB.

but faliq being here made things a whole lot better. i had something to look forward to after work, and it felt nice to go out with my bf after all these while of going out alone. (ok, im exaggerating, not alone, with a group of friends. :P )

i brought faliq and bob (faliq's friend) to the much-acclaimed roost bar. they LOVED the place. situated in a pre-war shop house with it's eclectice interior, and ganja music (the sort of music yg makes you feel like you berade di awang-awangan) was just the right combination we were looking for that night.

this is bob. the colourful things on the wall at the back is a collage of lomo photos

bob had the best background for taking pictures basically. hmmph. he had the tree! :( while we had thisss....

later we decided to move to another spot in  the hope of having a better picture taken.

p/s: faliq and i bought couple corny is that? but i love it! HAHAH

Monday, November 15, 2010

a year has passed?? CEPATNYEEE

its been a year already. me. staying here. in johor. and  i still feel like a newbie.

i dont even know how to break it to them that im probably leaving soon. not wanting to add salt to the wound, i mean, boss has just left. soon, two more people are following his suit :(

amir said im being paranoid. i should just tell them as soon as i get the letter of offer. yeah! duh! of course i will. but for the time being. ill just keep this to myself first.

i am definitely going to miss this place when i leave. definitely.

Friday, November 12, 2010

hoge hoge hoge

the boss's last few days here has brought a lot of us sadness. he's much loved by all of us albeit the toughness and the hard-to-work-with at times :)

and he was my first boss experience, which i think im pretty lucky for that; as he is the sort of person that drives and motivates you to improve and be the best employee you could ever be. Puteri Harbour does not seem like an average GLC's project under him; and im glad he has given that high of a benchmark for me to follow through later on.

we had a photo session with all of us wearing the Puteri Harbour Uniform, and i must say, it reminds me of a class photo session :)

prior to the photo session. i posted this photo because i like the colors :)
doesnt this remind you of your school photo session?
this is at the VIP pontoon area. muke masing2 tahan panas :)
tak Puteri Harbour la kalau tak buat aksi bengong

and last night we had a farewell dinner for the boss and his assistant, who is coincidentally going away as well, but she's only going to the KL office. but still, the office wont be the same after this :(

even amir came all the way from KL for this. sigh. sedih plak.

p/s: hoge hoge was this "performance" done by the marina boys for boss, to signal their respect and wishing boss all the best

things i love about melbourne #3


ok. might get a little too excited there. but ye lahh.who wouldnt?? especially since i love conservation so much XD

one thing we might need to learn from australia is how they are pro- heritage conservation; which adds to creating an identity for Melborune, and Victoria as a whole. their enthusiast in preserving a part of their history is something we definitely need to admire.

1. the melbourne gaol and watch house tower

the gaol was built in the 1800s, and the watch house tower was built adjacent to it, as a temporary lock up for tahanan (i forgot what its called in English) before they were rightfully/lawfully convicted of certain charges and be brought to the gaol.

i absolutely love the watch house tour, where they treat us as orang tahanan and locked us up in one of the cells, LOL. later of course they released us and gave us a tour around the place. each cells are opened for visitors to explore. we even get to take pictures as tahanan :P

inside the watch house

Ade muke pengganas takk

at the gaol, all cells are opened, similar to the watch house, only this time, each cells tells a story of the convicts that once inhabited the cells, complete with the death mask! *I didnt take any pictures of the death mask because TAKOOOTTTTT* . in case you're wondering what a death mask is, its the face of the convicts are they were hanged. *takooottttt*. one thing i do notice is that most of the convicts were immigrants and aborigines, i think it was due to the prominent discrimination and phobia of the Victorians against them.

and there was even a volunteer at the gaol who happily shared with all visitors about the infamous tale of Ned Kelly, the australian outlaw.

the gaol. scary kannn...

the volunteer telling us the tale of Ned Kelly

2. re-use of old buildings

old victorian houses lining the streets?Check. complete with intricate designs on the grilles? Check. Old factory turned into a university?Check. while still preserving the interior of the factory? Check Check. Old Victorian Buildings and infrastructure being preserved and maintained? Check Check Check.

a common scene in Melbourne and Geelong
Kuhaz's university was a wool factory in it's previous life. HAHAHA.

the interior of Deakin University. nice kannnnn
I've loads of other photos on conserved buildings. but takut nanti panjang ceghita sangat orang tak mau nak baca. I think that sums of the three things i love so much about my trip to melbourne. should there be anything else that i might have missed or would just like to add in, i will inform you the soonest i can (formal tak ayat aku. ade gaya professional takkk). poyo.