Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i am tired of the this skin

i need to change my skin. but i havent found the one i like yet.aiye.so bosan la like this.

the zoo and the taman

last sunday, 14 urp students (with the exception of amir of course), alighting 4 cars headed to the zoo. in full - knowing that my classmates are not the ones you would call quiet and very polite, the zoo recieved a bunch of loud, noisy and a bit screwed up in the head uni students.

when we arrived just in time to watch the elephant show, we confidently chose the second front row, dismissing the sign that says "you might get wet during the show". when i saw the elephant suddenly standing in front of us, i slowly hid behind the makcik in front of me and crept out of my seat as my other mates were flushed with the foul-smelling water. :D

we then watched the other animal show near the aquarium, we chose the thrid row (after learning the lesson the hard way), and i fell instantly in love with dobby and wished that my house actually has an aqaurium so that i can kidnap it back home. (dobby is a seal by the way)

later, we went to taman tasik perdana just to whisk away time, and actually had fun doing nothing at all. syakir and i aboarded this pedalling boat thingy and pedalled throughout the lake, until our boat got stuck in the middle of the lake. syakir and i actually thought that we had to swim back to the jetty, before a nice malay couple helped us out of our rut. sorry to disturb your romantic moments guys! :)

at the end of the day, i had a headache due to the smelly lifejacket, and because i had been under the sun too long. but nevertheless, i was happy i had the chance to enjoy the company of my classmates, and take stoopid pix, and being completeley carefree without having to worry of submissions of any projects, because we know later in the future we will never arrive at this chance again. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

im in a freezing lab

im in the postgraduate lab, and the lab is f***ing cold. right now we're learning the hands-on visual realization of traffic.its so cool.its like playing the sims.only that, you u build roads, and you get to drive on it.but the pc is so lembab that by the time i reach my bridge, the day has already turned into nightime.

my tunnels are lompong that it seems like the contarctor has a recurrence of financial disabilities because my tunnels just doesnt seem to be in perfectly straight and fully covered form. :)

im having a really hard time with accepting myself right now. i dont know that you still can have identity crisis or what so ever hardships you go through during early puberscent age at the of 21. aiyoh.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the fight

my boyfriend got beaten up by three of my collegemates.i dont really know what the real deal was, but all i could think of right now is, boys will always be boys. when people say that boys are smarter than girls, please people. i beg to differ. and i dont understand how a brawl can suddenly sound like hysteria when the guard came, expecting the latter, but actually had to deal with the former. i guess the guy who called the guards thought i yang kene hysteria (judging by the way i was screaming and flapping around).

i thought of backing off from being the emcee knwoing that id bump into those jaguh kampong that strangled my boyfriend, but then, come to think of it, why should i give them the pleasure? if they want a pice of me too, ill make sure i make them pekak first with my super-power voice that people thought i histeria.ayam said i was gelabah, but hebat that night. i couldnt agree more :)