Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To Kill a Mockingbird

Ive read the book for probably the hundredth time, yet it still makes me laugh. Books like these are becoming extinct by the day, they teach you values that are almost foreign in this 21st century. i really do not want to delve in some chick flick that bores the daylight out of me.

ive got a few books i have in mind (yg nanti bile tibe2 strike gold ada duit nak beli semua kat kinokuniya sebab tempat die best), sape2 nak suggest buku2 yg best silakan:
1. Life of Pi
2. The Alchemist
3. The Kite Runner
4. The Graveyard book
5. Caucasia
6. Politicians say the Darnest Things (saje2 sebagai hiburan)

Batuk sucks

i am really frustrated with this annoying cold/batuk/whatever. not only it makes me look like some ah1n1 carrier in the komuter and lrt, it also disrupts my social activities!

Ashaari smsed asking if i would like to be a volunteer for this MERCY program they're having in johor over the weekend. ecstatically i said yes, with only a shorlive joy, because my parents forbids me from going...*WHYYYYYYY

"you've got ths terrible batuk oso nak pegi, nanti bebudak tu kene jangkit jugak macamane", ibu told me for the umpteenth time.. :(


Sunday, July 26, 2009

the test,the lunch,ulu yam and loads of bitching and fun

okay..actually the bitching was just a strategy to spicen things up.. ;p

the test...well...what can i say?i get a major headache whenever my mind drifted to the event that took place in KLCC Petronas Tower 1, Level 63. i had to do two tests, which were math and english test. the math test was HORRIBLE. faliq said i may be exaggerating a little bit, like the last time i took the apt test at IBM and passed. but this time im not playing. it really was HORRIBLE. the english was okay though. so i took some comfort in that.

the lunchdate with Kak Aya turned out to be a bog girly lunch with her girlfriends, seeing twelve of us squeezing in a table for 8 at the apartment. although the service was REALLY SLOW, the company was great. her friends were really nice and FUNNY! kak aya said this will be good for my networking when i work in petronas..WTFISH??i am not even sure if im going to pass the test *groanssss

The trip to Ulu Yam turned out to be GREAT. although i couldnt take a dip in the river and resort to being the photographer, it was great to go out, meet new people and just laugh urself silly. *benci betul dengan this stupid cold*

mizi insisted on sending me back home due to my condition, it almost made me hug him real tight; he even called a few times before i took the train to gombak to make sure i was okay *awwww . so off we go, with hilman and charme keeping mizi company for the journey back to uia, and had our supper at the mamak near my house. these are one of the moments where im so grateful im blessed with great friends. :')

p/s: saw a woman who i presumed to be a corporate lady having o'briens sandwich as a takeaway meal. it somehow became a form of motivation for me..(its deeper than that actually)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

cepat habiskan kerja prof mansor

i really should finish up prof mansor's work. but im too lazy, and the cold is not helping either. this week is far from boring, and i dont know where i got this sudden zest in life.

tomorrow will be having my aptitude test at tower 1, Petronas Twin Towers. followed by a lunch date with my cousin, Kak Aya, which hopefully will include us two girls ogling at handsome corporate workers with their business suits.

saturday will be spent with mizi and his gang of misfits at Ulu Yam, the theme is Beachy Bitch. I have no idea how a beach and a river has in common, nevertheless, i know this picnic outing will be far than boring, given the "gila-ness" of the crowd is at the maximum level.

sunday, i will have to face my deepest fear of having to actually finish the job. *groan.. but hey! the sooner i finish it, the sooner i'll get my pay :)

cant wait to shop with those "hard-earned" money

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Updates on my weekend

a lot happened during the weekend.

first of all is the passing of my uncle, Pak Cik wan, the father of my cousins, Arin, Kak Aya, Aida and R.S. I was not around when my mum told me they were on their way to Pahang, and recieved a message the next morning that he has passed away. I am proud to have brave cousins like them. they even managed to crack jokes and laughed when i came over on sunday night. Al-fatihah to Pak Cik Wan.

Secondly, i got into Marcus Evans' training, but turned it down at the last minute when i recieved an email from Petronas inviting to go for an aptitude test this friday. *EEEKKK* my parents are ecstatic, and i am hoping that my dream will come true.. Insya Allah...

thirdly, met up with sue last sunday, at ikano, and it was nice spending time with her. it felt like she had never left, and the conversations seemed so normal, unlike certain friends that when they have left, getting back together will somehow seem awkward because both of you have grown distant throughout the period.

fourthly, i went out with faliq using the public transport. it was quite hilarious to see my boyfriend in a state of dumbfoundedness when we actually had to walk to the stations, and having to keep up with his many complaints on how much hassle it is taking the public. he ven thought he had gone darker after a 10 minutes walk (yes, a good smacking would have been appropriate), and later bought tickets to watch HP at 12.40. in the end, we went with his whole family (his mum and his sister), and came back at 4, completely drained and exhausted.

so, there you go, the updates of my life, not that im saying it was superbly interesting, but hey, its MY life, i wouldnt trade it with anyone else :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

trying to secure a job is HARD

so far i've been rejected by two companies, Shell and AJC, and IBM has yet to call me back regarding my interview. i think i'll just take that as another no. oh god. please give me strength to go through this.

okay..maybe i was being a towards the unemployed fresh grads when they were unable to secure a job, and now that it has happened to just speechless over this thing that is playing in my mind..WHY WONT THEY TAKE ME?? haiyoh..i can be a valuable asset to the company :(

at least i have Kumon to keep me company for a while :')

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


An egyptian lady, pregnant with her second child migrated to Germany following her husband who was on a research fellowship. she was a muslim, like i am, and you are (if the person reading this is a muslim) followed the teachings of God and wore the headscarf. little did she know that her neighbour, a russian of german descent was a spiteful racist, and accused her of being a terrorist.

owh, with the new age of civilization, such appaling accusation will never go unpunished, and so she testified against her neighbour who had even tried to take off her scarf on one occasion. little did she know that this deranged xenophobic man was a heartless lunatic. as he stabbed her 18 times in front of her two-year old son, her husban rushed to her aid, only to be shot "accidentally" by the security guard because the guards thought that "as long as he wasnt blond, he must be the attacker".

what is this? i am so appalled by this that all i can think of is the rage of what her family members must have felt like over this incident.

Oh God, i cant even write anymore.. <---- if you would like to read more of this madness

Monday, July 06, 2009

di kala bulan mengambang

when i was 14, i went to this "summer camp" (alah..kem ibadah tu boleh kira summer camp la jugakk), and the anticipated "women's talk" finally arrived on the last day of the camp. so here is this ustazah trying to break the evil-schemivel horrors of making out to a large group of tweens, who i think might even hyperventilate if a boy hold their hand. "sape yang belum dapat P*****?", she asked out loud. at the shot of lightning i raised my hand, only to realize that i was the only one who hasnt seen the moon. With flushed cheeks i retracted my hand, but the damage was done, EVERYONE knew i wasnt fully a grown-women (or a wanita sejati) according to the ustazah, and succumbed to DEEP humiliation as they laughed at my expense (budak kan, mane reti nak jaga hati orang and be sensitive).

The ustazah proceeded to telling us that when we've seen the "moon", we would somehow "rembeskan" a certain amount of aura that will attract the opposite sex, and this is where we, ladies (excluding me :< ) must be careful. guys want nothing more than to get it on girls. " that's why no guys have ever liked me", i wondered, blaming on my late physical-internal-system. two days later, i recieved a surprise after waking up. i was finally a WANITA SEJATI! owh how i wished i was still at the camp and reversed whatever happened that day. excitedly i went to school, to see if whatever the ustazah said was true, to see if guys are falling head over heels for the new me..HAH! there was none, nada, zilch. tipu je ustazah ni.

p/s: padahal tak sedar diri sendiri dorky giler (kids dont dig personalities when they're 14, they look at physical attributes la weh)

this picture was taken when i was picking up my sisters to school. dont be fooled by the grin, its just an act to cover my true expression (hot and bothered) because the air-cond broke down :(

Sunday, July 05, 2009

How to practice a DIY Laughter Therapy

kenape kita nak marah2..

apakata kita meng-happy-kan diri and enjoy! (macam lagu amy mastura tuh)

and tontonilah channel ntv7, ur feel good channel

better yet, enrol in a laughing therapy group. its scientifically proven to be good for your health :) i mean, here is a group of people who would get together, say, once a week, and just laugh their heads off.

laughter therapy is proven to:
1. strengthen your immune system
2. increases your intellectual performance
3. boost information retention

ini adalah contoh bagaimana anda boleh participate in a DIY laughter therapy:

1. cube mengawal emosi kemarahan dan jangan meletup lagi

2. buat posing bodoh (seperti gambar contoh ini, dimana saya berposing sebagai wanita ayu macam nak kene baling selipar)

3. Resultnya: anda akan tergelak dengan ke-ridiculous-an anda sendiri, thus practicing in a DIY laughter therapy

craving blamed on books

i had a really BIG craving for cake. i dont know what type of cake. but a cake. i blame 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' for this, when the part Anna visited her great aunt, and she served a great deal of cake with chocolate and whipped cream for tea, and also the part where she ate this cake with hazelnut puree with her mum..FISH. and also the book entitled 'Bookends' where Cath ate a whole danish pastry with marzippan filling...apakah..mengapa ia berbunyi sungguh enak sekali???

until today i didnt manage to get a hold on a slice of cake. even when i went to Pyramid with faliq and his colleague, aziq, for dinner. all i got was a chocolate dipped pretzel..but i think that's enough to satisfy my craving for now..and to add to that, i ate a humongous piece of toast dipped in susu pekat (i forgot what it's called in Bahasa).

there's always secret recipe in front of Billion if my craving spiral out of control ;)

the chocolate-dipped pretzel *sangat menggiurkan

cube untuk stuffkan semue roti ke dalam mulut hamba yang kecil ini

roti bakar besar gabak nak mampos.

kerja jual pizza

i forgot to upload some pictures i took when i was working as a pizza stall attendant. this was when i was in the process of finishing my project paper, and the ministry of agriculture was having this agro fair. one of my sisters' teacher is a pizza pah stockist, so she needed someone to man the stall during the weekdays, sape lagi..------>ME!

i met quite a lot of bizarre people, such as this two boys selling bahulus,and one of them had long, unruly hair. i dont even know why he wouldnt tie his hair up and actually look presentable, because hey, ur baking something! you wouldnt want to buy bahulu with bits of hair jutting out would you? but you know what?these government officers dont give a rat's ass if he has some unkepmt hair, the bahulu was selling like hot cakes! i was also disturbed by the fact that even though the clock showed that it was 10 am, there were still a huge number of workers were lounging at the macamane nak jadi pekerja yang efektif??

working as a salesperson has thought me a lot of lessons in life, most importantly, humility. not to be too arrogant when a customer approach, always have a smile on your face, even when you're in a battle mode with your boyfriend. and last but not least, always be courteous.

p/s:semasa jual pizza terserempak dgn shafiq saa'don and imran who dropped by to have lunch. imran still calls me pizza girl (-.-")

pizza pah actually tastes nice, if you're looking for a simple snack/meal

the ministry of agriculture yang tempatnya sangat cantik,

putrajaya ni memang takde rupe macam tempat government building lansung.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

uia oh uia

here i am. in gombak. at my aunt's house. tonight we're having a bbq dinner. we were outside, sitting at the front, eating sejambak rambutan, throwing the biji down the hill because we believe it will somehow degrade itself, since its natural stuff anyway.. when i realised how close i am to uia. i could see the mosque's minarets, that's how close my aunt's house to the campus.

somehow i miss uia..even though i hate it at the same time. sedih la pulak

dream job

my dream job:

1. work as a traveller in the travel & living channel

2. open up a chocolate store (factory is just too stressful) as an advocate planner (planning for minorities, and the disadvantaged) an actress

anyone interested in employing me, or have any contacts regarding any of the mentioned job, please do not hesitate to call me :)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

baru perasan yg diri ini penganggur

hari-hari aku duduk rumah.tunggu panggilan dari ibm.cuak jugak.macam detik hatiku mengatakan yang aku mungkin tidak berjaya. the 2 weeks are almost up, and i still have yet to hear from them.

hari-hari hantar adik pergi dan balik sekolah.sampai satu ketika tu, baru perasan yang tangan sebelah kanan lagi gelap dari sebelah kiri. rasa macam nak nangis ade, nak potong tangan letak artificial limb ada, nak scrub exfoliate dan segala bende untuk pulihkan balik pun ade, tapi lebih baik endah kan je la

hari-hari dok tatap kerja editing prof mansor. sampai naik bosan dah. bila lah nak siap and get it over and done i can get my money in the end..*ka-ching

hari-hari tgk tv pukul 3.30, lalola and then tunggu sampai pukul 5 for spongebob. rasa macam takde life giler..

hari-hari terasa macam nak melarikan diri ke satu tempat secluded and jauh dari orang ramai.

i think post-graduation has just kicked in. penganggur symptom has kicked in and it is not fun.

life is a sebakul sayur

like is like a box of chocolates. that's what everybody says. i dont even get it. why is it a box of chocolates? does it mean that once the chocolate runs out, life is as miserable as hell?or does it mean that life depends on what chocolate you have? if its some rm2 zip bar, its not as good as a an rm20 godiva bar. kannn???

i tak faham la quote ni...

kalau chocolate tak mahal, but still sedap macamane?still okay kan?kenape nak a box of chocolate?kenape tak sebakul sayur?its something that u have to stuff it in, no matter how bitter and icky it tastes..that makes sense kan?