Wednesday, November 25, 2009


walaupun gaji pangkat pencacai, but it's still my first paycheck!! (disregarding the paychecks i got from AJM :P )

Monday, November 23, 2009

Al Fatihah for izu's dad

condolences and al-fatihah for my dearest friend and one of the best roomates ive ever had, Izu; her father has just passed away this evening at 2pm.

right now i hate being here because i cant be there for her. i hope she will be okay.

a short trip that kept me sane :)

a walk by the beach will certainly loosen some of those tensed muscles of yours :)

this is the cardigan im dying to get but at the moment "no money" kicks in and i wished i couldve just shoplifted it....>.<

last weekend i followed my housemate back to her hometown in PD as a quick excuse to get away from Johor.

i know i workload hevent even piled up and yet im complaining..but hey, you're not the one stuck at the end of the peninsular with no form of entertainment execept for a few lousy singaporean channels.

so i'll say this, the trip did me good, and i came back to work energized and ready to boom it all out. im going to have to start finding a new hobby as so to keep
my emotional health in check.

p/s:we didnt get to take a dip in the laut because it rained, so the best we had was a walk by the beach. pictures will be uploaded later in facebook. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

a fruitful day it was yesterday

me in the corporate uniform of UEM Land. rase macam pekerja kilang pun ade :P

God! Yesterday was an utterly exhausting day! But im quite excited now that my work pace has finally increased a little as compared to before. Before lunch, we had a signing ceremony between UEM Land Berhad and UM Land regarding the Sales & Purchase agreement for a commercial building here. And right after the ceremony there was a meeting between the consultants and the CEO of UEM Land regarding the CS4-1; a mixed use development that will implement green building technology. its a treasured experience I wouldn’t trade with anything else to be able to sit in a meeting with an international architecture firm (the name is HOK International, it’s one of the largest in the world I think); which takes the proposal slightly up the notch as compared to local architects along with the CEO of UEM Land. This is even confirmed by local architects themselves :) even though right now we’re only in the conceptual design stage, it is indeed a new learning experience for me to understand the built environment industry better.

p/s: I keep seeing the motivation that could drive me towards achieve my goal, but i have yet to know the way around to it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

stylish muslims

ive become increasingly fascinated with muslim fashion. actually this is not a new thing, ive started since i entered uia. well, if you must know, uia is the melting pot of various muslim fashion that looks great and modest. it might not look like what average malaysians would wear, but it does make a few heads turn. :)you see all these foreign students who are not afraid to wear whatever they like. outfits in various dazzling colours and styles, they even go for the layering look even though its 30 degrees celcius! but nevertheless, ive always admired their sense of style, some might oppose to it, saying they look plain ridiculous, but i think its all about confidence, and knowing you look good :)

recently i encountered this blog, it gave me great insights on how to look cool without compromising your religious requirements :) maybe i should work on fine tuning my dressing style..hahaha

Monday, November 16, 2009

another day kat puteri harbour

today a big ship is parked at the marina. it belongs to TMJ. (Tunku Mahkota Johor). the name of the ship is Aminah, after one of his daughters. i think. and every once in a while the ship will blow its horn/bunyi honk yg kapal bunyik tuh, shocking the lives out of us here.

warna ship tu biru..macam a luxurious ship, unlike the other boats parked here. other boats paled in comparison to this particular ship.ship ni macam bukan jenis "orang travel the whole world with this ship" that depicts the hardships of having to go through the treacherous sea and bla bla, its more like a "im rich and im on a private cruise to majorca, and ade orang yg bawakkkan this ship".

so bile ship ni park kat sini, die macam out of place sikit. sebab harbour ni macam untuk orang yg jenis redah aje, tak main class2 ni..tapi takpelah..die ade kat sini macam style la jugak kan..

seronok dapat pulang sebentar

went back last weekend and it was awesome! i think it is true. that when you are away from the ones that you love, you will appreciate them more. like how i went back early after an outing with my besties just so i can spend some time with my family. *which i never did if i go out with my friends before i moved*

relishing all those moments, even if it is just for a short breakfast makes the 5-hours trip back home worthwhile :)

Friday, November 13, 2009


when i listen to......, it reminds me of......:

1. angus and julia stone (just a boy) - sue
2. chevelle songs - radhi
3. Bob Sinclair (World Hold On) - nina
5. Radiohead (No surprises) - Japan
6. Estelle (American Boy) - Faliq
7. Lady Gaga (Poker Face) - Mizi
8. Arctic Monkeys (Fluorescent Adolescent) - Kori
9. Batmobile (its the ringtone for my smses) - Kuhaz
10. Spongebob Squarepants theme song - my family, because i always watch spongebob when im at home :(
11. Coldplay (Amsterdam) - when i was doing my practical in Kelana Jaya

there..this will actually fill my time while i wait for the office hours to end and i can go home :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

homecoming plans will be put off for now

my sisters thought that i am on a road trip or a program. they didnt know i will be staying here for a long time. when they asked me when im coming home, i cried after putting down the phone. maybe because deep inside i realized i am in a state of denial. i kept thinking that this is only a temporary post. im out of here sooner or later.

having to rebuild my life from scratch, meeting new people, and having to get used to being alone most of the time can actually take a toll on your self-esteem. i need a booster. im really starting to get annoyed with the frequent mentions of my ex. but im going to have to suck it up for now. after all, im barely two weeks old here.

its funny how this has always been what i wanted, i.e. getting a job in a MNC, moving to a new place to acquire new experiences, and now that i've got it, the only thing on my mind is home.

what is cinta and love?

how can you define cinta in English? the greatest love maybe? if sayang has already encompass love, then cinta is a totally different level of love.

people dont go around saying "saya cinta awak" or "baby, i cintakan you"; well, except for maybe in malay dramas (because dah name drama pun, so overly dramatic is their niche)

people say,"i sayang you", or "saya sayang awak".

i guess cinta is reserved for the only one who deserves it. our greatest love of all. our Creator. "saya cintakan Allah", that's what people would say. because to sum up the feeling of love for Him is well, impossible.

Monday, November 09, 2009

cant wait for friday :)

facebook has been blocked by my company..whattttt...anyways, i am sooo looking forward to friday, because ika will pick me up and we'll have a sleepover at her room in UTM. and this weekend..FALIQ MIGHT BE COMING OVER, ALONG WITH NINA!

YAY! today i had such a big fat smile on my face that i didnt really care im actually stranded in a middle of nowhere called nusajaya. :D

but so far, working here is okay la. last saturday there was an event at the harbour, and i get to take pictures with Barney and Pingu :) owh, and not to forget, Yasmin Yusoff who was the emcee that day :) and later that night we had a live band performing and a bbq party along with the boaters and i had the chance to dance with them.

p/s:i bought tickets for raya haji already!hahaha..tak sabar giler nak balik, padahal lagi 3 minggu

Friday, November 06, 2009


these are two of my six housemates when i was in GEMS. i was exceptionally close to enard, the one with the cute bob, and nad. suddenly i miss them a lot; especially when i start to think about my current housemates. :( this picture was taken on the night when i was leaving GEMS. we cried till but still managed to put on a smile in front of the camera.

my housemates, ijat, tiqa, fara, zura, enard and nad; is an eccentric bunch of people, and i miss their eccentricities. :(

i wish them all the best. and hopefully they will acheive their goals and dreams.

my workplace

this is my cubicle. this is a usual view of it when it rains.
however, leaking roofs aside, my office is a really nice place to be at.the other two pictures are the sceneries of the office :)


When you left, you leave behind a trail of your so-called “legacy” and forgotten friends who still remember you. When I left, you made it sound to the whole world how cruel I was, without pointing the same finger to yourself.

All these while I was feeling guilty, waiting for the reckoning for whatever I did to you; well, it has finally subsided. I don’t need this anymore. Oh, and as for the job, I earned every right to be there, out of my own qualifications and effort. I certainly did not owe it to you. I am perfectly capable of achieving it on my own.
thank you very much

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

summary of life that moved too fast to savour

How can I sum up all the things that has happened in my life? I cant. Life moved as quick as a lightning with a burning desire to retain what I had, felt, or experienced; and yet I know the only way I can go now is forward.

My GEMS experience is one that I will never forget. I don’t regret joining the program because what I gained in return is much more rewarding than the prior desire to get the allowance allocated for us participants. I pushed myself to become more than I was before. I was more outgoing, expressive, and active. I participated in events I never knew I would, such as public speaking. I gained new knowledge and skills that will benefit me in the future, and last but not least, I gained good friends that I hope will last me a lifetime. The late-night mamak visits, karaoke, bowling during lunchtime, and even swimming with the four boys had given me memories that I will treasure for life.

And now im in Johor, under the YES trainee program for UEM Land. A big transition from the busy city life in KL to a new one in Johor, Gelang Patah to be exact. I have to admit that im not made of stone. I have only been here for 4 days, and I miss my home like crazy. The impending thought that I will remain here permanently almost exhaust my tears. But I know deep down is I have to do this for my family. For myself. To push myself to a new territory that I never know of before, to challenge myself. I can definitely do this.

Before I left, I was given the opportunity to enjoy the company of my friends. In GEMS, they held a small going-away party for bob and i. the geng larut malam even took me out for a last mamak visit for my favourite roti canai garing. I had the lala session with me ex-roomies and it was great catching up. And last but not least, my ring of friends that I will always treasure, mizi, nina and radhi, along with their respective partners, hahaha. The dinner at klcc was as casual as ever, as if it was not a goodbye, just a reassurance that things will always remain this way. Nothing will ever change. And the same goes to my relationship with faliq. Things will remain steadfast as ever.

On my first day, I received countless calls and sms-es from friends, families and the other haf asking how I was doing. Mizi, nina, shahir, zura, nad, ika, my parents, and my faliq. Thank you for your concerns. I love you guys.

p/s: two tutors (en. Ismail and Tuan Faiz) has told me that I will do well here in UEM. I should proof to them that they’re right, right?