Monday, April 28, 2008

my home

i've somehow found a spot that i can call my comfort zone.though i dont really think that i actually have one before this.not even at home.i mean..where is home?now home is not referred to the physical structure that you have been assigned to a room that you can decorate or you can invite your friends home i where my family is, my home is where my friends are, my home is where faize is.

i think that has somehow made me stronger.cynical.of cant really run away from that,it is bound to happen.but it has molded me into someone i never thought i could be 7 years ago.

yesterday i dreamt of my old home in subang.i didnt want to wake up.that aching feeling re-surfaced after it was stored away collecting wasnt the first time i dreamt of that haas somehow unable to entangle itself from my if it wants me to remember it always.i never knew a house can be such a haunting ....i dont know..i couldnt find the right word at the moment.

im sorry i had to leave wasnt my choice.but just so you know, ive always thought about you.but i think i need to move on now.i cannot stay here, in this confined box in this head of mine that keeps on whispering to me that this is all a dream.a dream does not go on for 7 years,a dream wouldnt have been able to hurt you.this is the reality.and now you are the dream that ive been living in all these years.good bye 53,ss19/5B.i will always love you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the results are out!!!!

my results are quite okay...despite the fact that i failed research method... :( anyways..thank god i still managed to maintain my 3 point cg..fuuhhhh~ thank god for tourism and english.

yesterday i went home early.the first time since i started this practical 6.30..woohoo!!!a record!!(boleh la balik awal since big boss takde.haha)balik awal pun tak gune, because after realizing that an inconvient truth is only premiering the next night and not the fated day in which i came home early..i swithced on my laptop and continue doing the master plan pokli (this urban designer in my office.he's really cool) gave to me earlier. *im such a dork.

i feel like having choco top.but no one wants to go to mcd with me. :( *padahal ofis dekat giler dgn mcd.jalan sendiri la woih!

Monday, April 21, 2008

random rants

yesterday i went to klcc with radhi.a breath of social relationship has somehow lighten up my dampen mood. thank you radhi :) even if we didnt really do anything..haha...

today the exam results will be out..and i am almost on the verge of freaking out.note the almost.

i dont know if you're allowed to be confused in what you want to do after you graduate...because you're supposed to know by this time around.unfortunately,im still confused.practical training has changed my perceptions on the wonders of being in the working scene.

i miss my boyfriend.i miss home.and i miss my friends.

Friday, April 18, 2008

working again...

i think im starting to get used to this...working i mean..

the working scenario

working for almost 2 weeks got me to thinking the real deal when you're actually you get excited waking up everyday ready to embrace the new tasks and workloads awaiting you at the office?are you willing to commit yourself to the life of not having any time for your social needs and you have come down to the reality that your office mates are all you have?

do you go back home everyday to realize that you havent sat down and have a proper meal with your family the whole week you're working?by the time you managed to make it to the house, the other members are already tucked in their bed?

where is that spirit to look forward to a new and exciting day ahead?where is that zest when the commercial area where you're office is situated is the only area you managed to get around before going back to the office after lunch.

i never knew office life could be so...mundane.almost unbearable u to a certain extent.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

work so far...

now i hardly come home on time.last week maybe i was actually given the chance to leave the office early, but this week..oh my god..the others look as if they were going to spit in my face if i do clock my time out at 6.tapi diorang balik takpe..aiyoh..dont understand la this ofis..

finally i have my own pc..its quite nice to have my own space.i hate being in the way of others..aiyeh...cant wait for this to be over.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

work bebeh

right now im at the ofice stealing some time to blog because ive just finished a heritage building plan using adobe illustrator.wuiyoh...syaza learned a new software.its not so bad.haha.

the office where im currently undergoing my practical training is not so bad.the people are friendly and i am actually enjoying myself.haha

the life right now is not so bad.maybe ill hate it later on.but right now i feel great because now i know what it feels like to be in a working life. :)