Wednesday, August 27, 2008

friendship lessons..

i read an old friend's blog and realized how distant we've grown. i bet she wouldn't even understand whatever i wrote in my blog because yes..i am a blog "discriminator". i blog about things that only my closest friends know about.

but to think about the friends that come and go, it saddens me at the fact that i do move on pretty fast. dont get me wrong, that emotional switch button do turns on once in a while, but it doesn't get to me as bad as it used to. i think i have to thank ayam for that. for making me a bit hard on the inside.

moving to bangi taught me a lot of things that i dont think ill ever learn if i were to stay in subang. self-acceptance, family, and the art of being friends for a really LOOONG time, that no matter what happens, "i got your back" phrase will be a normal thing to say.

being in uia taught me that friends reflect who you really are and the beautiful secret of complementing each other.. as well as forgiving one's mistakes..believe me....we have gone through a LOOOONNNNGG way just to learn that one right.

having friends are easy, staying friends is hard work. i think all it takes is the effort we make.

i miss them already

my two girlfriends have just graduated. this is it then..this formally shows that whatever association they have with uia is now over......ALAHHHHH......

guys..congratulations...i love you guys always!!UIA IS SUCH A F***ED PLACE WITHOUT THE TWO OF YOU!!!!!


the cuddling and talking was one of the things i remember most about you. you are one special guy do you know that?

today's class research method class today went pretty well..i think che din was in quite a good mood..because 1, i was not the target of his customary verbal abuses (in fact there was none to anyone today)..and 2, he even joined us for breakfast during the break.

i think he was pretty happy with the quiz results. i was about to get to that..hehehe...i passed!!!woot woot!!in fact i think everyone passed. and i got a B!

and i was even on the verge of liking che din today(i meant as liking him as my fav lecturer....NOT in any other way...PLEASE)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the loss of my bestfriend

i have yet to come terms with the loss of my bestfriend. the easiest way to deal with it is by keeping the emotional bursting shut and i was off to a fine day ahead.

i still havent found a way to express my "inner" feelings. i hope my head is still okay.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

first encounter

he came after the yasin recitation ended. with his high songkok, and goody-two-shoes, clean linen clothes, he looked like the exemplary UIAM student. (but of course he isnt)

"wuih, like pierre andre", anti ana nudged me. i almost choke in my tawar sirap. and the fact that she introduced him to my dad (who loathes pierre andre) as pierre andre was ......comical to put it short.

he ate until he was stuffed. waiting for my mother to come back from a friend's kenduri. i was too busy with whatever chore anti ana shouted at me, so he was keeping himself occupied watching me, and the rest of the family members. my sisters had a good laugh when i poked him (and he twitched like he always do). and mama couldnt recognized him because he was wearing his Tunku Abdul Rahman songkok (or so that's what he calls it)

my cousins had a good round of calling him a skema boy to his face, while he laughed and called my cousin an old lady. everyone was in a jolly mood. even when my mom came back, and said "if you can put up with her, i salute you", still everyone laughed jovially.i think that should count as something right?

well faliq hakim, welcome to the Rahman's family. the worse is about to come

friendship vs. boyfriend

i have to admit that i have this habit of being too "involved" with my relationship that i tend to "overlook" the hanging-out-with-friends part. my biggest regret was when anne came back last year and i only get to see her once. my excuse was? too busy (which was partially true, but most of the time i was too busy snogging ayam).

how did i let this get between me and my friends?im not sure myself.i guess it sort of happened unconciously that by the time you actually realized it, two years have passed. i dont think i want that to happen.and this year, i missed her birthday bash which was not due to me snogging faliq, but because of the stoopid impian meeting).

and the fact that my previous boyfriend dont really fancy the idea of hanging out with my buddies sort of put a strain there. i should actually learn my lesson when that happened. who in this world would want to go out with a guy who hates your friends?well, love blinded me (like a LOT). and this is my heartfelt apology.

now im trying to revive what's lost.some friends have stopped altogether from asking me out. and some even grew distant. please give me a chance to remedy this.

p/s: thank you faliq for making the effort to hang out with my friends. you dont know how much that means to me. i love you baby.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

life is okay so far.

im a spontaneous i dont know if i can actually categorize myself to be in any particular group..because i find myself a mixture of almost not quiet..but there are somethings that i reserve to myself..i love meeting new people, but mostly i enjoy spending time with a small group of close friends.

whew...anyways...che dins class today was almost breeze-like.i came late for the quiz, but i think i did better than the 1st quiz last sem...hope so :)

so..two quizzes down..another one to go....then ill be off to meet my baby :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

che din's class part3

yesterday's class with che din of course didnt go well.but by the time he was hurling his routine verbal abuses, i have already switched myself to a numb mode.even his threats to fail me again fell on deaf deaf ears.

sometimes i wonder what did i ever do to aggravate the old man.

im a superstar

this month alone im bogged down with 5 assignments, continous quizzes every week, and a hell lot of events/activites to attend.

i feel like a star :) hahahaha

but anyway, just to recap whatever happened last week, the drums festival was a blast. hanging out with your close girlfriends adds to it. being close to your lover is another thing, and last but not least, being able to spend your time with your family is the greatest. although i was given the task to become the family's driver, i was happy nonetheless to be able to "berkhidmat" to my mum.

happy belated birthday ibu.i love you.always.