Thursday, November 17, 2011

kahwin punya pasal

people have been bugging me..asking when the hell am i going to get married.well..if i knew when.i wouldve told you right?i almost snap.because it is a sensitive issue.i dont want to be compelled into getting married just because im at the 'right' age.i know for sure i am not mentally and financially ready to settle down.i dont even know if im with the right guy!heck.i know faliq is amazing.but there are times where u wonder if he is ur jodoh.

sometimes i hope that god would expedite this phase so i wont get harassed by kepochi makciks who's got anything better to do than mind other people's business.but then again..they would prolly continue harassing me when im married by asking when will i get a kid.

there's no pleasing 'em old folks!but for now.i guess one of the reasons i was suddenly eager to get married was because i was envious of my cousin.she had recently got married.and she seemed genuinely happy.and i envy that.hving a new member in the just a messed up kid who just didnt want to lose out in the race.

but who am i kidding.i dont want to get married for the sake of getting married.i want to be sure i will find the ok giy who will be there through thick and thin no matter what.

i dont have to grow up just yet :)
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