Monday, August 31, 2009

ni dah tahap takde keje giler dah ni

i would usually spend my nights being awake until sahur. thus, the routine of surfing through the channels while waiting for the clock to strike 4 begins. since i do not have astro (yes, i am one of 1% malaysia's population which do not have astro, thank you very much), the choices of the channels goes down to only two channels which airs 24 hours tv programme, TV1 & TV2. you must be thinking, "poor syaza, it must be hard to watch these government channels that airs complete bollocks". but u are wrong indeed (although the prospect of having astro, which has 5-7 educational channels such as discovery channel, nat.geo, travel and living, etc. u get the idea, is very tempting indeed).

it has taught me that despite ridiculous scripts, and completely horrible acting, there is substance in the dramas aired on tv2 (i usually stick to tv2 because tv1 airs terawih session in Mekah, anda pun akan berbuat begitu jika berada di tempat saya). like the "The Love Circle", it shows how friendship and acceptance is beyond race, because it doesnt matter anymore, now that we are all 1Malaysia. In "Fatimah Najwa", the lesson is, dont be a psychotic stalker, your suitor will find you creepy and annoying until he has to take a detour around the neighbourhood just to avoid you.

but i strongly recommend the drama "Paz Ah-Bahrn (After the rain, in Iranian)". yes! you guessed it right!its an Iranian drama! the casts are all talented and good looking, the plot is great, and its nice to listen to a foreign language for a change.

ayam berkokok kembali

how do you react when a friend told you that ur ex is getting married?

a. mata terbeliak and mulut ternganga
b. menangis uncontrollably because u still miss him and wish he'll come back to you, because no one can ever be good enough for him except for you (ni bapak pompous giler)
c. berkata "wow"
d. tidak terkata apa2 sambil menahan senyum fake

saya pilih c. much as it surprises me, im happy for him, a little stunned, because i can never imagine him getting married so soon, but happy for him. its due time anyway. :)

hey, orang tua, semoga anda berbahgia hingga ke anak cucu ;)


In conjunction with Merdeka, I think it will only be fitting for me to write something about Merdeka. I’m quite a loyal follower of a Chinese drama, “The Love Circle”, in which one of the casts is an Indian speaking fluent Chinese, with a number of Malays playing their colleagues at the office. Although the story can go a tad haywire and a bit nonsensical, I find it refreshing to watch a drama that shows what Malaysia is all about. Different races and cultures merging to become one identity is a recipe many countries have tried to adopt, yet fail miserably. We, as Malaysians should be proud that we are all housed under one roof without your neighbour of different race trying to torch your house, or commit discriminatory acts that violates your right to have a peaceful and normal life.

Don’t just blindly promote 1 Malaysia just because the PM says so, do it because you believe in it (This goes to RTM, which suddenly goes on a blind rampage of having all programmes with lame “keharmonian bangsa” theme that was never aired before this). Race should never have become an issue, especially in a country like Malaysia. We are where we are now because of this strong unity. Let us not give in to dirty, unscrupulous political tactics adopt by wannabe politicians out to have a miniscule moment in the limelight. Let’s just be Malaysians who enjoys nasi lemak, char kuey teow and roti canai that we have always been.

p/s: shame on those who politicized religion and race for their own personal gains, have they no common sense at all?? ever heard of compromise and tolerance? look it up in the dictionary stupid

Saturday, August 22, 2009

berbuka sama2

the nice thing about ramadhan is it gives you an excuse to meet old friends you havent met for the longest time to catch up again for "berbuka".

Nina, i havent seen you in awhile, and i miss you! make sure we berbuka sama2 during merdeka tau like you mentioned! we'll round up the gang (sape je pun kan, radhi and mizi) and catch up k?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ramadhan nak dekat dah

Ramadhan is inching near..and i have yet to finish my ganti puasa.. (hari-hari kene marah oleh ibu sebab suka put it off till the very last minute)..and sangat tak sabar nak puasa because ramadhan is awesome! I'll get my dose of Jejak Rasul, bazaar ramadhan yang banyak makanan (ooohhhh...terliur nye) and last but not least, no hantu!!yay!!!

im going for an interview for the Government Employment Scheme tommorrow morning, which will see that if i do become successful, i will stand a chance to work with government - linked companies such as UEM, Khazanah, and etc.

i am beyond nervous, but it feels good to be remembered that you've sent an application and actually recieve a reply in return..hahaha..(sarcastic nak mampos)..

last sunday Faliq came to my relative's kenduri, and i was bombarded with the usual, annoying, and utterly pointless question, "Bila nak kahwin?"..aiyoh....penat la...

I saw sparks

Whenever i look at my old pictures, it makes me feel old. Looking at my once youthful, bright face leaves me feeling jaded, and somewhat regrettable of mistakes i could have undo, or mend things over. But i am every bit glad of how my life has turned out so far. I have amazing friends, friends whom you are so thankful to be able to call them the ‘f’ word in your entire mundane life. I might not have that many friends, but i know i have great handful of friends whom i could count on. Friends who don’t judge, friends who makes you feel at home, friends who do not impose their set of values upon you, but lets you know the other side of the story nonetheless, friends who is behind you 100% even when you chose a less popular choice in life. For now I am with this amazing guy, who might not be as perfect as I wanted him to be, but I know in each and every action that he makes, he loves me dearly, and so do i; I don’t regret taking that leap to find him, because to me, to gain something that is valuable, will come with some costs, and consequences. I have a family that I will forever be in love with. My parents might not be the most liberal parents there are, but they have been my biggest supporter and rock. They had assured me that I will forever be loved, even if I become a bum and decide to not work for the rest of my life. I have two great sisters, who might be learning disabled, but is never short of love. They never judge and have never made me feel so stupid that I wish others could see how beautiful they are.

not a gig-virgin anymore

I realized that it takes a whole two minutes for my laptop to fully load itself.

I had my first experience of going to a gig last Wednesday, which was a charity gig at KLIUC. Now, from my very own understanding, please feel free to correct me if im wrong, a gig is a mini concert held in a small, enclosed area; whilst a concert is a HUGE musical performance held at a HUGE, WIDE, OPEN SPACE. So, yeah, last Wednesday was my first experience of going to a gig because the Hoobastank concert and the two Rock-The- World concerts i went to was definitely not a gig.

Anyway, back to my gig-going experience, i would say it was very much a tame, controlled and passive experience. There was no jumping, mosh-pit involvements, tolak2 with sweaty people; because, firstly, i spent the first couple of hours sitting on the floor at the back of the hall with my friends, as well as standing outside the hall as faliq and iqram had a few puffs. And the rest of the evening were spent sitting at the vip seat because we knew the PC (which was Amin who is Azreen’s boyfriend and Azreen happens to be Renee’s cousin a schoolmate of mine when i was schooling in Subang), and knew one of the performers (Syahrul from the band Love Me Butch who is a friend of Faliq and the rest of his Studio gang whose wedding in Terengganu i went to) which added to the advantage of being able to get a seat at the VIP section, away from the crowd (when all i really wanted was to be with the crowd, feeling the hype and jumping around like crazy jumping beans).

The bands who performed that night was great, especially the more popular ones like Love Me Butch and Bunkface, and Caprice (haha, who would’ve thought Caprice has a huge fan base at KLIUC?) as they really connect with the crowd. Another band worth mentioning was The Otherside Orchestra, the vocalist was a mind-blowing singer (i fell in love with her because im half-lesbian takdelah joking lawak bodoh je, and her songs instantly).
So, all in all, it was a great night, so much for fretting over what i should wear huh? When it happened to be such a mellow affair after all (haha sue, sia-sia je i poyo piker nak pakai ape,pakai slipper pun takpe sebenarnya). But i don’t think i lost to those gig-going-girls-who-oozes-the-i’ve-been-to-gigs-millions-of-times-aura because i think they just look plain ridiculous. i mean come on, who goes to gigs wearing a barely there skirt and killer platform heels? (Them obviously, those girls yang name panjang sgt nak sebut) (owh and sue, nasib tak pakai baju checkered sebab berlambak giler minah pakai). I went back at 3.30 am with a sore throat, a great memory of a first gig, and a major repercussion from ayah the next day for coming home so late.

p/s: syahrul cakap tengok gaya macam bukan first time je pegi gig. I think maybe it’s because of the way I hollered and got overly excited at times (especially when sam the vocalist of bunkface got down from the stage and walked towards the crowd).

Friday, August 07, 2009

gara-gara ah1n1

my eyes grew watery and my body temperature was 38.8 celsius. they made me wait for 3 and a half hours just so they could take my blood samples and check if i was free of AH1N1. as i lolled in and out of conciousness, i asked the nurse when my would be my turn only to be harped back rudely saying i needed to wait for an hour to get the results of my blood samples, when two persons who took their blood samples had already went in and out of the clinic less than 10 minutes.

maybe these nurses needs to learn some manners and general courtesy, but i was too sick to even make a fuss. my head felt like it was about to burst anytime and all i wanted was to get home immediately.

at least i took some comfort in the fact that my doctor was a really nice guy. cheers to these medical practitioners who didnt beat a sweat even when facing with hordes of angry, sick patients.