Wednesday, February 27, 2008

is uia what it is supposed to be?

the very idea of creating uia in the first place was to create a platform for the muslim to thrive in the latest knowledge and technology. the idea of educating students in an islamic environment is indeed an ideal and perfect condition of producing students of high quality as well as high ethics and values.

sadly,this is not the real scenario pertaining uia.though the rules and regulations are made to exemplify the close to perfect being, the results rae not quite what they are expecting. people, are full of flaws. people, make mistakes.

the lecturers are supposed to be the model muslim teacher are exhibiting the mentality and personality of a 'kampung' person. the students?big,labuh tudung,wearing the 'kopiah'?are they islamic enough?is cutting queues and driving like a madman islamic for you?is backbiting and discriminating others islamic for you?the staffs?well,lets not get to that shall we?

the current uia now has deviate from the main and sole purpose why it was built.why is this happening?why are the students deprived from its right to have a healthy and productive learning envrionment instead of being shoved outdated lectures and close-minded perceptions of the lecturers.sudents need to be given the space to find themselves, and be able to express their ideas without being condemned and persecuted.i think, uia has failed from its original course.


if i want to be a superstar..i have to have straight teeth, zero tummy, zero cellulite, and the perfect attitude.

i think id rather be me. at least i still have people who'd stick by me :D haha

haiyoh haiyoh haiyoh

im not sure if the other uni kids are going through what we are now, but the workload is gila man...

at least ive completed my research proposal, found an advisor for my project paper, secured a place for practical training, and about to go for my jpj test.

JPJ TEST?? scared shitless la..i hate the bukit.bukit sux.

i cant wait for you to come back home :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

not so unhappy anymore

wow.sue.u made my day. :) thank you for the blogpost.

i admit that i succumbed to work pressure.campuslife, as we all know it, is a one BIG crappy thing that we will cherish forever. but right now,im not really going into that cherish art just yet.maybe in 10 years time.

nina came by and hug.nina's really good with hugging.somehow when she did that,your problems feel like a puny chore you can handle,when the fact that its like a life-threatening thing.

i am amazed by how little things can lift you up.i should be out there more often.instead of moping around like a zombie.

today.i will finish my research proposal with flair.tomorrow,you will see me as your UN/national geographic girl ;) im starting to believe that it is possible.i do have the right to be something big,even if i wasnt much of an achiever like "you". i have all the love and suport i need to push you?owh..i "bet" you do. *smirks* (note: this is an issue i had waaaayyy case anybody thinks this is about them.there's a possibility its not)


i cant stop blogging about about my unhappiness because yeah, im unhappy.sorry guys.but hey,how am i supposed to channel my unhappiness?

these sickening moments really do come often not really sure what instigated it, but it happens frequently.currently i feel like killing the lecturer that is putting me through hell for making me feel like a fucking idiot and forcing me to complete the assignment that i dont have any idea how to do it.i am fucking lost.and my grades are going to be as low as ever.sometimes being friends with top students really do have its downside.(im not saying i dont like being friends with you guys,but right now im just hating myself for being so stupid)

why am i not doing the assignment right now?because i have been trying to write it down and et i am unable to do it.i cant think of anything.i hate should hate myself for not being able to do the assignment.

im unhappy.i dont know who to turn to.i called you and you didnt you know im unhappy rite now?do you know im hating this distance right now?i hate you know that?i cant stand this anymore.i think i might go bonkers with all these bullshit.i never know that studying can be such a crappy thing.

Friday, February 08, 2008

the utopian campus life

sara mentioned the other day that it's nearly the end of the semester already.i was quite stunned to hear that because it only seemed like a week ago that i just moved into the room for 2nd semester.

as the end of semester draws near, quite a lot of frustrating emotions were swirling in my ' is the fact that i have yet to achieve my perfect campus life. you know, enjoying every moment being in the uni?reading under the tree, meeting new people everyday,joining in interesting clubs and societies, and all that shitty things they portray in the freaking tv.its not real!!!i cant believe i've been duped.

lecturers being open-minded and classes as interesting as a freaking broadway play,you dressing really casually enjoying an interactive and informative debate about the current world issues with your classmate...well...there're all LIES!!!

which reminds us all ladies and gentlemen,the evil.the end.

good byes are never easy

i cried when you drove off. im such a wimp.

i know you'll be worried about me.i am a 'budak kecik' after all. :) but i'll be fine. there's nothing i can't handle. :)

i'll wait for days here are numbered anyways.i'm beginning to miss you.i hate this

this gratitudeness dont come that often

I think ive been pretty lucky in life. I have supportive parents and a great family as a whole. I have an incredible boyfriend, great friends, and my studies are not so bad. I don’t even know why im so depressed and disappointed with life at times. I admit that sometimes I go overboard and get carried away about the fact that my life is not that fulfilling in terms of monetary, but nevertheless, I don’t think im up to the point that I have to scrimp for food everyday. So I think im pretty good right now. Yes, maybe I don’t have a car, nor had enough money to go for the switchfoot concert, but hey, im still pretty good rite?

I still have killer clothes, my shoes, and bags are well taken care of, so what’s the fuss? I should stay this way more often.

Being depressed is not such a sunny expression. It’s not good for my image. Hah!