Monday, November 26, 2012

Wedding Bells

With the wedding date set tentatively end of next year; my head is already buzzing with lists of things to do/plan/reserve/make/you name it. 

thankfully one of my best friends, Sabrina, is getting married next year too, only her wedding is earlier than mine. which will be in May; so i have someone to refer to when it comes to quotations and prices. :) who knew hiring a photographer and videographer will cost a bomb? 6 grand to be exact (T.T)

wedding is indeed an EXPENSIVE ONCE IN A LIFETIME ONE DAY ONLY EVENT! i certainly dont know where ill scour the money for it; but the show must go on! insya allah di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. :)

its okay. i still have a year to plan the whole thing. will definitely rant more about wedding planning stuff in the coming months. WAIT FOR ITTTTT

Friday, November 16, 2012

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

i used to be angry with God. For taking away the idyllic life i once had; growing up in a stable suburban home, surrounded by friends and our external family members were close by. hardship was unheard of, there was always food on the table, the house was a beautiful home one couldnt be ashamed of if he/she has to entertain guests, buying clothes almost every weekend. sigh. 

but when things turned out for the worse, ayah's business failed, we had to sell the house(s), and live in a rented terrace house (until now) with deteriorating condition; things actually turned out for the best.

i really did come a long way from being a selfish, ignorant teenager into someone i can safely say, a better, calmer,mature and more understanding. i began to see the other side of what it takes to be family. Not by spending your weekends at a mall or at a fancy restaurant, but by being there for each other even when times are tough. supporting your family even if  it means you do away the lifestyle you once had. despite not having as much as we used to have, my parents still managed to put me through university, and i graduated with second class honours, found a stable job with one of the prominent developers in malaysia, and now engaged to be married. 

there was no room for me to go astray and wasted; as i had both parents firmly behind me throughout the journey of my life from college to university and into the career world. there was no chance for me to swallow in my depression of not being able to afford the life i once had, because my parents were always there to remind me that " the best is yet to come, keep having faith in Allah, for this is a test for all of us to become a better person". no truer words can describe what im going through now.

it is a blessing in disguise. and i cant thank Allah enough for this.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Step Closer to The Edge!

Who would've thought a simple majlis that only lasts for 3 hours takes weeks of preparation? I certainly was not prepared for it..

When Faliq and I decided to get engaged in November, what we had in mind was a simple do just amongst close family and maybe a few close friends. Apparently my family has something else in mind; given the fact that our family is a large one (we HAVE to invite EVERYONE kalau tak Ada yang terasa) and I guess my mother was pretty excited since I'll be the only one to get married:')

There were a lot of obstacles, I shall call it; while preparing for the event;as the event draws near,more things cropped up. The most memorable one was when one of my uncle decided to provide me with a backdrop but gave me a plain and bare panel, and I had to get some friends over during midnight to beautify it..and we managed to do it within such a short notice!

Alhamdulillah everything went well. These are the times when you're grateful to be blessed with a wonderful family and friends who were willing to help make the event a great one. My parents were constantly busy organizing the whole thing,my aunt cooked everything from midnight until the wee hours of the morning,my best friend searched for fresh flowers to decorate the tables,uncle and cousins did all the heavy work of arranging EVERYTHING..well..what can I say, I am indeed blessed. Alhamdulillah

Thursday, November 08, 2012


It's good that now there's a rise in the numbers of girls wanting to look good. Especially hijabis; with more access to stylish hijabs and hijab-friendly clothes, it's not hard anymore to look good with a great outfit while rocking the hijab. and it's a bit comforting to see girls becoming more aware of fashion trends that actually works and looks good.

However i noticed that some tend to display or showcase excessive spending in the name of looking good. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but the blogs we usually go to will feature the bloggers in countless different outfits lugging different designer handbags in each different photos. And not helping are the magazines that actually promotes similar lifestyle, e.g. Hijabista, Dara, etc. For me, as a middle-income earner or maybe low middle-income earner; i can only dream of having a wonderful wardrobe with a willing bank account but i cannot freaking afford it!

so what do i do? with only TWO handbags (not 5, 10 or 12), which i use "silih-ganti", i try the best that i can to create different outfits and styles with the limited amount of clothes i have in my closet. and let me tell you this, it can be really depressing to try to come up with different outfit EVERY FREAKING TIME; and not being able to shop each time the brain shuts down from cracking for outfit ideas and yearned for new CLOTHES. 

what more with the upcoming nuptial arrangements next year, i really....NEED TO SAVE MONEY, I.E. NO MORE MINDLESS SPENDING! so i might not be able to afford to buy new tops from H&M or the likes, but i will be damn sure i look good with the hand me downs i received from my cousin and friends. (it's a bit sad to think the new clothes i have were given by friends; BUT! NEW CLOTHES MASIH BAJU BARU OKAY!NO SPENDING!HEE HEE). so i decided to not bow down to the pressure of consumerism and to use whatever resources i have with me. ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

 what is ironic is that now the islamic fashion is on the rise, it somehow goes against what islamic fashion is supposed to be. i thought moderation is the key? oh well. it's up to you how you want to see it, but for me, i'll be using my old clothes to still look good :) 

(im the one in the middle by the way, flanked by the lovely Jaja and Nina) i am wearing the MNG pants given by Kak Aya, a top i bought at JB two years ago, and a scarf i bought for RM 10 at Kelantan. :)

Friday, November 02, 2012


 KL in the morning

I don't know if I'll ever grow tired of this city. Maybe I never will.