Monday, November 26, 2012

Wedding Bells

With the wedding date set tentatively end of next year; my head is already buzzing with lists of things to do/plan/reserve/make/you name it. 

thankfully one of my best friends, Sabrina, is getting married next year too, only her wedding is earlier than mine. which will be in May; so i have someone to refer to when it comes to quotations and prices. :) who knew hiring a photographer and videographer will cost a bomb? 6 grand to be exact (T.T)

wedding is indeed an EXPENSIVE ONCE IN A LIFETIME ONE DAY ONLY EVENT! i certainly dont know where ill scour the money for it; but the show must go on! insya allah di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. :)

its okay. i still have a year to plan the whole thing. will definitely rant more about wedding planning stuff in the coming months. WAIT FOR ITTTTT


InĂªs de Castro said...

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lucruri said...

Wedding costs a lot. This is very true. My best friend's wedding is next year in June and she asked me to help her with decorating the venue. Even though she knew the date a year before, she didn't do anything. Now it's only 6 months away and she still doesn't do much. It is very frustrating for me as this takes a lot of planning for me, with creating everything, because of course is on a budget. So, please do not leave it till the last minute. I handmake decorations for parties and weddings and is very annoying when a bride asks me hundreds of decorations a week before their events and then tell ME to hurry up and do it 'ASAP'. Sorry, this is a long comment :)xo

zazu said...

hi lurcuri,
thank you for your comment. yup i know what you mean. i had a friend who insisted on her favours being handmade, and it was completely exhausting. i'm starting to look for ideas for wedding favours and decorations that i can start early. :)