Wednesday, June 01, 2011

the distressing call i received as soon as i got off from work

you know what's frustrating? When you have to please EVERYONE. here i was at my new JOB. thinking i'd be okay if i keep out of everyone's way (i.e., not care too much if im not included in the clique, etc.) because, hey, that'd be less of me you can find faults in right? WRONG.

Just got a call from my supervisor saying the HR manager has called him regarding my performance at work. apparently, someone has been complaining i haven't been in the office. I.E, SKIPPING WORK. mister, are u f* blind? we're all in the same office, you f* pass by my cubicle to see that I AM THERE!! so what the hell is this nonsense about me not coming to work?

oh my god. i can't tell you how shattering it was to receive a call like that from my boss, which ended with "you need to be more cautious from now on".whatttttttt

seriously mr fibber, if you have problems with the nature of my work (i am required to travel a lot for work, such as deliver documents, meet up with authority officers) then by all means, get me a new job description. i am more than willing to comply.

people who despise others to be happy brings me down. why?when u are just out to make others miserable, i wonder how your family members fare. not much i guess.