Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ok.hari ni best.

oh man. the office just gave me a surprise bday celebration. and i got a platinum necklace! :') i love today.

its my 24th birthday

i woke up extra early today so that i can treat myself to a MCD breakfast meal. yesterday night i talked to faliq on the phone till i fell asleep, using maxis's free calls; probably the last free call i'll ever get from maxis.

yes. it's my birthday. and the first birthday im away from my family and friends. i thought of becoming depressed over this fact, but i decided not to. (ceh, boleh decide nak ke taknak depress, boleh tahannnn). i dont want to ruin my special day.

received tonnes of wishes on fb, a few smses and fewer calls. but it still made me smile. because they remembered my bday. the ones that mattered. the ones that have always been close to me.

suddenly celebrating this "special day" alone didn't seem so bad after all. because i've had memories of good celebrations they've planned for me. my surprise parties by the girls. the bday dinner with faliq even when we're both flat broke. the bday celebrations with my family.

24 is supposed to signify what exactly?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

kucing pun boleh jealous ke?

my recent homecoming trip, kangoo tak tido pun dgn saya. :( i think die merajuk. because my dad likes to scold her for being so naughty. she likes to naik the dining table even though she knows perfectly well it irks the hell out of us. and then acts guilty when we screamed out her name. but konon merajuk when my dad marah die. *So spoilt*

i think she's also jealous because tigger likes to mengada-ngada with me. HAHA. tigger dgn sape die tak mengada-ngada. budak gemok ni. *she will be the first cat to eat and the last to leave*


a lot of people might remember how i cringe each time we talk about women in heels. how me, with a spoiled feet, would rather be in flip flops and flats rather than torture my poor legs to look sexy in heels.

but for the raya dinner the other night i decided to put on this...
ima said its a four inch shoes, ke six inches. i cannot remember. but by the end of the night i was wobbling like mad, wincing in pain as my feet has started to protest and demand i put i on the flats they love so much :(

but i think i looked awesome (since takde sape puji, aku puji diri sendiri) :)

that's me and bobo; this is what we call our "sopan" picture; before we move on to..


this is our "ganas" pose. although bobo didn't look ganas at all. and i i was annoyed with a spoilt kid who normally likes to scream their lungs out in a cramped KTM train. HAHAHA.

the thing is that, although i didnt know 80% percent of the staff that came that night, i actually had fun. (yes, because Puteri Harbour is like an island of it's own, isolated from the rest of the uem land staff). which is a good sign. but i think free food is the major cause of me enjoying myself :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

what i did last weekend

Aside from the bday dinner, i spent the entire saturday with the family going to a kenduri and open house. the journey took longer than it should because this is KL and MRR2 sucks big time.

On sunday my family took me out for a bday lunch at papa rich :) and later i went to my old classmate (mira) from university's open house before going to bukit jalil's bus station. boo johor

kaki cousin nampak. tak dapat dielakkan. die tgh tido kat sofa tu

gambar ibu gelap. :(

ni lawak habis. :D

syafinaz took this picture. i liked it very much :)

mira's open house. mira is the one in purple. and next to her is her boyfriend, sudin, who also works for UEM. he's in uem construction.

learning my lessons from taking all those KARUT busses. i have now decided to stick to maju and TRANSNASIONAL only! and it has never failed me. dari bus2 yg ntah ape name, depart lambat, seat ntah ape2. ish. tekanan gak la. 

the pre-bday that took me by surprise

experienced utter mortification while having a normal dinner @ bubba gump with the group when suddenly a waiter brought out a HUGE chocolate cake with my name on it. SURPRISE!

tapi apabila mereka menyuruh aku naik atas kerusi, bagi speech, menyanyi dan menari (saya mendendangkan lagu raya satu line sahaja); muka ni dah tebal macam pakai make up berserta foundation 10 inci. nina and sarah was having the time of their lives laughing at me.

by the end of my "performance", faliq yg macam galak memegang kamera came back to the table and said,
"b, macamane nak record? (looks at the camera) owh!yg red button ni ke??". oh em gee. i am beyond words (-_-")

thankfully munshi recorded my moment of embarassment and posted in facebook and by the end of the week, everyone i met asked me about it. THANKSSSSSSS... malu giler kot.

this is when u dont need the waiter

this is when u need the waiter. how cool is this system! so environmental friendly, and throat friendly too as you dont have to yell and embarass yourself to call for the waiter

the super-duper nice onion rings

what i had. bbq chicken

the tabasco sauce bottle is the "mike". sedang malu sambik menutup muka

giving out speech that comprises of "i hate all of you"

malu dan ter over birah tgk kek

i dont know why faliq took a picture of my butt (-_-")

menari sambil menyanyi

cantik kan kek ni???

p/s: sue and kuhaz. i miss you guys. rase tak complete without the five of us. :( korang memang the best in giving out surprise bday celeb.

Friday, September 24, 2010

raya dinner and the killer platforms

things have been quite topsy-turvy; with the mood swings that has gone wacko to work that can render you braindead.

yesterday was quite fun though. because we had a Raya Dinner for the UEM Land staff. which means FREE FOOD!

wore the killer platforms and by the end of the dinner, feet was aching all over. and it was only what, 4 hours of wearing it??!! 4 HOURS JE KOT! tu pun tak tahan. my feet are too manja because of my preference on flats.

pictures will be uploaded later. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


the reason why i love Ritter Sport

ever since i was introduced to Ritter Sport chocolates by Joe, i went totally GAGA over it. a week later, my parents went to Langkawi (yes, during puasa, of all the time); i gave them an extensive list of chocolates for them to buy (duty free mah!!).

when they came back, they bought bags and bags of chocolate; including two medium sized with hazelnuts; and a HUGE BAR Praline flavoured.

as i happily took ALL of the chocolate stocks back to johor, received an sms from ayah. "Did you take the Praline Ritter Sport? THAT'S MINE! Bring it back to KL when u come back the next time".

pedih jugak rase hati ni. (T_T) selama ni ayah saya yg tak suke coklat pun dah mule nak amik takhta saya sebagai chocolate freak. tamak plak tu! takde lansung message tu berbaur "Syaza makan je la coklat tu, ayah can buy a new one".

p/s: thank god Ibu and i had different tastes in chocolate preferences. she bought Bounty for herself. but to me, any chocolate with COCONUTS are a big NO-NO because they just suck.

why working sucks

had an awful start of the day. first, almost fucked up the meeting because a consultant claimed she didnt receive any invite for the meeting, when in actual fact i did invite them, but my mistake on not following up.
 -.-" to make matters worse, that particular consultant is the QS, and 90% of the meeting's agenda was to discuss on tender and contractual issues. STUPID SYAZA.

secondly. another consultant; i dont even know why, came one and a half hours LATE! it certainly added fuel to my boss's already rotten mood. *this was not my doing because they replied to email stating their attendance*

and now, im quite relieved my boss is in a good mood all over again and she's about to go off for a raya party. PHEW.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

calling for prayer

my dad now resorts to calling me on my phone to wake me up for subuh. since he's too malas to turun tangga (parents' room on 3rd floor, and i like to sleep in the living room).

there has been instances that my parents even forgot that im in the house -_-" agak sedih when they've already moved on and gotten used to not having you around.

ways to be happier at work. good stuff. really.

how to be happy at your job; i think its kismet. just when i was feeling the lowest, even lower than a pile of dung by the roadside, i found this .

i think deep down it boils down to whether what you're doing has a purpose or not. as for me; i think one of the reasons why im feeling so shitty is because ive been tossed into one after another project like im a ball because my OWN project was put on hold at the moment. thus, the feeling like you're more of a menyemak, tak dapat contribute sgt, as compared to feeling so confident of yourself that the consultants would rather talk to you than talking to your boss or superior for info.

HMM. i need to find inner peace. which is non-existent at the moment.

Monday, September 20, 2010

masak attempt #2

my second attempt in cooking friend rice. better than before. even the colour shows it tasted better than my first attempt

the eye case

When my eye had an allergic reaction due to long-hours of contact wearing, i was whisked to our family clinic which is also a pakar mata. the doctor told me i had to stay off contacts for about a week. given that i had no spare glasses, i was confined to wearing just one contact lens on my right eye, the unaffacted eye, and feeling visually handicapped. *tgk movie pun tak lepas.

faliq took pity of me and brought me out for meatballs and daim cake, given the fact that we didnt go the previous night because kiki passed away by the LDP. bodoh betul.

notice tak mata sebelah tu kero semacam
the selection of eye drops macam eye drop buffet plak

the new pair of glasses. nampak macam budak sekolah pun ade.

the taste of your family

A&W reminds me of my family. note that. not home, but my family. :( i dont get homesick whenever i eat A&W, but i get familysick (is there such a word?) because i dont associate a&w with home. i associated it with the fondest memories i had with my family who just love eating a&w only if its at the old PJ place. other a&w branches just wont do.

my earliest memories of fast food restaurants would be playing at the playground in McD parade (yg lame dulu sebelum die renovate, best sial tempat tu); playing at KFC's playground, the one in subang before they tore it down and turn the area into a badminton court, and eating at A&W, drive-in style. note that, drive in eh, not drive through. drive in would be you parking your car at the drive-in spot, order from your car and eat in the car. HAHA. my parents used to love that concept because they're too lazy going into the restaurant, queue up and eat at the stiff stools of the old PJ A&W.

dari banyak2 fast food aku mentioned atas. A&W is by far the only fast food i remembered having a fond memory of makan makanan berminyak die. because the onion rings are to die for, and they sell the best root beer in town. hands down to that. i used to eat the plain hot dog, and as i grew up and acquired the taste for spicy food, i graduated to the classic coney dog. *owh man, just the mention of it can make me salivate.

last night had my dinner at A&W with ika and i told her how much i missed my family, and she goes "oh, no. are you homesick again? ape je yg tak make ko homesick". FARNIE IKA, REALLY FARNIE.

so whenever i feel like i want to be close to my family, even when we're 300 km apart. i go to a&w.



the raya saw a whole set of events that rendered me speechless. it all started when faliq and i was supposed to go beraya. it was my last day in kl (Monday) and we were both decked in matching outfits *faliq likes to match his baju melayu to the colour of my baju*

as we were approaching KL, he received a call from his friend informing him that his other friend was admitted into the hospital. he was reluctant to go visit since it would only shorten our date together; but i urged him to go anyway. there we were in our raya suit while his friends were in bermuda shorts and t-shirts. talk about dressing to the occasion.

while at the hospital, i received a message from jaja, whom i was supposed to meet last night but didnt. she experienced an unfortunate event at work and we thought we'd pick her up and show her a good time. all was well when we were about to enter LDP in front of the Kastam building in KJ, the car (kiki) started choking and shivering (boleh imagine tak?) and faliq pulled over at the Kelana Jaya Park's parking area. after 30 minute, a kind samaritan helped us with the battery (which i've just replaced!) and we were off to IKEA! YAY!

but then, God has another plan for the 3 of us. a motorcyclist riding beside started pointing to the back of the car. that was when we realized that the car's boot was wide open the whole time we were driving! APEKAH MALU GILER KOT! we managed to find a small spot at the bus stop along the LPD just before you exit towards going into OU punye road, to tutup the bonet, when KIKI DIED!! it took two cars, a motorbike, a truck, a pick up truck and 2 FREAKING HOURS to find out what the hell went wrong. it turned out the alternator was giving us the problem, so the mechanic guy we called just managed to start up the car and told us to drive straightaway back home.

as we were driving back, after passing the sunway toll, THE CAR suddenly died!! it took a lot of hand gestures to drive to the side of the road *sebab lampu dah konk out, kene gune signal tangan* and we were stranded once again by the roadside, with no hazard light on *because kete tu memang dah mampos* and faliq had to use two umbrellas as detractors. *gile inovatif boyfriend aku ni*

later a the LITRAK PERONDA guys came and towed the car to IOI, where it's safer, before we negotiated with them to tow it back to mama's house. while they towed the car, we sat in the atos and were having so much fun being in a car with no driver :B siap amik video naik kete yg sedang di-tow. jakun tak jakun.

Jaja later went back with azzim, while faliq and i had our meal at 1 am in the morning in a shoddy KFC in kajang with our eyes half open. still decked in matching raya outfits.

the whole ordeal costs me my eyes. i got an allergic reaction on my left eye for wearing contacts too long, and had to take MC for two days to wind it down. and it coincides with kiki completed its repair treatment. went back to johor with new specs and a new kiki that now experiences problem with the drive shaft. OH MAN. penat seh bawak kete lama ni. banyak betul problem die! 
kiki stranded beside LDP
faliq.exhausted and looking incredibly handsome :)

jaja and faliq

the third time it broke down after the Sunway toll. couldnt help taking a picture when the LITRAK guy manouvered the car :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

adoi SD card ni

the raya brings a lot of tales for me to share. and a better set of pictures now that my parents bought a new camera and i have the habit of taking pictures using that instead of my phone (HAHAHA)

the SD card is being a bitch. so ill see if i can upload the pixxies later.

for now, here's a picture of me and faliq in our failed attempt to go beraya. i'll tell the whole story later when i can upload the pictures. its much more effective with visual effect. :P

how was your raya?

kangoo is my favourite

the raya holidays has made it awkward for me to start work again after being in KL for so long. it's as if i've only left; but in actual fact it's almost a year soon.

even the cats have gotten used to having me around. particularly kangoo who likes to sunggle up to me whenever im sleeping; and will be the only one who responded when i call her name. my mum said she misses me. i wonder if she actually knows that this person who comes home twice a month only during weekends is one of her owners.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

aku yang hilang

sometimes aku rasa kalau aku tak berhubung dgn faliq, mesti aku lost dalam kekeliruan and kekacauan. kekadang ym dgn jaja buat aku rase ade closeness still dgn life yg semakin lama semakin meninggalkan aku. life kat kl tak semegah macam aku dulu rase. sometimes aku rase time aku balik macam sempat jumpe sape je. tak sempat nak buat aku rase normal sepenuhnya.

kekadang bile email dgn nina, lagi rase macam jauh je. HAHAH. tapi nak kate each time balik aku jumpe die jugak. LOVE YOU NINA.

tapi aku pikir balik; aku punye youth yang semakin diminishing each day ni nak buat ape dgn die. aku nak grow old and filled with regret not spending the time with the people i love back in kl? atau spent working at an unsatisfactory company doing something you despise. same je la kan?

dah. malam ni aku nak makan toblerone ibu bagi sampai habis.

win some lose some.

yesterday after getting home from the bazaar laden with food and my precious nasi kerabu; received a text message from kak yan. joe invited us for buka puasa at TGIF. WTFISH. aku dah beli nasi kerabu :'(

in the end nasi kerabu won, and faliq even went as far as saying he was proud that i chose nasi kerabu over tgif. takde rezeki, what to do. kalau rumah gue ade microwave dah lame pegi dah. ni nak suh aku simpan nasi kerabu ni for sahur? ho man, jgn harap. sahur pun belum tentu bangun. :P

later ika texted asking if i want to lepak, she was on her way back from her office in singapore. and it occured to me how long we havent seen each other since she started working. and both of us confided in each other on the bitchy nature of work. it feels good to let it out with a person not associated with the company. and its refreshing to be in the company of an old friend here in johor. there are times when i feel like i begin to lose myself in all the johor-ness and i might not know how to be a kl-lite ever again (boleh ke?)

i even went to her new house which she previously asked if i wanted to move in with her. JAUH seh. but it was bloody spacious. memang best la kalau kawan2 datang and sleep over as compared to the STORE ROOM i call my room currently.

tapi what to do. i dont think i want to sacrifice the moment when i woke up late and still get to the office on time with a spacious bedroom 30 minutes using a dark jalan belakang road. NO SIREE. well, you win some you lose some eh?

somehow i feel like having waffles tonight :)

Monday, September 06, 2010


we malaysians love festive advertisements, it became a pop culture popularised by the late yasmin ahmad when she directed a LOT of memorable festive advertisements that till now, you tirelessly watch it without getting bored :)

tapi iklan2 lain pun best jugak, yg TNB tu, ingat naik motor, rupe-rupenye parut kelapa. LOL. but my favourite would be the Deepavali advert, yg si Sam rupe-rupenye name Muthusamy karupiah. BEST SIAL.

but now, i had to watch the tv advertisements on the internet? WHAT GIVES?

Friday, September 03, 2010


whenever Raya was around the corner, i would be the most excited person because i'll be the person in charge of putting the bank notes into its respective envelopes.

My dad used to be the Manager for the Mantin's Maybank branch. i think it became a family tradition for as long as i could remember; all of my aunts and uncles would "kirim" money to my dad to be changed into RM1 or RM5 or RM10 notes. *ye lah, tak payah susah2 pegi bank

dah tu dapat angpao packets macam2 jenis. and i'd be given the task to insert a certain amount of money into each envelopes, depending on how much my dad wants it. *therefore i know how much you'll be getting from the type of designs of your angpao packet.HEHEHE

and i would be having so much fun counting the amount of money i get by the end of each raya. and later arrange for a hang-out session at the mall with my cousins.

now im the one who has to fork out the money to give for RAYA. can i not grow old please??

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


last sunday when i was at mama's house, i watched this program called "don't tell my mother"; its shown on discovery channel and it's hosted by this guy who travels to all these unconventional places all over the world. i've watched his program several times, when he went to Palestine, and Cuba.

this time he went to Iran. HAHA. during his trip, he visited this jewish guy and asked him "so how does it feel being a jew in Iran?" (im sure we are all aware of Ahmadenijad's ultimate goal to vanquish Israel from the face of the earth)

jew guy (JG): It's really wonderful! i dont see any difference if you're a jew or a muslim here, everyone is living together peacefully. my family has been here for 40 generations. this is my home. my birthplace.

Host: how many synagogues do you have here?

JG: 25 (bnayak gak tu; tapi tak sebanyak US la kot)

Host: (turns to camera) iran has the highest number of jewish population in the middle east, aside from israel, makes you wonder how ironic this whole thing is.

then he met another Jewish guy (JG 2) who was one of the ex-parliament member of iran. and he asked a question what we malaysians call soalan cepumas;

Host: doesn't it bother you that Iran and Israel doesnt get along? that iran practically wants to vanquish israel from the face of the earth?

JG 2: no. im actually supporting my country in this matter. i hate israel.

host: (muke surprised giler) you dont like israel?

JG 2: im an iranian, not an israeli; what israel is doing is wrong. and there is a very fine line between judaism and zionism. you'd be surprised that there's a lot of jews who opposes israel.

there you have it. an iranian jew who actually supports the destruction of israel. HOW COOL IS THAT?

I like discovery channel. it shows programs like this. my dad should be grateful im such a nerd, and likes discovery channel, History, national geographic and all sorts. instead of MTV. HAHA.


sometimes people cannot comprehend why we are not as keen on a person as they are. they forget to rewind and remember the history that that particular person (lets call that person A) has with us.

people think i'm the mean one, but they forgot that A has left a dent in my heart for quite some time, its hard to mend it now, more than ever. especially if A is acting like an ignorant person and expects bygones be bygones when not even an apology was uttered. the simple fact was, A was mean to me, not to others, and i think the best word would be selective meanness. that's when A targets me as the her/his mean spot, and left us bewildered why on earth did we get this sort of treatment when A was so nice to everyone else.

makes you wonder if something is wrong with you. but i think i've had enough of self-pity. after two decades of it, i think im going to move on from here.
EH? boleh blog? bukan kene block ke?


yesterday i followed en bad and kak ikin shopping for kuih raya and sorts. ingat nak pegi angsana je. MANE AKU NAK TAU DEPA PI SAMPAI SIMPANG RENGGAM AND RENGIT! do you know where in the world are these two places? sebelum ni, aku pun tak tau! TAPI, SEJAK SEMALAM. OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN. now aku tau. walaupun kalau nak suruh pegi lagi, tak kuasa la. JAUH NAK MAMPOS.

imagine this, you're in a middle of nowhere, just the normal kampung scenery, and suddenly from a distance you could see dozens of cars parked at the roadside and there was even a RELA guy manning the traffic. HAH. hebat tak hebat tempat kampung ni.

die jual ape? KEREPEK, KUIH, KEREPEK, KUIH, KACANG TUMBUK SATU BALANG, KUIH KAPIT (YUM YUM), and macam2 lagi. i bought like 1 kg of keropok roda; and it was only RM 6.50! so imagine how cheap the stuff they're selling at these two places. sampai dua plastik besar macam garbage bag la aku beli. KUIH KAPIT (love letters) tak payah cakap la, i bought three packets (BIG ONES!)

amik ko. raya ni melantak kerepek and kuih kapit sampai muntah.HAHA