Friday, July 28, 2006

banyak bende

psa is over and im damn happy its over.theres too much bad shit in it..and i think i can have an emotional breakdown if i go through the details once again..all i can say i know why i hate being involved in all this activities..because its BAD SHIT!!

im pissed...regarding psa..but other than that,im gr8 actually...just realized i have a lecturer from hell..and i cant believe that im going to segamat with her fat face sticking down my throat..i know im being a fucked up student here..but i cant stand rude people.

anyway...hmm..what else..ayam is going to cherating tomorrow :( he asked me what i want from cherqaqting..and all i can think about is hideous pareos and i sed tudung..but maybe ill regret it later if he happens to produce some makcik designed tudung after the trip

during leadership, we are to speak in public..(the next class) in a public speaking lesson...about what's happening in lebanon..considering that the last class i talked about howmuch i hate veggies..i think the possibility of me going far in public speaking is NIL..

anyway,i have studio tomorrow and i have yet to finish my i am willing to be killed by that fat cow..i better take my leave now so good nite and take care people~

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the first time in my life,i was actually screaming on the phone.the first time.without me realising it, i was crying as well.i dont even know why.all i could think of was "how could you do this to me".maybe to her it was no big deal, maybe it was a norm to actually do that.maybe i was just acting like a big fat baby for not being strong enuf.i dont know.all i could think about was how much i hate her and i just couldnt believe that she was in my life.all these years i was there,it just never occur to her i was important too.

home,which the definiton is a comfortable sanctuary which you yearn to reach when times like this come.i wanted to go back home.but i dont have one.i have a rented dilapitated house, but now thats my family lives there, with all their might in trying to find a silver lining in a dark cloud that never seems to go away.maybe i was being cynical before.on how much i hated my present life, my present house.but now i dont hate it anymore.i dont care if my dad does not earn 6000 like he used too.i dont care if i cant be able to afford all the good things in life that my friends have.i just dont care anymore.right now the home i went to that night was the one that made me stop crying and welcomed me with all its contents.i forgot how much i missed the sound of my sisters bathing in the morning,their shouts and groans.i miss my mum with her worn shoes and her pale face.i miss my dad.

i dont care anymore.i just want to go home

Saturday, July 08, 2006

fingers are numb

finally the letters are finished..the remaining letters that need to be sent out to the planning firms are FINITO~WOOHOO!!KAK NITA YOU ROX!!*the hod's secretary

anyway..yesterday nite, radhi and i painted our nails black..and i was thinking ~man!these are soo COOL!..then got a message from ayam saying die pening thinking about the fact that my nails have transformed into black..tak rock betul la orang tue ni..*hehe*

im looking forward to this sunday, the final match of the world cup..probably going to b.b for the my bf will be wearing his france t-shirt and gushing over the wonders of zidane.hmm..i wonder if he's g...damn!syaza!stop thinking bullshit!

anyway..the juniors have just filled in the mahallah..i pun tatau how to react to this..especially since they tend to call me kak everytime they talk to me..its aggravating...really..

so..i'll be off later..fingers are numb..can..not..type..any..more..must..go..out...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

life is GREAT

enjoying every minute of my life at the moment..yep..yesterday i got lost in the mighty big kuala lumpur trying to find a JALAN KAMPUNG ATTAP..and EVERYONE knows that once you miss a turning,you'll never find the damn place.pudu,brickfields..AGH!!CONGESTION!!!* i feel like singing " conjunction conjuction, where's your function"* even though it has no relation what so ever to congestion, but it sounds the same..hehe

3 hours or so,after passing by kl sentral for like the fifth time,we finally found the turning we were SUPPOSED to take, as told by the newspaper vendor at old kl station..hmph..we shout in delight as we saw the sign jln kg. attap.finally, we're here!alamat yang jalan kampung attap...apasal nampak 18 je?aiyah!!sesat again ah!!**@@%$#@#@!@~~#$#$@

btw, i lost my matric card..*%@&

p/s:pengumuman:saya sudah mengambil keputusan untuk kembali bersama ayam..our irreconcillable diffrences telah bertukar menjadi reconcillable balik..dan saya ada boxers spongebob baru..haha

Saturday, July 01, 2006

what is in my head

im freaking tired of finding tired of having to drop by the office and leave empty-handed (no letters of sponsorships completed) when ive just traveled all the way from bangi by public transportation for two damn hours just to put my butt in the kaed building.

just now i was this close to bursting out in front of my lecturer. but i know he meant well..even if his advice is a total BULL.i am tired of doing this alone, mizi included.i hate my job-period.

but,anyway,enuf of this boring shite aite?yesterday i watched the news,israeli forces are keeping the hamas leaders in captive.i hope they all go to hell.and take their bloody skullcaps with them.i am pissed by the fact that arab countries are all bloody rich, members of the opec, and yet they are not doing anything to help these die because the these israelis are on the crusade of getting every palestinians killed.i am tired by the fact that they have kofi annan as the sec general, while he was obviously a dickhead and think they should put mahathir there.

so,as a conclusion,the world is a shithole to live in right now.i guess its not sugar and spice after all.

p/s:i oso dont know whats the connection between my job and the world news..but thats whats boggling in my head right now.