Wednesday, June 29, 2005


anne bought me a mini shisha pot the other when she just got back from russia.i thought she had forgotten my `special` request, when she discovered how much i like we (nini,anne and i)decided to give it a try,making our own shisha.

after a few hours,the bloody coals are nowhere on getting the shisha as good as it tasted at the head was getting dizzing not from inhaling the bloody thing,but from the smoke and the overwhelming smell of the tabak.i decided later that night that the beautiful pot is meant to be a `perhiasan` and nothing else.i lost my mood to shisha when it did actually work and let nini finished it by herself and went on dancing by the pool like a madman with anne.

last monday rez was suddenly in an extra good mood and let me drove his car to kl.but i didnt actually had the chance to drive on my own effort since his hand wont leave the steering wheel.heh.i was concentrating on the road too much till i didnt know where i was heading..before i know it..i noticed there was a Globe silk store by the side of the road.."eh!we`re at jalan TAR!".
from that short exclamation, i was rewarded with a punch on my arm from the big `ol rez for not paying enough attention to the street.heh.

i`ll be going into uni this sunday and i`m bloody friends seemed to be okay,and its actually a wonder how they managed to keep their cool checked.jeez..i`ll be in more enjoying the pleasures of life will be filled with serious,hard works....this is probably what u call hell..

Thursday, June 16, 2005


holidays are the only thing that puts a bloody big SMILE on any student`s face..yeah...

so..tell me why i`m feeling so anxious on starting my first year in uni??am i ABNORMAL??i cant bear this lifestyle of tido-makan-tido-makan anymore!!yeah..i being hypocritical...i mean..while i was fighting the urge to dump the bloody mounting board that i was gluing to the perspex base..i dreamt of a heavenly lifestyle that consist nothing else but only tido-makan-tido-makan..

lets see...i have aabouutt.....3 weeks to go..yeah...uhuh..3 guess i`ll continue my ever so `healthy` lifestyle of tido-makan-tido-makan while it a `bekalan` for me when i get into uni...and then..when i have to pour my whole energy revising a thicker-than-life book..i`ll dream of the day i lead a life of tido-makan-tido-makan once upon a time...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


yestedrday when i went to the kenduri,they were playing all this sappy love songs..and i was wondering whose favourite songs are these..the bride`s..or the groom`s?kopratasa and all these traditional musics with lyrics like.. `teruna tak ambil peduli` or something like that..

glanced around and actually saw a few old fogies singing along to it..and suddenly i had a major cringing phase because..the music is just horrible(sorry for being so un-malayish) and...yeah..the people who were lip-synching to the song..its..just...overwhelming..

got into the car and put on one of my fav cds..only to be told to lower the volume till the minimum desibel because my dad can`t stand my music.."all the screaming..this is not a song..this is org giler punye lagu"..and i unsuccessfully explain to him that alternative caters to the ones who are depressed and need to vent out their me of my ex who are soo like my father..couldnt stand my songs..and forced me to listen to his kris dayanti cd the whole way up to genting..jeez

the next night,i went to pyramid with my bestfriend..listened to hitz for a while before she suddenly popped this cassete into the radio..and..VOILA!out came 80`s hits..almost had a heart attack looking at my bestfriend singing along to pet-shop boys..(who in the sane mind listens to them??eheh..sorry keron)

finally..i accepted my songs are only for my ears only and i shall listen to them when i am alone...later i found myself dancing along to `Go west` by pet-shop boys...heh...maybe later i`ll put on my songs during MY kenduri..HAH!see if anyone will say anything to THAT!

Monday, June 13, 2005

insanity streak

now i know where i got my insanity streak from...haha

i went to a kenduri just now,and when it ended, my sisters took a piece of bunga mangga was bright pink..but the theme was green...hmm???

anyway..while waiting for my mother who went to the washroom with one of my dad grabbed my sister`s bunga magga and started a battle of bunga mangga saber..equivalent to light saber battle..with my other sis..imagine this memorable scene..a 50 year old guy wearing a batik shirt(thats what all the men wear if they go to kenduris..) swatting a bright pink bunga mangga with a 12 year old kid..

and then..unsatisfied with the lukewarm response my sis was giving him..he turned his attention towards his eldest daughter who was trying very hard to maintain her looks and act cool in front of this one cute guy she noticed at the lobby..

2 minutes...the bloody bunga mangga was starting to irritate my nostrils..cute guy or no..i grabbed another available bunga mangga and attacked my `vicious` father..and sent him running to the middle of the street..haha!!!victory is sweet!!!

i rejoiced my newfound victory for about 5 sec before realizing that i was wearing a baju kurung..and..yeah..that cute guy... guess the term `gone with the wind` so commonly used could apply perfectly here..

my mother saw the whole thing and said.."tell me you`re not my husband??...rite??"and know wat my dad did??he swatted the pink thing at my where i got the insanity streak?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

the funny thing

my eyes was swollen and red in colour.the first time i cried for wat?...3 hours?straight.i couldnt really grasp the concept of letting something that wasnt meant for you go.all i felt was pain.i cried for what i just lost..and i guess what brad pitt said in mr. and mrs. smith was right..`when you`re at the end of a realtionship,you started to think about the beginning of it`.

radhi called,she lstned quietly as i cried my heart out on the phone and spent about what...20 bux of credit just to listen to me crying.words spread and soon phone calls started pouring in,and radhi gladly put down the phone before reassuring that i was in a manageable was supposed to be rez`s birthday..he was supposed to have the time of his life at the beach with his friends..and i recieved a call from him,sighing as he listened to me crying..with the waves crushing to the shores in the mother had a booger stain on her t-shirt as i cried on her bet...loads..and loads of much crying till i felt thirsty and exhausted..i guess i got dehydrated..just because of crying...wahlahwey

ibu told me to go and pray, calm myself myself to the toilet with all the boogers and shit,only to find that there was no i sed..`how am i supposed to pray if theres no water for me to perform ablution?` rez said..why dont you collect all the tears you`ve cried..maybe it`ll be more than enuf..haha..

and then ida said why do i always break up during the holidays..making it hard for my friends to be there for me i said..luckily i did it the time when everybody has credit so they could call me up just to listen to me crying..haha(no lah guys..thnks for your concern..and support)my mother then came into the room and gave me this short lecture bout how there are many other fishes in the sea...and later added that maybe keanu is waiting for me...haha..

yeah..lots of funny events happened that crying your heart out..owh..i wanna thank all my friends and my family for being there for me.thank you for accompanying me while i cry..i didnt want to cry alone.thank you keron,radhi,rez,ida,zharif,and byk lagi lah!!owh and thanks ibu for assuring me that there`s still someone who loves me..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

the price of staying in college

im anxious bout the fact that i`ll be out of here in a week..forever...(if i dont fail my arab lah) god.. the thought of leaving this place which has somehow blend in my mundane life left me with a mixture of emotions that i couldnt really describe..

even though the rules sux like max...whats with wearing sox to pasar malam??(which suddenly transformed kuhaz,radhi and i into secret ninjas) and LEADTRAIN??and a lot of other encounters with the srad people and the college`s guards that are somehow on a mission to make the lives of the students unbearable...i`ll miss the `memories` ive gained along with my other pyschotic friends.

the price of:

the guard giving you a hefty lecture bout running around the college ground like a wacko:
embarassment,and resentment towards the college and the guard herself

the stad people waiting at the entrance for girls who weren`t wearing socks and are happy to saman you:
rm 2 for the sox,lots of cursing, and possible blisters on your feet for walking like a nutcase in a pair of slippery slippers covered by stoopid black stockings

the ustazah who somehow seemed to come from h*ll:
a LOT of cursing,and missing classes intentionally..without fear of getting barred because you`ve already recieved the exam slip

the nextdoor seniors knocking on your door because you were too noisy:
a possible girlfight and a lot of bitching

the time when ida and i accompanied nina out of the college so she could park her car:
a row with the bloody guards,rm something saman for wearing unappropriate clothes(which were jeans!!),and a lot of cursing

but the price of:

you and your mates dancing at the corridor with the stereo blaring at the maximum desibel with some african tribe song on,
you walking around the college with ice creams gossiping,
you and your mates throwing slippers to see who threw the furthest and gained some weird looks by other students,
you battling with the sleepiness trying to get the project done in time,
you missing your bath just to get to the studio on time,
you and your mates dancing in the studio at 3 in the morning because you`re too stressed to continue your work and later was surprised to see seniors looking at you from the outside,
you and your mates running aroud fraser`s ..`drunk` during new years` eve,
you and your roomie staying up all night just talking about nothing,
you and your roomies making a `chevelle` videoclip using t-squares,scale rulers,and uhu glue,


Wednesday, June 01, 2005



im so excited i have a blog now!!woohoo!!!

okaay...back to the original motive on why i actually bothered to open a blog account..heh..

last sunday ive finally went through my father said the preparation was almost like preparing for a bl**dy wedding..and when i told him im still too young to get married..he let out a BIG relieved sigh and i was sure that he had a very comfortable sleep that night.

my cousin brought three of her friends to stay over and help us out..which was a blessing because they know more about what to do than i do..despite the 5 years malulah..i dont even know what the h*ll is kerisik until i found out it was actually fried coconut pounded till it turns into some sort of a liquid..(sad man..)

what was supposed to be one of the most important events in my life was showing signs of turning into a complete disaster when two of the most important in my life has cancelled their `kedatangan`. stress flows in with thoughts about why should i go on with the function after all if they`re not here to see me.whats the use of me looking `pretty` if arif wasnt going to be there.and the most hateful thing was i couldnt be mad because they had their reasons..and it was a very REASONABLE reasons..aish*

radhi kept me sane enough not to burn the specially-designed dress(which i designed myself..ahem~) and i was pretty anxious to wait for the historical day tomorrow...amazing how humans can bounce back so easily after a few small boost..not small actually...maybe a bit big..okay..okay..very BIG.heh.

didnt sleep the whole night because i had to pack the pulut kuning and had quite a difficult time explaining to edwin what was the purpose of preparing the pulut kuning for my the end i was found slump on the floor with a box of pulut kuning waiting to be closed before some fly decides to make it it`s newfound home.

you actually guess that the next morning i had a terrible pair of bags under my eyes,which makes the usage of the caly mask the night before totally useless. and i was freaking out because suddenly the tudung had a life of its own and decided to rebel against its rightful owner,while arin sat at the table laughing..completely amused by the scene of me freaking out..

and the next half an hour went by like a dash with me trying very hard suppresing my f*rt and not batalkan my ablution.and before i knew it..i was walking towards the ustazah`s house, with a `parade` with me..a troop of makciks from the marhaban group and my cousins looking nervous as hell and the crowds..jeez!

thankfully i didnt doze off while i was reading as edwin would very much like me to..but i made quite a LOT of misatakes until the makcik from the marhaban group was starting to doubt if i was qualified to khatam at all.haiyoh..then i glanced up and saw the group of people who have been there all this father smiling through the sweaty face,my mother,my cousin who was trying very hard to get a good pic of me through the grill,radhi,nina and ida who managed to make despite being lost..and i knew i was glad i made through it after all.and all the `harassment` seemed worthwhile.. :)