Tuesday, November 28, 2006

tribute to hot guys

a tribute to hot guys that have made us all females swoon and heaved for fresh air....
this is a post dedicated to sebastian parada

days ive watched you from afar, scared to make my move.i could only manage a smile eveytime you walk pass by.you only said hello and gave me your gorgeous smile that made your cheek dimpled.

the night you performed, i was brimmed with excitement. you looked nonchalant with your traditional costume, nobody had ever looked so sexy.i was preatically swooning when you gestured to me to take your picture while you performed.i held your camera with pride as i snaped perfect images of you

as we danced i remembered ur scent so vividly that i jerked everytime i came across it now. i remembered being the happiest girl alive when you hold me close as we pumped through the music..your face red with enthusiasm and energy..mine?(well,i'll need a mirror for that)

the last day before we went our seperate ways, i managed to fulfill my dare, i mumbled "i think you're hot". you looked at me with pure confusion..and suddenly grabbed balen, one of your girlfriends over to us. ialmost choked to death because obviously she was YOUR GF!then suddenly balen said "what did you say to him?he cant understand english". shit..WHAT???

"i said i think he's hot"..i repeated as my face heatened.she translated breezely and i watched as your expression changed..you blushed furiously and clamped your face with both hands.you said something to balen, i wish to god you werent saying that im a pathetic idiot..suddenly balen said"he said he's feeling really shy because no one has called him cute before".

you said gracias almost a dozen times.you took pix with me and hugged me before we parted.i will hold dearly to the memory of when the cutest guy came up and danced with me.for 5 TIMES GIRLFRIENDS!!BEAT THAT!HAHA! btw..his birthday is the same as mine..GOD!haha

days in india

im writing a LOOOOONNNG entry about india..i think i'll release it *cewah..macam book launching plak* on the 2nd of november...haha..

biasela..budak jakun yang baru pertama kali ke luar negara..i was overly eager to see foreign scenes..and experience the atmosphere in a diffrent plae, for the first time, i missed home so badly that i wanted to cry if a car happens to knock me dead.i want to die in malaysia.i have finally decided.*cewah, macam boleh pilih je mane nak mati*

i missed ayah, ibu, adik. my friends.my boyfriend.i missed everything about malaysia.i was at uncle lim's with keron, nad and baz, and i ordered a nasi lemak with daging.that was the first time i was completely salivating over a nasi lemak.i swear i will never toss out my local dish.EVER.

india taught me one thing dorothy taught all of us before this, there is no place like home.*i clicked my heels thrice in delhi, it didnt work,wizard of oz lied*

Sunday, November 26, 2006

airport klia

wah wah...

klia banyak menerima pelajar2 dari uia sejak kebelakangan ini...syaza yang ke india, kuhaz yang baru ke beijing, dan baru-baru ini, radhio yang akan ke kuching.naik business class pula tuh!!wow!semoga berpanjangan lah umur klia yang tersergam indah dan sangat lawa itu!

lebih lawa dari airport india..hehehe

Thursday, November 09, 2006

anti tobacco is good

do you know that smoking can cause halithos?which is persistent badb breath?i didntk know that that condition was called halithos.it sounds so cool..

me being in an anti-tobacco organization might cause insurgency in my studio where 90% of the male population are active smokers.haha..

i may not be passionate about anti-smoking yet..but i know what its doing to the generation.maybe we'll ooze this atmosphere of coolness while smoking..how do you explain the yellowing teeth and bad skin?owh and you can get a really bad skin rash called psoriasis.

i sound like a kid that have just finished memorizing the amazing health encyclopedia or something..haha..but maybe i`ll sound better later. when i get more infos on smoking *oh no!syaza will flood her blog with anti-smoking entries and in 10 years time people will start to print my blog as a health reference for anti-tobacoo*

ayam kept on badgering me why i forbid him to smoke.i guess he felt missed out on something.first,he'll have that halithos thingy..second,yellow teeth and bad smell*major turn off!* and most importantly..its not good for my image as an anti-tobacco activist(well..beginner punye level lah)

well..im off now..i have much research on tobaccos that i have to do..im going to INDIA in 3 days time!yahoo!
im hating the pc rite now because i cant download the itinerary for the gym thingy.

i hate i hate i hate this pc