Thursday, April 23, 2009

networking yo

i met a chinese guy today. his name was charles.

i came to old town completely ladened with my laptop bag and my huge handbag as i asked if i could use the power socket next to his table, and he was kind enough to move his table so i could plug in my laptop.

i cant remember how we started talking, but he was completely surprised tht i speak english fluently, which sadly is quite the image that we, malay youths are propagating. we talked about whatever there was to talk about, from how Putrajaya failed to be a modern city to what politics in Malaysia should be like.

when he was about to leave, he paid for my enrich chocolate drink, and we promised to keep in touch through email.

all in all it was a very refreshing experience. striking up a conversation with a total stranger. i should do that more often. :) *that is if i have the guts

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

to syanaz and syafinaz

i love my sisters. theres no doubt about it. i have a picture of them when they were toddlers on my notice board in my uia room. it is to remind me that everything i do here is for them, as well as my parents. we might not be close like other sisters are, but we know that we love each other is already enough.
i know the responsibility as the eldest is a heavy one, and its heavier when it comes to my part. but i will now walk away from it now, as i did before this. im ashamed for being such a coward, a pussy and an irresponsible a**hole. i will now embrace my responsibility with an open heart, and i hope God will give me the strength to do this on my own.
my time is almost up, and we'll see the results pretty soon. in which i will not fail you. i love you both.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

declining humanity

human are scary beings. they bitch about their friends, whom the night before was proclaimed as their brother/sister, they fight over different ideologies and opinions, and they kill one another for some stupid, idiotic reasons.

what is humanity?was it to have compassion and love for one another? or was it to put on a mask of a smiley face before you greet your "friends"whom you've always begrudged and bitched about because you didnt have the "heart" to tell them of your feelings as it may sound too harsh, when in actual fact, you just didnt have the balls to do it.

will people change?what happens when your "busuk hati" runs out of juice, and you're left alone cramped in your cubicle on your birthday?will it be the right time to say, "serves you right a**hole"?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

its not too late to apologise isnt it?

somewhere along the line, i missed the step. it might not be so important when i missed it. but it is now. its shitty that i cant retract or rewind whatever that has been done. we, as humans are mistak-magnets. all i can say now is im sorry.

im sorry for everything. i know you will never read this, but at least ive gotten this off my chest. maybe in due time, ill muster the courage to say it to you in person. *im such a coward*

not now

i dont know when my next meal will come, but i am still happy.

somehow when a friend told me she wished she didnt have to think of having to save when going out, i was somewhat a bit downtrodden. am i a burden to be around with?i wished so its the opposite.

all these while i keep a straight face when peers make comments on my downright thrifty spending, it was quite a cut. but i know they didnt mean to hurt me. they just do not understand.

its okay. i understand. im not like everyone else. even our own family have turned their back on us, but we're still happy. we still have each other.

i wished for many things. i wished i could further my studies after i graduate. but i cant. i wished i could pursue whatever field that i am interested in, but i cant. not now anyway.

being in a position where you feel like flinging yourself off the cliff for being so helpless everyday is not healthy, but i keep it caged nicely, which is why i could still muster a smile.

im not complaining. this is just a way of me telling you how i feel, since i do have a difficulty of expressing my feelings. i wished that my future is written nicely in the book. but i doubt it. all i could see is big, black, heavy clouds that awaits me. all i have now is you, and God. my father has long since given up, and i wished i wont. not now.

all i have now is a clear cut on who has stood beside me while i go through this and who has abandoned me. i may not be able to afford your weekly outings with branded togs, but i could offer you my friendship and loyalty. if that is not enough, i dont see the reason why we should still be friends. when people say" a friend in need is a friend indeed", i guess its not applicable to you.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

crossroad part 2

one down, two more to go..

cehhh..cakap macam nak pegi perang padahal amik exam je..

i found myself encountering the familiar crossroad again. it shouldnt have been such a big issue before, i already know what's best for me. but this time, im drawn again into temptations and what I want, instead of what i SHOULD do.

this is really bugging me. this sucks.