Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terima kasih boyfriend :)

ini adalah salah satu daripada peristiwa dalam hidup yg akan saya ingat sampai bila-bila. dapat minum godiva milk chocolate decadence ice blended bersama dome's huge choc chip cookie yg rase macam plastik. but the ice blended was HEAVENLY. but be sure to be near to the washroom after you've finished the drink, as they use pure chocolate bars for this, if you know what i mean...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

life is a sum of your choices

An old schoolmate of mine has finally made a mark in the music industry when she got into muzik-muzik recently. To me, when you’ve made into muzik-muzik, that’s something big in Malaysia. I remembered her participating in our school’s talentime contests, and trying to penetrate into the indie scene for quite some time, and now, when she has finally made it, i was actually happy for her. Before this, it would be envy and many other ill feelings (lets not go back to the old schooldays tales, shall we?), but now, since i’ll be turning 23 this year, i figured it would best that i have to grow up and actually pick up some grown-up set of thinking. In other words, be mature.

“life is a sum of your choices”-alburt camus. I had a postcard of this saying on my desks as long as i could remember, and now only did i understand its true meaning. I shouldn’t wait for life to be better, i should actually start making my life better. Waiting for a miracle is like 1 in a million chances it will actually occur, and honey, i don’t think life is that cushy. Life is a sum of my choices. I should stop blaming the elements occurring in my life for making it so miserable, because i was the one who let it happened. I chose it to be this way, one way or another.

What am i doing? What am i doing to actually make my life better? Im not doing anything! That was my saddest realization. So what if my family’s financial situation took a major dip? That doesn’t mean that i have to sit back and wait for life to turn things around, i have to turn things around for life to be better, not the other way around right? What happened to me trying to achieve my dreams and goals? What made me become so broody, unproductive, and envious and so many other destructive mindset, is because of the lack of maturity.

Like my schoolmate, she didn’t wait for things to turn its way around for her to become a singer, she made it happened herself. Life is indeed a sum of your choices. And now im taking the steps in making it happen, first by finishing my project paper with a big fat A. :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

queue jumpers

One of things that actually appeals to my curiosity is what is going on in the mind of queue jumpers. This has almost become synonymous with Malaysian culture is one the things im pretty much embarrassed about when they brazenly execute their queue jumping skills in front of foreign tourists who have been queuing like mad for past half hour.

This morning i was having my breakfast with my parents at a food court somewhere in Putrajaya, and decided to try the nasi lemak which my mum claims to be one of the tastiest in town. “quick, go and queue up before the crowd gets here”, which explains why the nasi lemak is so popular. As i got into the line, waiting for my turn, a young couple in their 30’s joined in the queue. Well, should i say, half of the couple, because as the husband decides to do the honourable, and equally ethical deed of queuing up, the wife coolly cuts in the front queue and asked for a plate of nasi lemak. “The queue is here-lah”, the husband called. “It’s okay”, she shrugged off, as she veers around with the plate of meal in her hand, selecting her choice of lauk. I was quite surprised no one in the queue had the urge to tell her off, and what was more surprising was that even the stall owner tended to her.

What has become of the basic social values of our society? Well, i know some might just say, ”pfft, why are you even making a big fuss out of a small spark”, but hey, doesn’t it irk you when you’ve been queuing for the komuter for almost 20 minutes, and when the ultra-slow vehicle arrives, there will be a group of people who have been sitting while you were standing up shamelessly walk to the front and claim their “right-of-way” into the train?

When i went to Japan, I found out that you have to queue for almost everything. That includes boarding the escalator in the mall. As compared to us Malaysians, as long as we can push and shove our way to the preferred destination, no problem. The erosion of the society’s ethical values are quite troubling, as more people think that they have the right-of-way to everything, disregarding what other’s feel, as well as other people’s right-of-way.

There is only one explanation for this disease, selfishness.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

continution of my krispy kreme obsession

ni mase kat tokyo, mase mule2 jakun melihat krispy kreme, dan free samplenye yg sgt lazat (they gave 1 whole doughnut as a sample, malaysian business should take note of this, but then, if they do that here, people would just come for the sample and leave, knowing malaysians..hahaha)

ni lepas beli kat times square, walaupun bagi donut yg dah tak berape fresh, saya masih menyukainya..

malangnya, gambar kat depan krispy kreme kat south korea ada kat sarah, dan bukan dalam laptop saya. tapi tak mengapa, saya akan jadikan habit menangkap gambar depan krispy kreme di merata2 tempat di dunia sebagai hobi terbaru :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

my krispy kreme obsession

i blame kak aya for this growing endemic. her obsession on the doughnut chain rubbed off on me when we were in Tokyo, and later it got carried away during my class trip to south korea last november. and now its HERE!!!

but i cant imagine myself camping out at the store for 65 hours before its grand opening to get myself a one year supply of doughnuts, that requires pure willpower and no shower.

so, enjoy your 1 dozen of glazed doughnuts, and dont forget to think of a way to shed those extra-extra carbs ;)

p/s:waiting for ben and jerry's to make their way to malaysia's shores :)