Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I wonder

i can sort of see a pattern in the boys i choose to have affiliations with. first...their names will start with an A.

Iqbal (die lain sikit)
Azrul (doreng)
izat Arif
Faize @ AYAM

*the ones i never had the chance to have an OFFICIAL relationship with

im not saying guys with their names that start with an A are much more appealing to me.i dont even know why i keep on ending up with these people.takde lah hebat mane pun.haha

and i even notice something..
i like to eat naan and ayam tandoori

=afNAN and AYAM tandoori...
haha talk about the irony of the situation..

Friday, April 07, 2006

manual cars are fuckers

manual cars are fuckers

that was what i discovered when i my boyfriend`s car died after i drove it past the bump in campus. the car behind me honked like mad..and i was sweating like hell because i was wearing linen, and it was 3pm, and when its 3 pm in gombak..oohh man,u`d wish u were born in switzerland and stayed there for the rest of your life.

i was trying to get it over and done with, my saman, i got two!!from the mahallah, and the traffic.the latter refers to the incident when i got in half an hour late..(which got me more pissed when cipon told me that she got in at 1 am without any hitch from the fucking guards)..and the former is because...aiyer..so malas want to write it down...because of nina's radio.

so..anyway,managed to convince faize, to lend me his car..which he was pretty reluctant at first..but..yeah..hahaha..

boy..i wished i never would have asked him for the car.

later that evening he textd asking me to pick him up..which i replied..no freaking way am i ever going to drive manual cars AH-GAIN.*i think in order to be a great bf, you`ll need abundance of patience*

so he had to ask his friend to send him over to my college..when he reached the entrance, he told me to drive it to the front.

2minutes later-
i got into the car..and pushed the key to start..but it wont frekig start!!shit...faize is soooo going to kill me

5minutes later-
an annoyed faize in an orange shirt riding the motorcycle with syah reached the car(apparently they had to slow-talk with the gurads to let them in) d car had surprisingly come to life.

i hate MANUAL CARS!!!!!!!!!!!1