Wednesday, January 21, 2009

closing in

im about to close this blog.because i feel like starting a new chapter in life.

i dont know how i came about this. but there was this one morning that i woke up and suddenly wanting to turn over a new leaf. and maybe by closing a section of the memoirs of life, i could achieve this.

i know this may sound stupid. some would say, " why do u have to delete the entire blog just to start over?", but to me, this is what i want to do.

kuhaz left yesterday. a tearful departure and the fact that the radio played foo fighter's walking after you did not help in easing the pang of missing her badly.

i love you kuhaz. we all love you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

to them with love

ive never been much of a good friend. i know im not completely a horrible one, but still there are things i wished i couldve done more. but im only human. theyve been there when i was in a deep rut, stood by me while i was being a complete ass. so..salude to my friends

heres to my favourite girlfriends

nina:who has always been an inspiration. she became much like a sister who always guides me, and made sure im okay all the way

radhi: my rock, ive never been able to actually comprehend my relationship with radhi, but she was there when i needed her

kuhaz: my dependable friend. somehow kuhaz has always been my comfort zone, even her room was a comfort space to me back when she was in uia.

sue: the one who never fails to love and trust. she was always the one who made us stick together.

and by next week, kuhaz will be leaving for aussie and sue in february. im not very much in a writing - mode right now. i know. but one thing for sure is, i will definitely miss both of you very much.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

clearer times ahead

after talking to dr. zain, im more confident of my future than ever. i guess talking to someone in the know-how do help.

ive been so lost before this, and i couldnt really talk to anyone. my head was filled with crazy notions and idealistic goals that i wasnt even sure i could achieve it. and to think id go to sj to talk about this?are you out of ur mind?

thank god for lecturers like dr.zain

Friday, January 09, 2009

where was i?

ive always felt strongly against the israel-palestine affairs. even when nina commented that i have a jewish nose, i went beserk.

but now, the israel's aggresion is more apparent than ever, and where was i when there was a peaceful demo at tabung haji? i was in kaed putting together my first chapter for my thesis. and there was a performance tonight to show support for the palestinians here in uia, and where was i? in this freaking cc.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

resolutions for now

i wont bother making resolutions because each year ive been having the same resolutions, as a result of me not being able to fulfill my kehadapan...and voila..a recycled set of resolutions.

but not to be deeply pessimistic about this year, and myself, i will state some resolutions that i promise i will uphold/fulfill/whatever you call it:
1. finish my thesis
2.graduate this year

dah...this is my resolutions for NOW...will update later when im thinking with a clear mind and an undivided attention to this blog.because i know i HAVE to finish my thesis, and I HAVE to graduate this semester.hahahaha


the new year came and we didnt even have a countdown. we were too bloated and full with home cooked food and loaded with bitchy gossips and good times spent with close friends. friends that i realized will go on their seperate ways come 2010.

this is probably the last time we'll ever sit together for new year celebration. ill miss this.