Friday, January 27, 2006

just my luck

last wednesday i went to the botanical garden in putrajaya, trying to get a head start for my assignment with my was great.we rented bikes,halfway through we`ve already completed the requirements..(5 species of palms and all those bullshit).

riding back,it was sloping downhill.everybody was screaming in joy, exuberent because of the speed and wind.jeez..we felt free.the next thing i know, my bike skidded.i tumbled head on.and my face was dragged across the pavement.

lets see...the result?my hijab was torn, my spex..beyond repair(it was spanking NEW!!), my right side of the face was badly 'calar', my nose swollen, my right side of the body covered in bruises..and the worst thing is..i chipped off my TOOTH!!!AAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

oh god...

oh god...tell me this whole week is actually a really bad nightmare that i dont want to be in again..jeez!!!

i think im not going to be a good probably be a, in order to complement my life, i`ll need to find a workaholic husband as well..and my kids?? not think about that now shall we?

im working my ass off here..and i think this is what people say, you work till you`re at the brink of probably going to drop out and die.that way..i dont have to work anymore!!haha

anyway,thanks a****.for coming to my studioo..thanks for the teh ais.if you read this..let me i can kill myself due to extreme embarassment.haha. is not the time for me to mess up my head with all this guy stuf!stoopid....syaza..get a life!!!!!!!!!!!i have work *yippe ya yay*,and i have more work this coming week...another yippe ya`re all losers.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006



im smitten..totally...over a guy who has somehow ticked off all things in my dream-guy checklist.


1)his name is A****.(i aint telling you).
2)when i realized how cute he was when talks while driving.and talking non-stop.have you ever met a guy who happens to be a chatterbox?you`ll love him.
3)during intan`s dad`s tahlil.(i know..not the perfect time to scrooge for,i happens tibe2!!)
4)im sick of sticky,messy,scandalous situations.and he just appeared at the perfect time.and im jz glad he`s without any controversies.
5)at intan`s dad`s tahlil.

you`ll never read i adore you.everything about you.though i dnt know im pretty sure i will after i found out about it.

i will try not to keep my hopes up too looked perfect that night i drove over to your house.i love your smile.and i like your `jokes`.your..engine jokes.haha.

god..i have to stop.before i make a fool out of myself. :P


speaking of bad news...i am about to drop another of those `bad-news` bombs.

stad is being a total atomic jaya,that is.WHY?WHY?WHY?why cant you just give us the damn approval and get it over with?what is wrong with you people?

what is your sole purpose of refraining us getting a sponsorship using the approval letter that YOU granted to us?what sort of idiotic **************(censored) bunch of people are you?????? aint getting me down.we`ll make it through!u wait and see you STAD PEOPLE!!i`ll be the most amazing dr.mira anyone has ever seen!!kak sue, shap, we`ll do this in your honour.

you be strong k?

a bad news that was delievered with a nonchalant nature didnt seem like bad news at all. but it was really..a bad news.

you were there when izat fucked up my life.i`ll never forget that.i remembered everytime you tried to shove a piece of veggie into my mouth, and called me zazi instead of zazu.

you`re a great person.dont forget that.sometimes, bad things happened to great people.thats just the way the world work i guess.its harsh.i know.i hate the fact that you are the one who had to go through all so sorry.thats all i can say.

you looked tired.that night.i wished i could be there all the glad i came.but i hated seeing you like that.whatever it is.i admire you.being strong and all.that was one of your qualities that i remember so vividly`s a tribute to one of the greatest friends i`ve ever had.i love you.