Friday, June 25, 2010


Last saturday morning received a call from Kak Yan;

K.Y: ko buat ape, membuta lagi ke
ME : DUH! weekend kot. memang la tido lame2
K.Y: EH, siap cepat, joe nak ajak makan steamboat
ME : Ape kejadah makan steamboat pagi2 buta ni
K.Y: Alah, siap la cepat, orang nak belanja.

so, as you would've guessed, we were the first customer of Seoul Garden, City Square, Johor, on that fateful Saturday, 19th June 2010.

Thank god it was worth the mandi dan bersiap pagi2 sambil grumble sebab air sejuk.
kak yan and joe senyum lebar kerana dapat makan steamboat pagi-pagi

this is how they do it seoul-garden style

the restaurant was an all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-masak la sampai ade a guy seating next to us couldnt get up because he ate too much. so, kalau you know how i am, it is a VERY VERY RUGI thing to do if you bring me to this sort of buffet style dining. because i dont eat THAT much!

but it was fun la, the curry chicken was so SEDAP when it was grilled, shame i couldnt eat the beef and mutton, they looked DAMN nice (my 3-months daging diet, HEL-LO). but i will definitely recommend people to come here when they havent eaten for maybe 3 days, yg tahap lapar gile boleh makan sampai tergolek. *ke aku sorang je yg tak pernah pegi tempat ni, sebab sume dah pernah pegi jeee.*

Aneyo-hasenyo Joe for the wonderful experience of eating Korean Styled BBQ dining. :D


perlulah everytime aku baru rase excited nak buat keje baru aku akan memalukan diri sendiri kan?

yesterday received a call from the receptionist asking me to come down and entertain a group of schoolchildren because bobo was not around. (since amir left, bobo had to take over marketing's work). So i happily went, and recevied a total shock to find that its a total of 80 children, of primary level, and you know that when they're at this stage, they are a total headache.

and i made the stupid mistake of bringing them to the model of puteri harbour, which costs us 400k, to see them poking and probing it to my horror. thank god the boss came down and kicked all of them out of the sales gallery but left me with a stinging reminder to use my common sense.

when they left, my boss realized that i spent an entire hour entertaining them, and again reprimanded me for spending too much time entertaining the schoolkids and told me that you dont spend that much time for people who does not bring you profit. unless they are investors. WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO? THEY WOULDNT LEAVE!

OH GOD. the horror of having to handle 80 kids, with their okay-lah helpful la jugak teachers, was a nightmare to me.

i swear i will never ever entertain kids, VISITORS for that matter EVER AGAIN.

Monday, June 21, 2010


in conjunction of father's day, i'd like to post something about my dad, whom i call ayah.

My dad used to work with Maybank. as all of you know, people who works with the bank often come home late, the earliest would be at 8pm. can you imagine the envy i have on kids whose parents could pick them up from school. i always imgained that maybe one day i get to see the van (we used to have a van to fit in my sister's baby seats, they were huge and we had two. DUH) parked outside the school and maybe he would take me for a dinner later.

of course, that would be wishful thinking because both my parents are workaholics and i would spend the whole evening at my aunt's house, being a miserable kid that feels abandoned and left out.

one day as my bus passed the school after it make a u-turn, i saw my dad's car, and my heart actually leaped, before i realized that i was already on the bus, and it would actually take me 2 hours before i reach my aunt's house because i would usually be the last kid to to reach her home *thanks uncle siva (-.-"). to comfort myself from utter dissapointment, i told myself that it could not be my dad because he always always work late, and it would be IMPOSSIBLE for him to come fetch me at school.

2 hours later, i saw my dad's car parked outside my aunt's house, and true to what i saw earlier, my dad did come to the school to fetch me but already saw me boarding the bus. i actually cried when i found out, because there goes my only chance of having my dad pick me up from school.

but at least he knows how much i treasured his effort. because it's not everyday i get my father to skip his work at the bank (seapark, PJ to be exact) just to pick me up from school. :) thanks ayah.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i am missing my kittens

me: ibu, how are the kittens, still alive and kicking? (i know, morbid right, tapi kadang2 bende unexpected selalu terjadi)
ibu: they are fine, semalam kangoo farted in ayah's face
me:WTF (of course i didnt say this to my mum out loud) kucing boleh kentut ke?
ibu: of course la boleh!

im wondering what the hell does a cat's fart smells like. i dont even know how the hell kangoo could've positioned herself in front of my dad's face before releasing her deadly missile. (well,lepas ni jgn harap nak manja dgn ayah aku la, memang ko kene black list)


im angry at the moment. and came to the sudden realization that i dont have anyone to gripe about, and finally turn to my blog. this is rather pathetic, but i think that in order for me to keep a sane mind, i need a source to vent out my anger.

i am seriously tired of having to swallow all the bitterness just because im trying to save your back. its tiring having to put up with your volatile emotions when all im doing is to make sure you're on track.

im tired of receiving the blows. im tired of having to put up with all this just because i care.

its not easy to stop caring because i care too much. how can you tell what your heart should do/feel when it has a brain of its own. its like a fucking different entity altogether from your body. and sad to say, it's always doing stupid things we wished it'd stop doing. especially when it comes to love.

i am just tired. period.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keje orang lain #1

Someone told me how he despises the profession of becoming a lawyer because they prey on someone's misfortune. how they are making money out of someone's misery.

its completely unfair to judge all lawyers like that, but there is a point there. but from a different point of view, lawyers are like your saviour in a shining armour. helping the helpless from the corporate evils that are out to make you miserable for the rest of your life.

i think it depends on the person who is your lawyer.

right now im just trying to distract myself from the fact that my job is at one of its suckiest state by focusing on other professions.

smart right?righhhttttt....

Monday, June 14, 2010

my apologies.

ok. im sorry. i sounded like a total whine-horse back there. its just that im tired. i guess. these days ive been missing kl so much that i fail to see that JB is not so bad. ok, the road here still sucks. but. it's actually ok. i still get my dose of late-night movies, good food, and okayyyyy malls.

ok, who the hell am i trying to kid here? i MISS KL!!

but i really shouldnt shut myself out from enjoying JB while it still lasts. i want to go to Singapore again. i want to go to the beach. i want to do things i never thought of doing. i should really start picking up the guitar lesson ive always talked of joining.

i should live life.

i hate you. johor.

watched Killers last saturday and practically swoon over the extreme hotness of ashton kutcher.

and then spent the entire weekend watching lame programs that i wish i have a shotgun in my hand and shoot myself right there and then. *maybe its the impending "P" but then, wth, it is lame, i can only take so much tamil movie, and seriously lame reality shows before i vomit

i realize that i hate johor whenever my "P" is around the corner. could it  be that when im near to that region, it shows my true colors, or it just shows my lack of willing-to-compromise my situation and just be "happy".

i think it's the "P" season. that's all. but overall, i am so hoping two years will fly away soon, or i'd probably rot and die here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

missing a lot of things at the moment

i miss the past. back where i still had a nice house in subang. back where i was surrounded with friends, and every weekend there's a family gathering where the Rahman clan would sit back, tell stories of the past, sieve through old photos and laugh at how dysfunctional our family is.

i miss the breakfast sessions i had with my family.

i miss the quiet moments i had for myself where i would indulge myself with a good book, and not have to think about anything other than finishing the book.

i miss semester breaks

i miss outings with friends. i miss the "laughing-till-we-shed-tears" moments i had with them, and just drive ourselves silly, or watch chick flicks and swoon over hot abs

i miss my boyfriend. i miss the simple dates we had, whether it was just hanging at home watching the tv, a walk in the park, or the late-night movies. i miss him. the whole of him. his presence, his voice, him being here whenever i fucked up my job.

i miss my old life. but the only way there is now is to move forward.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

chocolate fair yang tak best pun

last weekend was the weekend they held a chocolate fair.CHOCOLATE FAIR. the word itself is enough to make me hyperventilate, given the fact that i regard chocolate as my staple food.

in the midst of the comming weekend, i received a saddening message from faliq telling me he couldnt make it to Johor due to some unavoidable matter :( and i was even more sad by the fact that i might not have anyone to go to the chocolate fair with.

here comes BOB! to the rescue!
bob and i with our purchases. *happy happy

a bad ass 100% handmade chocolate. haih kenape la tgh pokai kalau tak memang aku borong kedai tu

and this was taken prior to the chocolate fair, i had to attend a gotong royong session at Puteri Harbour which involves a lot of "meng-kupang" activities. i dont know what this is called in english.

the chocolate fair was a serious letdown. why??because they are selling stupid small "gourmet" chocolate that tastes worst than some cikai chocolate. handmade konon. ape la. i know you guys are trying to reach a certain "level" of classiness with that, but please, selling a bar of 10gms chocolate for 5 bucks just doesnt work.

thank god there was at least one stall that sold me a BAD ASS KICK ASS AWESOME chocolate. thank you.

Monday, June 07, 2010

pilih kasih, biase la tu.

when it comes to pilih kasih, we're all guilty of it. when it comes to your relationship with ur family, friends, and even during work, you like working with a certain consultant better than the other.

and you will never get away from being the victim of this too. family? selalu sgt dah. yelah. anak sulung kan, but as you grow older, you'll see past that and you'd realize how much ur parents love you in their own way. yeah, of course diorang akan manjakan adik2 u sampai rase nak sepak je bebudak tu. but, they never fail to make you feel safe, and loved, and cared, especially when you thought the world was going to swallow you (i felt that when i failed my r.method paper, and you know what my mum said? she said "alahm biasala tu, fail paper is normal, you can try harder next time") and because of that i complete my project paper within the short semester (i did everything from scratch) and graduated with the rest of my classmates.

friends? alah, tu lagi selalu, kadang2 terasa la jugak. i mean, you'd start to think what the hell is wrong with me, am i THAAATTT lame sampai diorang malas nak kawan dgn aku? but if you give in to your insecurities too much it'd get you nowhere and later eat you up. i learned it the hard way. and now all i can say is, nak kawan, kawan la, taknak, itu ko punye pasal, aku pun ade life aku. OK? deal. hahaha.

work. HAHHAA, LAGI kelaka. kekadang tu rase nak amik consultant ni sebab they are so damn easy to work with, so eager to work with you, makes life easier instead of the other one yg bapak menyakitkan hati bagi aku high cholesterol je. tension betul. ade jugak at times u think that ur boss is choosing sides, but later realized that you're just being an idiot because setiap other trainees pun kene marah, cume u tak pernah nampak. HAHAHA.

now, im going to sign off because ima dah habis keje and im craving for roti canai. good nite.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

just venting off some issues.

yesterday i had a dizzy spell that i blamed on chocolate deficiency. as soon as the clock sets at 5.30 i drove to tesco with ima (cewah mentang2 dah ade kete) and bought two chocolates, picnic and a bar of cadbury.

im overly excited over the fact that faliq is coming down to JB for the weekend, and there's going to be a chocolate fair here in Danga City Mall, god, i mustve mentioned this thousands of times already.

on an unrelated event, my boss bought me this nice dress from bali, wouldnt want to ruin her good mood but i have a tingling feeling that i will in a short while. mati mati mati.

am still frustrated that the world doesnt have the balls to stand up to Israel. especially the stupid america. but am glad that at least it has opened the eyes of the world when israel ter-salah aim and pegi attack ships yg ade europeans.hahaha..padan muka. kene marah dgn EU. tapi still sombong bodoh mempertahankan a losing battle, excuse me guys, you memang terang2 the real terrorist, with hallucinations that the world has a grudge on you, kalau tak salah,buat ape nak cuak kan? nampak sangat la salaha. so, even from the way you got your country you've already robbed people off their rights, and now even have the face to defend it?man, you must be taking some serious magic mushroom pills.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

photos of the last homecoming event

took my sisters out for the shrek movie. a so-so movie, not that great actually. im anticipating toy story to be a better one :) and nothing beats pancake with honey, chocolate and strawberry syrup for breakfast with bujang lapuk on tv. :D

the cats having an awfully great sleeping time sampai lengkok-lengkok badan. thats kangoo and tigger. marmalade was nowhere to be seen at the moment of time

the trip to wondermilk before our prince of persia movie. this is where faliq got a call from the organizers saying he gto through the semi-finals of battle of the band

taken after we reached JB on sunday after faliq's semi-finals. sadly his band didnt get through the finals. found the ultra-cute cookie monster cupcake which was cheaper than the cupcakes sold in wondermilk.

all these made me miss KL even more. :( didnt even get to spend it with friends. but takpelah. some other time kan?at least get to spend two days with the family :)