Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Surprises in Life

Last weekend a friend of mine got married. to a man she got to know less than a year; but he seems like the right man for her. Alhamdulillah.

her experience has taught me a lesson. Life is always full of surprises. 

her story begins when she was dating this guy ever since they were both in high school. so if you add up the years, a 9 years relationship. the only way to go is to get married RIGHT? you've been with this guy for 9 years, so the rational thing to do is get married. however, fate clearly had a different plan for both of them. They planned for a simple engagement, but somehow it ended with a huge argument between both family members. all because of the disagreement over the date of the wedding. 

things took turn for the worse when the guy had a change of heart and started seeing another girl. my friend was suffice to say, broken hearted and seemed to be depressed for quite some time. But alhamdulillah, eventually she somehow found the light at the end of the tunnel, found back her faith and came out as a stronger person. 

Within months after, she met a guy through facebook, who turned out to be a mutual friend of her bestfriend. They got to know each other, dated, and within months, the guy came to see her family to ask for her hand in marriage. 

The rest as we say, is history. :) 

As simple as that, if you have found the right one, you dont need years to get to know him/her, you just know :)

Subhanallah,Allah's mysterious ways. My friend finally got the lovely happy ending she deserved. But it also made me wonder that even after all these years of being together, it does not guarantee you a happy ending in marriage/etc. Sometimes these people in your life serves as a lesson in order for you to find yourself again, or come out as a stronger person. :)

Allah is great indeed. 

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