Thursday, January 10, 2013


Last week we celebrated the coming of 2013. The last hours of 2012 was excruciatingly unkind to me. After buying two tubs of Baskin Robbins ice cream (1 pint of jamocha and 1 quart of Chocolate), I thought i'd spend the new years eve scoffing down my ice creams and become a hermit in front of the tv, despite getting a few invitations from friends to celebrate the new years with them (because i was too lazy to drive). 

Ayah somehow seemed determined to kick me out of the house and made sure i went out. His ploy, when asked about what's for dinner, "I thought you're going out. We're not going to have dinner". And other similar tactics that drove to venture out of Bangi anyway. So i decided to go to Nina's house. By account, it should take me 45 minutes from my place to her house in Setia Alam. However, due to my useless navigation skills and even more useless Google Maps GPS, i got lose and ended up taking the longer route. And to make things worse, i got stuck in jam along with New Year revelers who wanted to celebrate it at the gaudy I-City. 

Guess how long i took to reach Nina's place? Guess la Guess la...2 FREAKING HOURS. By the time i reached there the food was almost finished, caterer was starting to pack up, and party was over. GREAT. But on the bright side, i still get to see my close friends, and spent the countdown talking over our sleepover party of three. :)

Since i never accomplish any of my resolutions during the previous years; i'm just going to list down things i look forward to doing in 2013:

  1. Getting married. YES. i know this sounds cliche but who wouldn't be excited? After so long, i can't believe i'm getting closer to this life-changing experience. Le Sigh. 
  2. Becoming a better Muslim (i pledge to try my best to pray 5 times a day, finish reading the Quran before i get married, and just be a BETTER person on the inside)
  3. Moving into a new place with Faliq after we get married. I've had enough of the traffic jam in Subang, and I'm pumped up on starting over in a new place.
  4. Living life to the fullest and not giving a damn about how much money I have in my bank account. Okay that's a lie. i will still live life to the fullest, but i will also bear in mind about how much money i have and how much i have to SAVE. 
  5. Travel places! 2012 was a freaking bore because i didnt get to go anywhere. was supposed to go to singapore for the foo fighters concert but Dave grohl had a flu and concert was cancelled. We could still go but all my friends were completely disheartened and my renewed passport was wasted. So this time I'm just planning to go places that are near, Bandung (Company trip), Singapore (to find stuff for the wedding) and Bangkok maybe (with the girls).
  6. Manage my finances properly. 2012 saw my financial condition crashed and burn like hiroshima because i didnt give a f*** about it. i spent like nobody's business, created a whopping debt on my credit card; and now i have to start picking up the pieces and be more responsible towards my finances. 

Happy new year everyone. 

The last hours of 2012 with the lovely ladies in my life :)

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