Tuesday, January 22, 2013

colour palette for ze wedding

Choosing the theme colour for the wedding can be pretty tedious and taxing. Your mind starts to work overtime, thinking whether the colour will suit you, how the decorations are going to be like, what will the rest of the family member wear, etc. 

At first i decided on Tiffany Blue, then i realized the colour may vary and sometimes people would often mistaken Tiffany Blue for Teal or Turquoise (See, i'm overdoing it, IT'S THE SAME COLOUR FOR GOD'S SAKE). Then i decided best would be providing a colour palette within the same hue, so that it'd be easy for everyone else, meaning, they don't have to get THE right colour, but any colour within the same family is fine :) 

so this is my colour palette :) Aqua with grey for the groom.

i'm going to Bandung soon for a company trip, so might as well start looking for materials for my wedding dress. (HOMAGAD). it's pretty weird that I've always dreamed about getting married for so long, and now that i'm actually planning for the wedding, i'm in a numb state of mind, maybe the body is still not over the shock of getting married soon. :| 

after searching on the internet for inspiration, I've finally decided on the design for my dress :) 

cute isn't it? :) it's whimsical, cute, fun, and all that summed up for a magical wonderful beautiful wedding dress

Have yet to meet the tailor; to see if she can make this, or if this dress is suitable for my size (FYI: yours truly is a short and petite LADEYHH). Then i need to go through the tedious process of finding the perfect material for the dress; Tulle Skirt, laces, and such. Not so worried about the solemnization dress though, since i'll be wearing it for less than an hour :) But i really hope that my Reception Dress will turn out PERFECT. 

Wish me luck!! 

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